A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A few more stories

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PostSubject: A few more stories   Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:17 pm

She placed the room card into the swipe reader for the room and held it in place at dead centre for just a few seconds then watched the indicator light turn green. Penelope Simpson Ward smiled and turned the handle and walked in, the device having sent a signal to the main hotel to access the security codes for the door then copies it back onto the card and allow her to access.

Penelope undid the button on her skirt, let it fall down her legs and stepped out of it. She undid her silk blouse took a few more steps and deposited it on the floor. Her bra and panties were next leaving only her shoes, which she kept, as she made her way to the closet.

“I know its very Matt Helm, The Silencers of me, but I can’t resist,” she smiled as she donned one of his white shirts.

She waited on a bar stool, in direct view of the door, her legs crossed and displayed to more than eye popping potential. The door open, she arched a well plucked eyebrow as he first noticed the trail of clothes and then her.

“I let myself, please don’t ask, tricks of the trade,” she smiled as she got up and walked toward him carrying a drink which she handed to him.

“And who are you?” he asked levelling his gun into the space between her breasts.

“The guns a trifle undersized, I’m a 36 and that’s only a 24,” she smiled.

“That didn’t answer the question,” he demanded.

“I’m an enemy agent sent to kill you now here drink this and die,” she said with a smile and a small laugh. “Seriously my ID and our mission are on the bar,” she answered as she offered him the drink which he refused as he removed the gun and walked over to the bar.

“You seem to check out and this mission sounds exotic are you sure you’re up for it?” he smiled.

“You certainly are,” she cooed reaching around and cupping his hard root in her hands as she hugged him from back.

He turned around and tried to run his arms around her waist.

“Easy lover one of us is way ahead of the other,” Penelope said wriggling from his embrace and grabbing the edges of her shirt to indicate her state of undress verses his.

He smiled knowingly and quickly remedied the disparity taking her into his arms his body free of clothes and hers soon to be.

Penelope kissed him as he felt her ass under his shirt that she was wearing. He undid the buttons as she kissed him again, then she finished the buttons herself, his body too stiff. She walked over to the mirror and touched her hair.

“My lipstick contains a special abrasive to scrub away any sealer, that’s kiss one. Kiss two, the paralysing agent,” she remarked into the mirror as she striped off the shirt and turned smiling.

Penelope dripped with sophistication and sex appeal in spite of her young age. Strawberry blonde shoulder length hair, high cheek bones, perfect lips and deep hazel eyes gave her an alluring face. Her tanned nude form had been sculpted and worked to Aphrodite beauty.

She slipped back into his arms and around him and kissed him once more.

Penelope Simpson Ward was a woman of many weapons her paralysing body oil a favourite, Steel fell victim to it and her. Steel was entwined in a Standing Wasp and worked into her pussy. Penelope used her nipples to further induce immobility

“My lipstick is short in duration Steel but not to worry I have a back up plan. “Just in case my poisonous body met resistance I used my nipples to inhibit you as well. Like acupuncture needles inserted in just the right place they block strategic neural pathways and speaking of inserted. Your legendary stem is fully engulfed. Should you have any thoughts of using it to escape me I would discard them. I sprayed my bush with a special perfume it hardens the ends of the hair to create a scrubbing pad to remove any sealer on your stem may be wearing or to forbid a drug from entering me that you may have dipped it in before dipping it in me,” she purred.

“There Steel your mine, oh don’t expect a rescue, least of which from Sandy your former partner. In fact you should thank me I killed her before she could finish you today. Yes seems she had a change of heart about you,” Penelope offered.

Steel felt the skill of the woman about him, she moved with grace and purpose utilising her sexy body against his muscles. Hard and soft at the same time her body gave the spy a lethal advantage, power, sexy appeal and experience. Steel tried to pulse his cock inside her but found he could not.

“My pussy again Steel, a small dab of nerve toxin, it keeps you hard but that’s all,” she whispered into his ear.

“Careful Steel,” the spy warned in a sexy voice as he felt his body coming free of her lotion. “My nails darling, I manicured them to a rather fine edge and painted them with a lethal pink polish of mine, one scratch Steel is all it takes,” she hummed.

Steel was trapped in her knot in every possible way except one and she delivered that with her lips. Steel found himself kissing her before he even realised he was doing it, such were Penelope’s seductive charms. She was a wonderful kisser inducing an orgasm from him.

“I was told about your will power Steel so my one final act was to apply yet another special lipstick of mine, the base coat, its call Scarlet Seduction by its code name, but the female agents call it The Cumming Kiss. It short it releases a chemical into your blood stream that induces orgasms, the net effect is your body is drained of its strength to resist,” she breathed as she kissed him.

Steel spilled and spilled until he was drained of fluid and strength and hung limply in her knot.

“Spent already Steel baby,” she cooed has her body suctioned about him in a slow snaking motion before Penelope snapped hers in a sharp twisted. Penelope relaxed her body and discarded his now dead one to the floor and pulled his shirt back on.

Penelope placed a few well chosen mists of her atomizer on her neck and décolletage as a stall and an allurement. She watched him drink in her scent and lick his lips.

“One final request before you kill me,” she cooed and then moved before could answer.

Her well primed lips danced over his for a few tangy seconds before she let him go and smiled, he sank to the floor.

“A scratch in time,” she hummed checking her nails.

“Bravo Miss Simpson-Ward and excellent escape,” a female’s voice said from the direction of her courtyard doors.

“All compliments accepted would you care for an instant replay miss?” Penelope said as she turned to put a face and body to the voice.

“Han Go is my name,” the woman said as she took a step in.

Han was wearing a black strapless cocktail dress studded in small rhinestones that sparkled in the light. Cut 2 inches above the knee and with a matching gauze scarf that fitted about her neck and draped down both her shoulders then down her back, her black heels and hose completed a very fetching package.

“One of yours I suppose,” Penelope said, her head gesturing with a slight nod backwards to the dead man.

“Not anymore it would appear,” Han smiled as she answered.

“We’ll have to make this quick I have a cocktail party to attend,” Penelope menaced.

“I was wondering you’re a trifle underdressed at the moment,” Han teased as she watched Penelope in her gauze baby doll take a slight step forward then touch her forehead with her hand.

“Something wrong Miss Simpson-Ward?” Han questioned. “Perhaps your scent is more powerful than even you can handle.”

“I don’t understand it’s my special scent,” she said in an unsure voice.

“Mine to or should I say my special additive a disorienting drug commingling with your scent,” Han said as she stepped inside.

“Eeha!” Han landed the point of her shoe into Penelope’s stomach doubling her over perfectly for the woman to drive her elbow into the back of the neck.

“Ahhh!” Penelope moaned as she slumped to her knees.

“I was told you were quite a martial artist apparently I was misinformed,” Han smirked as she circled her opponent.

“Eeha!” Han voiced once more as a kick smashed into the small of Penelope’s back snapping her over flat on to her back.

Han placed her clutch purse on a small end table and came back to the now on her feet Penelope who swung widely at her. Han grabbed her arm and delivered chops up and down her prey’s body with her free hand while holding her in an arm bar with the other. She hip tossed Penelope and relieved her of her baby doll then double chopped her neck and the spy folded to the floor.

“So much for your reputation Miss Simpson Ward and soon your life,” Han smiled as she positioned herself to the side of Penelope’s stretched out prostrate from and half way down.

The deadly beauty turned the close ornate diamond encrusted petals of her broach a quarter turn then tapped the onyx centre. An instant later Penelope heard the air sing around and an instant after that she inside a tent of thin translucent strings surrounding her on all sides and all leading up and back to the rhinestone’s dotting Han’s dress who looked at her and smiled.

“My dress is designed to catch a man and kill him as well. I do like an outfit that I can use for several occasions. Normally it fires poisonous darts; the stones can even be changed to allow micro needles to be ejected upon pressure, such as during an embrace. However in this instance it fires twine that encircles the victim, a sticky silken gossamer twine that once in contact with anything adheres and contracts around it,” Han purred.

“Eeha!” Han said a fraction of a second later as she kicked Penelope’s side and sent her rolling away from her into the twine that detached from her dress and fell about the nude body of the spy who was instantly entangled on the myriad the tacky strings from top to bottom of her body.

Ham retrieved her clutch purse and moved toward Penelope’s vanity and sat down opening her purse and removing her lipstick. Han coated her lips carefully then turned to face the squirming Penelope.

“I plan to casually deposit a kiss on his lips, just one of many I’m sure. Nothing long and attention getting, just a simple touch, fortunately I need nothing longer. My lipstick contains a delayed poison; about two hours after my kiss he’ll begin to feel dizzy and then seconds later will drop dead. Strangely you have about the same time left before you die,” Han smiled as she leaned over and brushed her lips on Penelope’s.

“Insurance Penelope, should you escape this trap you cannot escape my kiss,” Han smiled as she rose and left the woman to struggle.

The spy turned on her side and arched her body up straining all she had to stretch the twine for some small opening or reprieve from the contraction around her. The twine was everywhere on her, between her toes and fingers, about her surging hips and around her heaving chest.

Her efforts were in vain, her body was crisscrossed in the deadly twine, her movement limited from the start was getting more so with each passing minute. She rolled over and tried her other side her body flexing frantically but the stubborn web refusing her powerful form and she collapsed to the floor in exhaustion when she spotted it out of the corner of her eye.

The ensnared beauty rolled across the floor and inched her body beside her baby doll artfully spreading in out fully on the floor before she rolled onto it and then back over again the garment stuck to the twine in place as if she was wearing it.

“An excellent trap Han but you forgot about the man your organization sent to kill me, you didn’t do your research luckily I did,” she smiled as she felt the baby doll begin to work.

Penelope’s intelligence had confirmed his modus operandi as a man skilled with his body as a weapon. She decided on a attack and escape strategy, the attack, her poisonous nail polish, had proven successful, that however still left her the escape, her baby doll. Made with silicon thread it would dissolve when heated beyond a certain point coating her in a lubricant she would employ to slip herself free of his body and escape.

“On trap or another, so long as it works,” she said.

The sticky twine loosened and she shimmied her shoulders and arms free. Penelope smoothed the oil down her legs working it into her skin until she was able to slide the twine off her form. She got to her feet and made her way to the bathroom were she towelled off the oil then made her way to her vanity. The spy opened her compact and lowered down the mirror revealing a hidden compartment. Penelope reached up and peeled away a clear film from her lips and placed it on the chemical scanner then activated the analyzer.

“Kissing me allowed me to obtain a sample of your lipstick Han and in a few minutes I will have the antidote to your kiss of death,” she smiled.

Penelope deposited a goodnight kiss to him to ensure a happy evening was had by all except one.

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A few more stories
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