A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The black widow

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The Kiss of the Black Widow.

I had been on the case for nine months now and wasn’t any closer to catching her as I was the day I started. Every time I thought I would get close, she’d just scamper away and turn up in another city in another state. I was on the trail of the Black Widow. Since I left the police to go private I haven’t had a case I couldn’t close. Working for the Vegas PD, I was bound by laws, regulations, and politics. On my own I could take a few short cuts. My client was Steve Salvadore. He got himself into a little trouble last year while on vacation in Atlantic City. He’s in a bar one night and runs into this hot looking babe. The have a few drinks, have a few laughs, and she lures him up to her room. One minute he’s making out with her, thinking he’s gonna score, and the next he wakes up tied to the bed. This is where it gets really weird. She used this drugged lipstick to knock him out and then covered the poor sap with lipstick marks that needed a special remover to wash off. She then takes his cash, credit cards, ATM codes, and goes out and racks up about eighteen grand and withdraws a bunch of cash out of his bank. He has no choice but to agree with her because she threatens to leave him there without the remover and then threatens to kill him with this black poison lipstick if he squeals on her. When I heard the story I thought he was crazy. Then I saw the remnants of some of the lipstick marks he didn’t have quite enough remover to get off. He got most of it off, but ran out and still has some kiss prints on his legs and thighs. He’s tried everything. Been to doctors, specialists. Turns out there’s nothing out there that will touch the stuff. His whole life has been screwed by this bitch. Wife left him. Seems she didn’t like his new shade of lipstick. Going through a messy divorce. So he hired me. I’m to track her down, get more remover, and shut her down. A friend of mine at the Vegas PD did a composite sketch of her. I’ve circulated it out all over the place. Must have chatted with every bartended in Vegas, Atlantic City, New York, and LA. I had been coming up empty until one day my cell phone rang. It was a Vegas number. I opened up my flip phone, “This is Frank Malone.”
“Still looking for that black haired beauty Frank?”, a mans voice came through the phone.
“Yeah, who’s this?”, I asked.
“Chris Harris from the MGM Grand. I work in the bar here and think I may have seen your girl. Still offering the reward?”
“I am.”, I replied. “When did you see her?”, I asked.
“I was on my lunch break and chatting with one of the girls at the front desk and this really sexy looking babe comes up and checks in. Real mysterious looking, but hot! She signed in about 15 minutes ago under the name Johanna Black. I’m telling ya Frank this has to be her. Looked just like the sketch you gave me.”
“Ok, Chris. I’m heading over there now. Try and find out what rooms she’s in for me, but don’t talk to her. My client doesn’t want her to know he’s trying to find her, and I don’t want to scare her off.”, I said.
Chris replied, “Ok. Sounds good. I’ll be in the bar tonight, I’m pulling a double. Don’t forget the cash Frank.”
“If this is her, you get the cash. Just keep an eye out for me and call me if you have anything new.”, I answered and hung up.
I shut my computer off and stood up from my desk. I looked at the sketch on the wall and wondered if the woman Chris had seen was really her. If it was, she’d come right to me. He knew that if she’d been hitting Atlantic City, Vegas would be a spot she would try too. I was about an hour away from the MGM Grand. I walked up the steps from office in the basement to the living room of my house. It was small, but with no wife or kids I didn’t need a big place. I opened the door to my closet and took my 9mm from the shelf and checked the clip. I slipped it into my jacket and grabbed my keys. I started my Crown Vic and made my way down to the strip. I opened up my flip phone and dialed Steve’s number. This was the first solid tip on the Widow I had in months so I thought I’d better call my client.
“This is Steve.”, he answered.
“Steve. Frank Malone. I wanted to call you and give you an update.”, I said.
“Hey Frank. You find the bitch?”, he asked me.
“Solid lead Steve. Contact of mine at the MGM Grand in Vegas saw a woman matching the skecth check in a little while ago. Swears it’s her. I’m on my way now to check things out.”
“If it’s her - you catch her. Make her give you more of that remover. That whore has ruined my life.”, he ordered.
“I’ll keep you informed of what’s going on.”, I assured him. “If I think it’s her I’ll move in. I gotta go. I’m just now arriving. I’ll talk to you soon.”, I hung up.

I pulled in and parked at the MGM. I checked the safety on my Glock again and secured it under my jacket. I made my way through the lobby and over to the bar. I saw Chris behind the bar serving up drinks. I made my way over and caught his attention. He looked up at me and gave me a nod as he finished pouring a drink. He looked over my shoulder and nodded again. I turned and looked behind me and scanned the room. Across the lounge was the woman he had called me about sitting at a table chatting with a guy. I moved to the bar and took a seat so I could observe. Chris finished and approached me.
“You see her?”, Chris asked.
“I do. Don’t stare. Look at me.”, I said.
“Frank that looks just like the girl in the picture you gave me. Don’t you think?”, Chris asked.
“It could be. But my client doesn’t want her to know we’re trying to find her so keep it cool. Who’s the guy with her?”, I asked.
“He sat down and bought her a drink a little while ago. Been flirting over there ever since.”, he answered.
“Good job Chris. Once I find out this is who I’ve been looking for you’ll get your reward.”, I said.
“Ok. Don’t forget. I have to get back to work now. I’ll check in with you later.”, Chris headed back behind the bar and back to serving drinks.
I watched the two of them chat for about an hour. She was gorgeous. She was about 26. Maybe 5’8”. She was dressed in a classic little black dress. Long, jet black hair. Beautiful face. Could have been a model. Great curves. Black high heels. Bright pink lips. Chris was right. She was hot. And, she did look just like the picture. I studied her every move. The two of them were having a good time. He was about 40. Italian. Tan. Nice suit. Couple of gold chains and possibly wearing a Rolex. There chatting continued and then I saw them lean in close together. They kissed. When they were done she sat back in her chair and wiped the corners of her mouth. They continued to talk for a few more minutes and then the guy got up and staggered his way to the restroom. While he was gone I moved to the other side of the lounge at sat down at a nearby table with my drink. I was sitting behind her a couple tables away. She reached for her purse and pulled out a compact and a tube of lipstick. She opened the compact and raised it. She popped the top off a tube of lipstick and slowly applied it to her lips. It was a bright pink color that screamed, kiss me. She layered it on multiple times and then put the cap back on and checked her work in the mirror. She then pulled out a long tube of lipgloss and untwisted the cap. She pulled out the applicator and glided it across her bottom lip and then the top. As she did her lips glistened in the light. This had to be her. She was getting ready to make her move. He returned a minute later and before he could sit down she stood and whispered something into his ear. She took him by the hand and they walked over to the bar. They ordered a couple more drinks and then made there way out into the lobby. I rushed over to Chris and interrupted his work.
“Chris! How did that guy pay?”, I asked.
“Room charge.”, he answered.
“Quick! Tell me what room!”, I asked.
“1404”, he looked down at the receipt.
I made my way out of the bar and into the lobby. They were no where to be found. I quickly made my way to the elevators and pressed the call button. The doors slid open and I stepped inside. I pushed the button for the fourteenth floor and anxiously watched the numbers light above the door. The doors opened and I peeked outside the elevator to the left and to the right. No sign of them. I moved down the hall to 1404 and put my back to the wall on one side of the door. I put my ear to the door but couldn’t hear a thing. I looked down at the do not disturb sign on the door and slowly and quietly turned the knob. Locked. Shit! Were they in their? Was this the right room? What if they went to her room? I walked down the hall to the beverage machine. I put in a dollar and got a soda. I was going to have to wait and watch. To think I had come so close and I might be blowing it. Two hours had gone by. A few people had come and gone, but no movement from 1404. I heard the sound of a door opening from down the hall and watched. It was her! She stepped out of the room and closed the door checking to make sure it was locked. She made her way down the hall and approached me at the beverage machine on her way to the elevator. She looked up and made eye contact with me. She smiled with her bright pinks lips and walked past me. I pulled out my 9mm from my jacket and held it down at my side. I walked up quickly behind her and put the barrel of the gun against her back and grabbed her shoulder. She froze in place, “Don’t move Widow.”
She slowly turned her head to look behind her and caught a glimpse of me, “I’m sorry. Do we know each other? Widow?”
“I know who you are. Now let’s go back to the room.”, I turned her around and took her purse from her. I walked her back down the hall and to the room door.
“So you’re a cop?”, she asked slyly.
“Shut up and don’t make a sound.”, I ordered.
I opened up her purse and took the room key out and unlocked the door. I motioned her to go in ahead of me at gunpoint. We walked inside the room and she stood up against the wall. I closed the door behind me and secured it.
I walked further into the room and was in awe of what I saw. There on the bed was her latest victim. He was lying naked on the bed asleep. His wrists had been bound to each side of the bed posts. His face and body were covered in red lipstick kisses. His lips were smudged in the same bright pink lipstick that she was wearing now. I moved to his side and checked his pulse and breathing while keeping my gun trained on the Widow. He was alive but breathing really shallow.
I looked at her in wonder, “Why do you do this?”
“Because I can.”, she said in defiance.
“You’re one sick twisted bitch.”, I said.
I moved over to her and led her into the bathroom. I took some cuffs out from behind my back and raised her arms up over the shower bar and handcuffed her. As I did she moved her face towards mine and opened her pink lips and leaned towards me. I quickly bent backwards and took a step back. She stood up straight and smiled failing at her attempt to lock lips with me. I had her.
“I love to play with handcuffs.”, she said.
“As you can see, I’m way into bondage.”, she said.
I put her purse on the counter of the bathroom and looked inside. It was full of makeup. Lipsticks, glosses, mascaras, blushes, powders, and nail polishes. There were also a bunch of little pill bottles, perfume bottles, and cigarette case. I searched her wallet for some form of ID but there was none. I found a bunch of cash and credit cards that probably belonged to the poor guy in the next room.
“Before you take me downtown why don’t you take off these cuffs and we can have a little fun?”, she asked.
I walked back over to her. I grab her by the waist and ran my hands up her stomach and over her tits. I slide my hands up her arms and touched her hands that were cuffed above her outstretched arms. She squints her eyes in pleasure and puckers her glittery pink lips. “Kiss me….”, she asks. I reach over to the towel bar and remove a washcloth. I wipe her lipstick from her lips as she tries to pull away. She shakes her head in defiance, “You mother fucker. Now your dead.”, she said with a cold stare.
“Listen honey. You’re not going to trick me. I know all about you.”, I toss the lipstick covered washcloth in the tub and grab her chin.
“Not so dangerous now are you?”, I rub my finger over her bare pale lips.
“If you know who I am that means someone broke the rules. And once I’ve taken care of you, I’ll have to go take care of them.”, she said as she studied me.
“So you’re not a cop? You’re a PI..”, she said.
“Very intuitive.”, I replied.
“Not really. Somebody hired you. Gave you a description of me. Somehow you tracked me down. Now, before your luck changes listen up. I can make you a very rich man. Whatever this guy is paying you, I’ll triple. I’ll pay you in cash and we go our separate ways. It can be that easy.”, she proposed.
I walked over to her purse and showed her the contents, “Which one of these is the remover?”
“The red glass bottle.”, she answered.
“So all this guy has to do is use this stuff and he can wipe the lipstick off?”, I asked.
“Yep. It’s the only stuff that will take it off.”, she answered.
I left her in the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. I tapped the guy on the cheek but he wasn’t waking up. I took his shirt and sprayed some of the remover on his arm and wiped away the lipstick. It worked. I returned to the bathroom, “How much of this stuff do you have?”
“Uh-oh. Someone ran out didn’t they? That’s why they hired you. They need more remover. That will be the least of their worries when I get my hands on them.”, she smiled.
I walk over to her and grab her throat, “Do you have more or not?”
“Yes…”,she gasped through my grip. “I have an apartment nearby with more.”
I let go of her throat and opened up my cell phone. I hit the redial button and connect with Mr. Salvatore, “Steve. You’ll never guess who I’m with right now.”
“You got her?”, Steve asked.
“I have her. She had just trapped another guy the same way she got you.”, I replied.
“Does she have the remover?”, he asked.
“She does, but I’m gonna leave it here with this guy. She’s got more at an apartment nearby.”, I told him.
“Fine. Just watch your back and get more of that remover. And Frank…thank you.”, said Steve.
I hung up the phone and looked at my prisoner. She stared back at me coldly.
“Here is what’s going to happen. You’re going to untie you victim in the other room. Get all the permanent lipstick off him, and your going to take me to your apartment for more of that remover. If you try anything….”, I push the barrel of the gun hard into her forehead.
I grab her purse, remover her cuffs, and take her into the other room. She uses the remover and a washcloth and wipes away at all the kiss marks on her victim.
“Make sure you get them all.”, I ordered.
She finishes cleaning him up and unties his wrists from the bed posts.
“How long will be out for?”, I ask.
“I’m surprised he hasn’t woken up yet. Probably will any minute. Would you like me to kiss him again?”, she asked.
“Nice try.”, I answer.
I take the guys credit cards and cash and put it on the nightstand next to his bed.
“We’re going to go down to the lobby and out to my car. If you try anything, and I mean anything…I will shoot you in the fucking back.”, I look her in the eyes.
We make our way down the lobby and out the doors to the parking lot. I reach for my keys and open the door to my Crown Vic. I place her in the back seat and get in the front. I start the car and light up a cigarette, “Your doing good. Now where’s your apartment?”
“Give me a cigarette.”, she asked.
“Where’s your fucking apartment?”, I turn and look back at her.
“Give me a cigarette and I’ll tell you.”, she said sarcastically.
I pull out my gun and point it at her face, “Tell me where your apartment is or you’ll be a stain on my back window.”
“Head east on 34 and take the Woodhaven exit.”, she answered.
“Now can I have a cigarette?”, she asked.
I opened up my box of cigarettes and held it up for her to reach.
“Ugh, not on of those. In my purse.”, she asked.
I grabbed up her purse and opened up her cigarette case and took one out. I handed it to her and flipped open my lighter. She leaned forward and lit her cigarette and sat back down in the seat.
“I can’t believe I’ve finally been caught.”, she exhaled. The smoke from her cigarette had a sweet perfume smell to it.
“How long have you been doing this?”, I asked.
“A couple years now. Was doing really good till you came along.”, she said.
“How the hell did you come up with this idea? I mean I was cop and never saw anything like that before.”, I looked at her.
“I was a chemistry major in college and then got a job in the cosmetics industry when I graduated. I was in research and development. They wanted me to develop a long lasting lipstick that could be put on in the morning and last all day without touching it up. I accidentally created one that was permanent. It took me months to create a removing agent. Once I did, I made my presentation to the company president. I showed him the formula and my research and he loved it. Problem was that he loved me too. He was old and married and I told him no. He insisted. I told him that I was not going to be bullied into having an affair with him. One day he called me up to his office right before the end of the night. He kept me waiting for hours it was getting late and I was ready to leave and then he told me to come in. He gave a glass of champagne and told me that he could make me rich beyond my wildest dreams with my new creation. All I had to do was be his mistress and all my dreams would come true. Of course I told him no and we began to argue. He grabbed me and tore off my blouse. I was fighting with him, but suddenly I grew weak. I got light headed and dizzy. He had slipped me something in my champagne. He tore my clothes off of me and raped me there on his desk. I tried to scream, but I was too weak. He just had his way with me and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I woke up later that night and he told me that if I told anyone he would fire me. He said my permanent lipstick idea was stupid and to forget about it. He was just using my idea to get in my pants. He told me that he could pick up the phone, make one phone call, and make me disappear. I became enraged. All I could think about from that day on was getting my revenge. I worked day and night for months. Then one day I called him. I told him I had a change of heart and that I wanted to see him. We met at a motel late that night. I kissed him with a special lipstick I had created that had a high dose of Rhohypnol in it. Of course, I developed medication to protect me while I was wearing it. I loved seeing those black beady little eyes rolling up into his forehead. Afterwards, I tied him up and took all his credit cards and cash. But I still didn’t feel like I had hurt him enough. Not for what he did to me. I took my little pill and put on my black lipstick. I climbed on top of him as he started to wake up and began kissing him on the mouth. Slowly my black lipstick covered his lips. Eventually he had on more lipstick than I did. I wanted to make sure it worked so I uncapped it and started smearing it all over his mouth. He tried to struggle. All I could think about was that night he raped me. How dark it made me feel inside. Like my heart had turned black. Just like his lips. He began to choke. The soft tissues in his respiratory system started swelling from the venom in my lipstick. His eyes began to tear and bulge as he gasped for breath. I just kept applying over and over again until…..he stopped breathing. I killed him. And I had finally gotten my revenge. And then I realized something amazing…. I enjoyed it. The feeling of control. The rush. The ability to dominate a man and control his fate. That bastard deserved what he got………………….they all deserve what they get.”
I looked at her using my rear view mirror. I saw a single tear run down her cheek.
“You need help. What happened to you was wrong.”, I told her.
She took a long drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out, “Sometimes bad things happen to good people…huh?”
The aroma of her cigarette filled my car. I thought about what she had told me. Was it true? I had to keep my mind on the money and the mission. I watched the road and the yellow lines in the center of the road as they flew by. I rubbed my eyes that suddenly seemed very dry. I was getting a head ache. My prisoner leaned up from the back seat and slowly blew the smoke from her cigarette directly in my face.
“You okay?”, she asked with a slight grin in her face.
The sweet smell from the smoke was almost intoxicating. I realized it just then. It was her cigarette! I reached down and started to roll down the window. My eyes began to blur. She leaned up over the seat and grabbed the wheel. I reached for my gun and pull up. She grabs at it and the wheel at the same time. My gun goes out the window. The car swerves to the left and we cross into the oncoming traffic. My eyes grew more blurred as I tried to miss the cars. I slam on the breaks and the cars spins in circles and slams up against the curb of the city street. And then….

The first thing I realized is that I was standing up. But my feet weren’t on the ground. I was naked. My head was hunched over on my chest. I tried to lift it but it felt like it weighed a million pounds. The room was spinning. I opened my eyes to see myself in my own basement. There were ropes tied to the support beams from both sides of the room, almost like a spider web. My arms and legs were stretched out and pulled tight. I couldn’t move. I blinked my eyes and tried to focus. I was totally suspended off the ground and bound tightly in the ropes. I began to pull at the ropes, but they just barely made the other ropes swing. I squirmed back and forth. Just then I felt something on back.
“Hello?”, I uttered.
Just then a black gloved hand reached out from behind me and pulled against my chest. Then another from the other side. I felt someone breathing on my neck from behind me.
“You know a spider knows she has someone trapped in her web when she feels it move.”, a whisper came from behind and into my ear. I felt a tongue slowly run from the back of my neck to my cheek. Long black hair draped over my shoulder as I felt a moist, wet, sticky kiss on my cheek. I turned to look but she was gone. Slowly she walked out from behind me. She turned and walked in front of me. Her shiny black boots came up to her mid thigh. She had on a shiny black corset and long black gloves. Her long, wavy black hair lay across her shoulders and down her back. Her pale white face set off the bright red lipstick on her lips. As I stared at her in disbelief I felt a warm sensation on my cheek where she had kissed me. It started to burn. The pain became unbearable and lasted a minute then began to dissipate.
“Ugh… the pain!”, I screamed.
“What have you done to me?”, I pulled at my ropes.
“How long have I been out?”, I asked.
“It’s been over a week. You don’t remember do you? Yeah…smoking can be hazardous to your health.”, she smiled as she took the top off a red tube of lipstick. She twisted the base and a bright red color rotated into view. She slowly applied it to her already red full lips. She moved towards me and climbed up onto the bottom rope and leaned against my naked body.
“Let me bring you up to speed Frank.”, she looked into my eyes.
“After the car came to a stop some people stopped to help. They wanted to call the police, but I said you had just had too much to drink. I went through your wallet and found your drivers license. I drove us home. It took me quite a lot of work, but I made this web here in your basement and tied you up in it. You were actually pretty cooperative, but you wouldn’t remember that from the amnesic effect of all the drugs you’ve been exposed to. You were very good. You just weren’t very talkative and I need some information from you.”, she climbed down.
She opened up a portable DVD player in front of me and switched it on. The screen flickered and a picture came on the screen. It was Steve Salvatore. He was tied to a chair, naked in his house.
“I found the number in your cell phone Frank.”, she said coldly.
“I had to fulfill my promise.”, she stared into my eyes as I watched the screen.
The camera had been recording from a tripod. Slowly she walks naked towards Steve bound to his chair. She straddles him and begins to fuck him. The audio was poor, but I could hear her talking to him. She told him, “I told you what would happen if you told anyone…” She moved up and down on his lap faster and faster. I could hear his moaning become muffled by her kissing him. She kissed him over and over again as she fucked him harder and harder. Suddenly she stands up and moves away from him and off camera. Steve sits there in his chair. There was black lipstick all over his mouth. He was breathing heavier and heavier. The chair shook as he squirmed in it. Suddenly he stopped and his head fell back. The camera shakes for a second then the screen turns black.
“Oh my God! You killed him!”, he looked at her.
“Only because I made a promise.”, she said.
I pulled at my ropes and squirmed in her trap, “Please! Let me go!”
“I will let you go my dear.”, she climbed back up and laid against me.
“But first I need some information. There was someone at the MGM Grand who knew who I was. Your going to tell me who it was.”, she glared at me.
“Why should I? So you can go kill him too? Like you’re going to kill me! Go to hell!”, I shouted.
She took her gloved hand and grabbed my chin and stared deeply into my eyes, “You will tell me.”
“Fuck you!”, I shouted.
She took her hand and turned by head to one side and kissed me hard on the neck. She then stepped down off the bottom rope and reached for her lipstick.
“Your going to make this very painful Frank…”, she said as she opened up the red tube and glided the bright red lipstick over her lips.
I felt a burning sensation again. On my neck this time. The skin on my neck felt like it was on fire where she had kissed me. I screamed in pain. She finished applying her lipstick and climbed up again.
“Tell me his name Frank…”, she moved her bright red lips close to mine. I twisted my head and turned away from her. She leaned down and kissed me on my chest and again stepped down from the rope. I looked down at the red kiss print on my chest.
“What the hell is that stuff?”, I asked.
“Just a little something I call Smoldering Red.” She smiled as she uncapped her lipstick and again layered it on to her lips.
“You pretty much know what it does.”, she finished and recapped the tube.
It started to burn again. The pain was incredible. My chest burned like hell where she had left her mark.
“It takes a minute, but it reacts with the cells in your epidermis. Pretty much puts them into shock for a good minute or so. Remember the love lotion they came out with years ago that you rub on your skin and then blow on it and it gets warm. Take that and multiply it by say…a million.”, she climbed back up.
“Please stop. I can’t take any more.”, I cried.
“Sure baby.”, she wiped away my tear.
“Just tell me his name and I promise I’ll put away the Smoldering Red lipstick forever.”, she leaned in close to my lips with hers.
“I can’t!”, I screamed
“I can’t tell you his name knowing you’ll kill him.”, I said.
“I couldn’t live with it!”, I cried.
“Let’s see.”, she smiled.
“The first kiss was on your cheek. The next was on your neck. Then your chest. Do you see where things are heading Frank?”, she grinned.
She stepped down off the rope and took my cock in her gloved hand.
“Last chance Frank. Wanna tell me his name?”, she stroked me until I became hard.
“Please! No! Please don’t!”, I begged as I became fully erect in her hand.
“This is going to hurt Frank.”, she said calmly as she took my cock and slowly stroked it with her hand. She brought her bright red lipsticked lips to the head of my cock and licked the tip of it with her tongue. She opened her mouth at closed it over my cock leaving a bright red ring around the top of it. She then did it again and again down my shaft until there were three red rings. She stood up and opened up her lipstick again. I squirmed in her web and pulled against the ropes, but I was tied too tightly.
“No!”, I screamed.
The pain was unbearable. My cock began to burn from her lipstick. Tears rolled down my face. I was agony.
“Do you want some more. I’m gonna cover your whole cock in Smoldering Red.”, she began applying it again.
“No! Please!”, I begged.
She took my cock in her hands started to open her mouth.
“I’ll tell you! Chris…Chris Harris. He’s a bartender there. Now please stop!”, I begged again.
She walked over to the desk and picked up the phone. She dialed some numbers and then spoke, “Yes hello. I was wondering, do you have a bartender there name Chris Harris? …uh huh. Is he working tomorrow night? Great. Thank you.” She hung up the phone and walked back over to me. The pain was finally subsiding.
“Good boy Frank.”, she said confidently.
“You should be rewarded.”, she smiled.
She reached down with her gloved hand and began stroking me again.
She brought her smoldering red lips to the tip of my cock and slowly slid them down and around my shaft.
“No!”, I screamed as she slowly smeared the lipstick down my cock. She leaned back to examine her work and then began sucking on my cock harder and harder. She stroked me hard as she sucked faster and faster. It began to burn again. The pain. The agaony. She moved faster and faster as I pulled and twisted in my bonds but I was helpless. I felt my self come in her mouth. She sucked harder and harder. The pain was too much…. I passed out.

I jumped as the cold water hit my face and opened my eyes to see her standing there in front of me. She dropped the empty glass to the floor. She was in white pants and a pink top. She had dyed her hair blonde and was wearing white sandals. Her make up was bright and innocent and she wore no lipstick.
“How long have I been out?”, I asked.
“Long enough for me to do a little shopping and color my hair. I have a date tonight. Think Chris will recognize me?”, she laughed as she walked over to her purse and cleaned up her things. What had I done? She was going to kill him.
“So what happens now?”, I asked.
She walked towards me holding something behind her back. She climbs up onto the bottom rope and opens up a black tube of lipstick. She twists the bottom and a shiny black lipstick emerges from the tube. She brings it to her lips and slowly paints them in front of me. She glides the lipstick back and forth several times over her top and bottom lips drenching them in the black glossy color. I new I was dead.
She reached her hands up and placed one on each side of my cheek, “Aw Frank. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I almost feel bad for you. But, you would have killed me after I had given you the remover for Steve. You know it. You loose. I win.”
I looked at her eyes and then at her lips as she slowly brought them close to mine.
“Time to die Frank.”, she said coldly.
“I’m not you old boss… neither is Chris…”, I utter under my breath.
She leans back for a minute and looks at me puzzled. She closes her eyes tightly for a moment and then opens them slowly. She leans in towards me and kisses me softly. I can feel the lipstick stick to my lips.
She leans back again and looks at my lips where she kissed them.
“Goodbye Frank.”, she leans forward and kisses me again. Tenderly at first. Then harder and harder. I can feel the lipstick cover my mouth. She gets violent and smears it all over my lips back and forth. I feel a numbness in my throat. I try and pull away but her hands hold me firmly in place. It gets harder and harder to breath. I pull the air in through my nose as hard as I can as she continues kissing me. My muscles begin to weaken. I can’t breath. My head begins to swivel as she continues kissing me. Tenderly now. Softly. Then…

She approached the door to the MGM Grand and saw her reflection in the glass. She opened the door and made her way across the lobby and to the front desk to check in. She paid in cash. Like always. Another false name on a registration card and the clerk slid her key across the counter, “Enjoy your stay Miss Malone.” She made her way across the lobby and into the lounge. She walked up to the bar and sat down near Chris as he polished some glasses down at the other end of the bar. She opened up her purse and took out her compact. She opened it and checked her lips. She reached into her purse and layered on another coat of bright pink lipstick followed by a touch of shimmering gloss. Chris walked down and placed a cocktail napkin in front of her and gazed at her.
“Hi there. What can I get you?”, he smiled.
“Whatever your specialty is…”, she smiled as she put away her lipgloss.
“Ah… A woman who likes to live dangerously. I like that.”, he smiled and began picking up some bottles and mixing a drink.
“You have no idea…”, she flirted back.

The end???
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Caught in the web of the black widow

The bright lights of Atlantic City. Fun, gambling and sex. Sometimes all at the same time. This would be the perfect place to ensnare my next victim. I walk into the lobby of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. It was hunting season and the game was on. I walked up to the desk and signed in for a room on the top floor. I never use my real name and I always pay in cash. I check out the security cameras. Thery are all over. This time they see me in my skin tight black leather pants and curve hugging black tube top with little white jewels spelling out the word, "Wanna?". I'm wearing my shiney black boots with the spiked heels pushing me over 5'10". My long black wavy hair drops down to the middle of my back. My skin's on the pale side so I shock them with my jet black designer sunglasses and hot pink lipstick topped with a layer of silver gloss. I open my bag and pay for the room. The clerk asks me if I need help with my bags and three bellman leap towards me eager to assist. "Sorry boys...", I smile. "Traveling lite tonight.", I pass by them touching the bottoms of their chins as I walk by and shooting them a sly smile. I move across the lobby with my key card towards the elevator, content with the attention I'm getting from the men in the room. This was going to be fun. I make my way up to my room and check it out. I enter the bathroom and open my bag. I place a few things on the counter next to the sink. A small bottle of white pills and a couple purse size perfume bottles. I organize my lipstick tubes and glosses. A few shades of pink, a few shades of red. I have an assortment of colors all special. My chemistry background in college didn't just help me in the pharmaceutical research industry develping new drugs. It also help me to make my own cosmetics and perfumes. All created by me with special ingrediants for special needs. Pharmaceutical research was far too boring for someone like me. Besides, I make much more using my skills the way I do rather than making someone else rich. I take off my shades and touch up my black eyeliner. I wipe off my lipstick with a tissue and flush it. Popping the top off my pill bottle I swallow two capsules. These would prevent me from feeling any effects from the makeup I use. I brush my hair and touch up my mascara and eyeshadow. Openning my compact, I take a small pad and put some light powder over my lips. Now for my lipstick. I pop the top off my silver tube and twist the base. An electric pink color rotates into view. I slowly line my upper and lower lips then fill them in with the bright pink frosty color. To add a little more shine I apply some silvery gloss from a tube with an applicator. I lean towards the mirror and turn side to side checking to make sure the color was applied evenly and perfectly. A quick pucker towards the mirror and I'm confident these full luscious lips are now completely irresistable. A touch of my special perfume on my neck, down my top and behind my ears to overwelm their sences. I'm ready. I toss a few things in my purse and it's time to go snag my prey.

Once in the lobby I move towards the casino. I grabbed a drink from the bar and made my way through the busy room. Blackjack, slots, and roulette wheels. Booze, gambling, money and men. A target rich environment. It was only a matter of time before I heard a cheer from one of the corner tables. It was a craps table and someone had just won big. I walked over and made my way through the crowd. He was about 35 or 40 in a white jacket and pants. Tanned, built, and completely obnoxious. A regular Don Johnson wanna be. I allowed him to see me check him out as I sipped on my drink. I pulled out some flash money from my purse and placed a bet. I quickly caught the attention of the table, and the dealer announed me as the lady in black. I played a few rounds and lost a few hundred dollars, but he was winning big. I slowly slid down to where we were only a couple people apart. Each time he won the table cheered. "C'mon lucky seven!", he shouted and rolled the dice. "Seven it is!", the dealer anounced as the dice rolled to a stop. He noticed me smiling at him and I turned to leave, "Keep up the good luck!", I said. "Hey...hey wait!", he shouted. "You can't leave! Your bringing me good luck!" Walking over to him I whispered in his ear, "It seemed like you were doing pretty good before I got here." He turned to me, "I'm sure I can do better with you here. C'mon stay a while." I agreed. He was winning roll after roll. We screamed. We shouted. We were jumping up and down together. We made idol chit-chat between rolls and drinks. His name was Eric. He was in Atlantic City for a business convention. He owned his own software company and was being offered big money to sell it. He asked my line of work. I fed him the usual lie. I was a model from New York and was vacationing after a horrible break up from my boyfriend who used to abuse me. Blah, Blah, Blah. The good thing is that he was now more interested in me than his winnings. He told me that he was single, but I quickly noticed the white ring around his finger where his wedding band normally is. He was a perfect target. Time to set the trap. He was up about $33,000 and getting really nervous about his bets. A combination of me distracting him and the alcohol in his drinks. The dealer turned to him and said, "Place your bet sir." Eric looked at me. I gazed at him and moved in close, inches away from his face. I brought my silvery pink lips close to his, then whispered in his ear, "Are you feeling lucky?" "Oh yeah!", he shouted. "Then go for it!", I pressed my body agaist his holding his ass and pulling him towards me tight. He turned and looked at the chips and then back at me. "All of it?", he asked. "All of it Eric. Go for it...", I said. I took my left hand and placed it under his chin and pulled his lips close to mine. I gently kissed him slowly moving my lips around his, letting my glossy lips envelop him. I break from the kiss and look at him passionately, "For luck." He turned from me and faced the dealer. He used the back of his hand and wiped the lipstick from his lips leaving nothing but little smears of glitter. That pissed me off. "Hey! Don't wipe away your luck Eric!", I joked with him. "Sorry. It looks better on you though.", he added "Oh yeah?", I reach into my purse and pull out my lipstick and compact. I open the lipstick and slowly paint my lips electric pink in front of him. The dealer interrupts us, "Your bet sir?" "All of it! Thirty three grand! Let it ride!", he shouted. By now I was applying an ultra thick coating of silvery gloss over my vibrant pink lips. Eric was torn between watch me and the other bets on the table. I dropped my lipstick, gloss and compact back into my bag and turned to present myself to Eric. He blew on the dice and rubbed them in his hand. "You need eleven to win sir. ", the dealer announced. I stood beside him and put my arms around him as he looked up to the heavens praying for a win. He tossed the dice and they rolled almost in slow motion down the table... a six... and a five. "Eleven's a Winner", The dealer shouts. Eric raises his arms in triumph and turns towards me. I grab his face with both hands and kiss him long and hard. I kiss him over and over. Time passes. I just let my silvery pink lipstick slide back and forth over his lips. Sticky, wet, long, passionte. I break from the kiss and he stares at me in a daze. "Wow. Your're amazing.", he says under his breath. I smile at him, "Your right about that. But you were wrong about one thing." "What's that?", he asked. "My lipstick looks good on you too.", I laughed. He brings the back of his hand to his lips to wipe it off but I stop him and kiss him again. Long, slow, meaningful. I whisper in his ear, "...want more?" He looks at me in passion, "Definately.", he says. "Then cash out and come upstairs with me." He quickly grabs a porter and they take his chips to the counter and they proceed to count his winnings and cash him out. I take this opportunity to redo my lips again with electric pink and siver gloss. I spray a little more perfume on my neck, down my shirt and behind me ears. A little heavier this time. Eric approaches with a small black case and I ring for the elevator. He walks up and I wrap my arms around him and give him a huge hug. "Wow! You were great! I've never seen such luck.", I said to him. "Thanks. God, you smell great.", he says. "Thanks. My perfume. Like it?", I ask. "Love it", the elevator doors slide open and we step inside. The scent of my freshly applied perfume fills the elevator. I push the button for my floor and quickly close the door so no one else can come in. I turn to Eric who stares at me now with a slightly glassy eyed look. He stands there in his white jacket and pants. I can see he's aroused by the buldge in his pants. I step to the opposite side of the elevator car and pull out my compact and check my makeup. I fluff up my hair and purse my lips in the mirror. I drop it into my bag and again look at Eric. "Eric. You're wearing almost as much lipstick as I am.", I smiled. He laughs, "Bet I look pretty silly. But you wouldn't let me wipe it off." I take my hand and raise it pointing at him and then motioning with my curling finger for him to come to me, "Actually it looks really good on you. Sexy as a matter of fact." I slide my hand down his waist and onto the buldge in his pants, grabbing at his cock, "Want more?" I slowly bring my lips close to his. I bring them closer and closer almost ready to touch. The elevator doors slide open. "Guess you have to wait.", I smile. I take his hand and lead him to my room. I reach in my purse and swipe my card in the door. We step inside and I place the do not disturb sign on the door. I close it behind us and lock the locks and slide on the chain. "Don't want you getting away.", I said. I move to the end of the bed. Eric follows me. I stand in front of him and take his case and set it on the dresser. I slip his jacket off his shoulders and toss it on a chair. "Your the kinda girl Momma worned me about aren't you?", he asked in a light voice taking in what was happening. I reach down and undo his belt and pull his pants down around his anlkes and bend back up to look at him deeply in the eyes. "You have no idea.", I said in a devilish manner. I slowly unbutton his shirt and slip it off him. I pull from under my tube top and slip it off over my head and shake my long black hair letting it fall to one side. I take his hands and place each one on my tits. "Do you like these Eric?" ,I asked. "Oh yes.", he answered. I took his hands and placed them on my ass. "Do you like this ass Eric? Isn't it perfect?", I asked. "Totally perfect", he answerd. "Look at my lips Eric. Are these the sexiest lips you've ever seen in your life?", I asked. "Yes... Incredibly sexy.", he answered. "Do you want to kiss me?", I asked. "Yes.", he moved his lips close to mine, but I leaned back. "Your not afraid of my lipstick are you?", I asked. "No.", he said. "Then kiss me Eric.", I told him. He leaned over and gently kissed me. I immediately turned the gentle kiss into a wild passionate near violent kiss. Letting my lips circle his. Sliding my lips back and forth over his. His lips turned bright pink with silver sparkles all over them. I break from the kiss, "I'll be right back. Get undressed and on the bed." He sat down and quickly removed his shoes and the pants that were down around his ankles. I moved into the bathroom and pulled off my boots and took off my leather pants. I slipped off my thong and proceeded to use a tissue to wipe away the smeared pink lipstick from my lips. I open my purse and take out my silver tube. I pop the top and slowly slide the pink lipstick over my bottom lip and then across my top. A few strokes and my lips are a bright, electric pink again. I twist off the top off my lipgloss and pull out the applicator. I swipe the silvery gloss across my bottom lip and then across the top leaving them incredibly shiney. They sparkled in the lights. I take my small bottle of perfume and spray my neck, behind my ears, and then a quick spray between my tits and on top of each nipple. This was it. Time for the K.O. I opened the door and turned the corner to the bedroom. Eric lay there on the bed naked, eagerly waiting my return, hard as a rock. I climb onto the bed and over on top of him and sit on him. I lean down with one hand on each side of his shoulders and let my long black hair drape down over him. I noticed he had wiped the smeared lipstick off his lips. "Where did my lipstick go Eric?", I asked. "I wiped it off. But it looks like you have more for me?", he smiled in anticipation. "I told you I think it looks good on you.", I said. Eric lifts his head to kiss me but I lean back. "Nope. None for you. You'll just wipe it off again.", I scolded him. "Come on..", he reached up again. "Nope. Not yet,", I told him. I leaned up a little further so that my tits were right in his face. I lowered myself on top of him letting my left nipple touch his lips. "Kiss this first", I told him. He slowly kissed my nipple and moved his tounge in littled circles around it. "Mmmm... you smell so good. Taste even better.", he whispered. I lean up and let my right nipple slowly lower to his lips and he begins to kiss it and lick it. "Oh Eric. That feels soooo good.", I said. After a minute or so I move back down in front of him. My lips inches away from his. "Eric. Do you want me to kiss you now?", I asked. "Oh yeah baby. Kiss me now.", he asked. "I'll get my frosty pink lipstick all over your lips. Are you sure?", I ask. "Yes. Please kiss me now.", he begs. I slowly lean down and place my lips to his. I begin to kiss him slowly at first then more and more wild. My thick, creamy, pink, glittery lipstick all over his mouth. His grip on my arms begin to tighten as we kiss more and more passionately. I slide my lips back and forth over his and circling his mouth with them. His lips take on a bright pink glittery color as I continue to kiss him. His grip begins to loosen. He begins to try and move his head away but I slide my hands to each side of his face to continue the kiss. His breathing grows heavier and heavier as I refuse to break the kiss. His eyes open and he see me staring down at him. He tries to push me off of him but by now his muscles won't listen as the drugs take effect. His grip on me weakens as he fights to stay awake. He looks up at me helplessly through his glassy eyes. He blinks several times as I continue kissing him violently. Finally his eyes roll up back in his head and he falls unconscious. I slow my kissing down. His breathing has shallowed. I bite at his bottom lip a little and he doesn't respond. He's mine. I lean back and look down at him. He lay there completely knocked out covered in pink lipstick. The combination of the hypnotic sedative in my perfume and the Rohypnol in my lipstick had layed him out. I move to the window and cut the cord from the curtains. I return to the bed and securely bind each wrist to a bed post. I tie his ankles together and then place more cord around his neck and tie each end to the bed frame. He's not going anywhere. I walk to the bathroom and wipe the lipstick from my lips with a tissue. I pick up a bronze tube from my collection and open the top. I twist the base and slowly a deep red lipstick rotates into view. I lean towards the mirror and carefully apply it to my bare lips. The deep red color glides on and with several strokes now glistens in the light. Leaving the cap off the lipstcik I return to my prey tied up on the bed. I lean down to his face and kiss him hard on the cheek. Eric doesn't move. I pull back to see a prefect bold red lip print on his cheek. I lean over and kiss his other cheek. Then his neck. I apply my lipstick again and continue my artwork leaving deep red kiss marks all over his body. I apply again and take his cock in my hand. I kiss the top off it and then take him in leaving multiple rings around it. I begin to put the cap on the lipstick, but I'm feeling extra devilish tonight. I take a tissue from the bathroom and wipe the pink lipstick from his lips. I then take the deep red lipstick from the bronze tube and masterfully paint his lips a deep bold red. "There. Lets see you wipe that off.", I said. Eric lay there unconscious, tied to the bed, and covered in lipstick marks. Not to mention perfectly applied red lipstick on his lips. I tossed my lipstick back in my bag and began to gather my things from the bathroom. I open his wallet and go through his things. Credit cards, cash, a few checks, and the family picture. Eric was married. Cute little blonde cheerleader type. And Eric has two kids. Even better. I pick up his cell phone and flip through his contacts. This will come in handy. Oh look, it's a camera phone. I push the camera button and snap a few shots of him laying there in his bliss and then a few head shots too. I empty his pockets and find his wedding band. I take the band and slip it back on his finger where the tan mark was. I walk to the dresser and open up his case. Ahh... It's great dealing in cash. I didn't want to take the time to count but there had to be almost forty grand in there. Not bad. But Eric was going to be worth a whole lot more than that. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and re-did my makeup and pink lipstick. I got dressed and returned to see Eric still sound asleep. Time for a little shopping. I returned to Erics bedside and leaned over him. I sprayed a shot of my perfume over his head and watched the tiny droplets land on his face. "Eric. Can you hear me?" "Eric wake up!", I slapped his cheek. His eyes struggled to focus on me. "Good boy. Wake up. I know. Lots of sleepy in those eyes, but I need you to listen for a couple minutes.", I said to him. He went to move his head but found it securely tied to the bed frame. He pulled his hands and found himself helpless. "There.. there Eric. Your stuck. Your helpless. In other words... your mine.", I said in a sharp tone. "I knocked you out with this pink lipstick I'm wearing. Don't remember huh? That would be the amnestic affect of my perfume. But here you are none the less.", I stood up looking down at him. He struggled to talk but could barely put words together while still feeling the effects of the drugs. "That's not all Eric. Look.", I opened up my compact and showed him his refelction in the mirror. "The red lipstick your covered with and wearing on your lips is a special lipstick I created that never comes off. Unless of course I decide to give you some of the removing agent. But you have to be a good boy if you want to ever get rid of that lipstick or I'll leave it on you forever. Allow me to demonstrate.", I open my bag and take out a small bottle of the remover and a tissue. I rub the plain tissue on one of the kiss prints on his forearm. "See Eric. It's permanent lipstick. A lovely shade, but kinda looks silly on you." I take the remover and dab a little on the tissue and again rub at the same print on his arm. The red comes off on the tissue. "See. So there is hope for you Eric. but you have to obey me or your wife, kids, and business contacts will be getting some interesting pictures from your camera phone. Not to mention you'll be wearing red lipstick for the rest of your life.", I show him his phone and the pictures. Tears begin to form in his eyes. I lean down to his side. "It's ok. You'll be fine.", I say in a kind caring voice. I change my tone, " But don't you dare fuck with me or I will kill you." I reach into my bag and pull out a black tube of lipstick. I pop off the top and twist the bottom. A deep black shade twists into view from the bottom of the tube. "I call this my black widow lipstick.", I move it close to his lips. He tries to move his head but the more he struggles the tighter the knot gets around his neck. He stares at in terror. "You see this lipstick contains a deadly nero-toxin that paralizes whoever I kiss with it. It paralizes your muscles so you can't move and then it paralizes your respiratory system and you sufficate to death. Trust me Eric it's not pretty. One kiss and your dead. It would be even quicker if I just applied it your lips. And you are pretty helpless right now.", I move the tip of the back lipstick to his bottom lip and he pulls in fear. I pull it away and put the cap on. "But we're not going to have to do that are we?" "nnnn no.", he struggled to get a word out. "Good. Here's what happens. Your going to give me your ATM codes and I am going to take your cash and credit cards. I'm going to do a little shopping. Actually Eric, I'm going to do alot of shopping. Lots of nice stores around here. I'm going to knock you out again with my knockout lipstick. If I have a wonderful day and I'm not interupted by the authorities, I come back, untie you, and you wake up with enough removing agent to wipe it all off - With a little scrubbing. If anything happens to me while I'm gone, room service finds you and your lipstick is permanent forever. If you do anything to fuck me over, I come back, and it's the kiss of death for you Eric.", I pull back out my black lipstick from my purse and show it to him. "Do you take me seriously Eric?", I ask. "Yes. Just don't kill me please...", he begs. "Good boy", I drop the black lipstick back in my purse. I get him to give me his ATM codes and then I rip the phone cord from the wall.


I lay here tied to the bed. How did she do this to me. My wrists are tied tightly to the bed posts. If I try to move my head and the knot around my neck just gets tighter and tighter. God, please let me get through this. I can hear her in the bathroom. I can still smell...taste her perfume. It's almost intoxicating. I'm wearing lipstick. Permanent lipstick! I have to get out of this and get this stuff off. My wife can never find out about this. Shit! I can't go to the cops. She'll ruin me with those pictures. She has my ID. She knows where I live. She knows all my phone numbers. She'll probably blackmail me for the rest of my life. Shit! She's coming back. I wish I had the strength to scream. But she'd kill me. Fuck. She's back!

She sits down on the edge of the bed next to me. She leans down. She has on that pink lipstick again. That's the stuff that made me pass out. "Please don't kiss me.", I beg. She leans down inches away from my face. "Time to go back to sleep Eric.", she smiles. She leans down closer. Her shiney pink lips are getting closer and closer. I can't move. "Please don't.....", I mumble, then she kisses me on the lips. "No. Stop!", I try to yell, but I can't fight her. She's to strong. She kisses me. I can feel the slippery lipstick cover my mouth. I can taste it. I can't stop her. I'm too weak. She kisses me harder and harder. I can't stop her. My mind is getting foggy again. I can't fall back asleep. No.... mmm... please.... no.... uhh... ... ........

The end???
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Suddenly... His right eye begins to twitch. He blinks erratically and shakes his head trying to clear it. I can feel his grip around my neck begin to loosen. The rohypnol in the lipstick was beginning to take effect. This was the break I needed. "What the fuck have you done to me bitch?", he glares at me in anger. He lets go of my neck and puts his fingers to his temples. He hold his head trying to get the room to stop spinning. I clench my right fist as tight as I can and swing for his chin. He falls backwards on the bed and I scurry out from beneath him. I reach down on the floor and pick up my knock-out lipstick. I stand there by the bed looking down at him. "Your not so tough now, are you Rich?", I smile. I remove the cap from my lipstick and twist the tube. The silvery plum color rotates into view. "I'm not taking any chances with you Rich. Pucker up.", I sit down on the side of the bed and grab his chin and twist his face in my direction. He lay there in a drunken state. His eyes are glazed over as he mumbles. I move the lipstick close to his mouth and then lay the tip on his lower lip. I slide it back and forth accross his lower lip applying several coats. I run it accross his upper lip again and again until his lips are drenched in pink. "This shade looks great on you. Now you going to go to sleep Rich. You can't fight it. It's more powerful than you. I'm more powerful than you. You...are....mine.", I recap my lipstick and toss it into my purse. His eyes fight to stay open for a moment then he slips away into unconsciousness. I walk into the bathroom to check out the damage. My ribs hurt like hell from where he kicked me. I look in the mirror and only take a few minutes to contimplate his fate. I open my bag and remove a silver tube and set it on the counter. This would be his demise. I walk back into the bedroom and study my surroundings. It was a typical hotel room. I walk over to the drapes and notice there are two sets of cords. One for the outer drape and one for the inner liner. I remove the inner liner cord from the pully and reach up to remove the hooks from the cord. This will make a pretty good rope. I pull the desk chair out and wheel it to the side of the bed. Rich lay there motionless, but still breathing. I remove his shirt and pull his naked body into the chair. I shift his weight in the chair so he is sitting straight up and begin wrapping the cord tightly around his feet securing them to the legs of the chair. I wrap the cord around the back of the chair and secure his waist, chest, arms, and hands tightly. I tie several knots and pull tight so there is no possibility for escape. He sits their bound to the chair wearing nothing but my pink lipstick. I remove a tissue from the bathroom and wipe his lips. After a few swipes back and forth the color smears away. He be out for a little bit. I have time to prepare. I take his rolex and toss it into my bag. I snatch his wallet from his pants and find a couple twenties and a check card. This guy's not all that rich. Just a piece of shit thug. I check his ID and find the name Danny Newman. I check the other side of his wallet and find an unopened condom. Oh am I gonna have fun with you Danny. I walk back into the bathroom and stare into the mirror. I stand there naked deciding his fate. I run my brush through my long black hair and let it drape down my back. I open my purse and pop the top off a small bottle and swallow a couple of pills. These will protect me from the poison. I hear a soft groan coming from the bedroom and peek around the corner. Rich...Danny's head lifts up and then falls again. The rhohypnol is beginning to wear off. I turn back into the bathroom and my eyes fix on the silver lipstick tube on the counter. I reach for it and remove the top. A slow turn of the base and a shinny black color emerges from the tube. I lean in close to the mirror and glide the black lipstick accross my pale lips. I move it side to side and around the top of my lips, drenching them in shinny black lipstick. After several coats I twist the tube down and pucker for the mirror. The perfectly applied shinny black lipstick glistens in the light. I stand there staring at my lips. One kiss from me now and he will be dead. The powerful neurotoxin will paralize him and eventually shut down his respiratory drive leaving him lifeless. He desrves this for what he's done. In fact. He deserves far worse. I grab his unopened condom and return to the bedroom. I emerge from the bathroom and his head lifts up and he tries to focus on me. I walk over to him slowly and and stand there in front of my helpless victim tied tightly to the chair. I lift up his head and lean down close to his face, "Oh what a tangled web we weave....Rich. Or should I say Danny?" His eyes open wide for a moment and then he tries to shake loose from the drugs that still flow through his system, "Wait a minute... I can explain....", he slurrs. I interupt him,"I know.. I know.. You were just looking for a good time. You like it rough... Blah blah blah. Save your breath Danny. You'll need it." I stradle the chair and sit on his lap. "I wasn't going to hurt you... I swear. I just wanted to fuck you and... I was going to let you go. I swear...", he struggles against his bondage. "Danny you were going to rape me and then kill me like the others. And now it's you that's the helpless one.", I glare at him. I slip into a devish smile, "Danny we're going to play a game." I begin to move back and forth against his lap. I whisper in his ear,"You wanna play a game Danny? You wanna fuck me? I wanna fuck you." I lurch forward against him pushing his face into my breasts. I lean back and move my lips close to his. "I want you Danny", I whisper. He looks at me in disbelief. I can feel his cock begin to swell beneath me. "Oh Danny... Is this turning you on like it is me?", I ask. He studders," What are you doing to me. Let me go. Untie me now!" I stand back up and notice his full errection. I smile, "Oh this is turning you on isn't it?" I grab his cock and move my hand up and down it slowly. "Oh Danny. Your so hard.", I gasp. I tear open his condom and slowly slide it over his cock. I straddle him again, but this time taking him slowly inside of me. I slide him fully inside me and put my hands on his shoulders. "Oh that feels good. Is this the game?.", he asks. I lean to his side and whisper into his ear, "Nope. Danny I knocked you out with my pink lipstick. It contained a high does of rhohypnol, you know that date rape drug. This black lipstick I'm wearing contains a deadly neurtoxin that kills whoever I kiss." He turn his head to look at me. I pucker up and move towards him. "Stay away from me you bitch!", he fights feverishly against his binds. "Listen to me or your dead!", I squint at him. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you and your going to enjoy it! Does that sound familiar Danny? But here's the game. If you come before I give you permission to I will give you the kiss of death and leave you here to die a painful miserable death.", I begin to move up and down on him again. "You can't do this! Please let me go!", he begs. I pull him in tightly and flex my inner thigh muscles. I bury his face in my chest again as I move up and down on him. "Oh Danny. Oh you feel so good. It would be a shame to kill you. Oh yes! Yes!", I move faster and faster. I move back down and look at his face. I place my hands on each side of his cheeks and move my black lips inches from his mouth, "Oh. I could just kiss you. Wouldn't you love to feel this black lipstick all over your lips? You know you can't resist them." He turns his head and closes his eyes. I move faster and faster. I slide up just to the point where he would pull out of me then slowly slide down his cock and twist my hips side to side. "Oh Danny this feels sooooo good.", I gasp. I look at his face and see the tourment in his eyes. "Uh oh Danny. Focus! Focus! You are not allowed to come! I will kiss you if you come Danny!", I threaten him. I bounce up and down on his lap faster and faster. He begins to grunt. He's on the verge. I take him in deep and hard and pull against his waist. He looks up at me to see me puckering my lips at him. Suddenly he screams, "Let me come!" I grab his head and stare into his eyes, "NO! Not yet!" Faster and faster then.... He grunts and moans. His head shakes. His back arches. I feel him coming inside. I grab the back of his head with my left hand and take his chin my my right, "Danny this was a game you couldn't win. Just like your countless victims." I move closer to his face. The look of sheer terror in his eyes. He struggles against his bondage, but I hold him firmly in place. I move my black lips closer and closer to his. Inches away now. Black death. The kiss of death. I quickly kiss him and smear his lips. My black poisoness lipstick slides over his lips. I press hard and smear it all over his mouth. He breathes hard and shakes trying to escape me. I push harder and harder. I pull back and quickly stand up. He sit their helpless. My black lipstick all over his mouth. "Now your going to die Danny." I turn to walk away and enter the bathroom. I wipe away the remaining lipstick from my mouth and begin to clean myself up. From the other room I hear the sound of his chair shaking as he breaths harder and harder. I wash up and begin to dress myself. I pull together my torn blouse the best I can. I put all my things in my purse and freshen up in the mirror. I suddenly notice the silence from the other room. I gather my things and step out from the bathroom. Danny sits there bound in his chair. Black lipstick all over his mouth. His eyes strare into oblivion. I open the door to the room and step out into the hallway. I pull the door shut and step down the hall to the elevator. The elevator door open up and I step in. Their in the elevator is a sharp dressed young stud. He stares me up and down as I step inside. He smiles, "Good evening. Lobby?" "Yes please.", I answer politely. "Headed out for some fun tonight?", he asks trying to make conversation. "Had all the fun I can handle for one night. Thanks.", I smile. The elevator doors open to the lobby and he steps out in front of me and turns quickly. "Hey I was just going to go grab a quick drink in the bar. Care to join me?", he asks. "I step out and look at him and smile, "Tonight's your lucky night.... No thanks." He looks at me in wonder and I turn to the door and walk out into the street. "Some other time perhaps......."
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PostSubject: Revenge of the Black Widow   Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:00 am

You thought you were so smart. You thought you were so sly. Living your dual life. Dating my best friend for the past two years. Telling her that you loved her. Promising her the world. A happy home, a diamond ring, all her dreams coming true. But as it turns out you were making that same promise to more than one girl. Your the kinda of guy that will say just about anything to get your way. I'll bet you've talked your way out of a few hairy situations in the past. Well, your not talking your way out of this one.

I stand over your unconscious body as it lies on the hotel bed. Wrists tied securely to the head board with my pantyhose. Legs bound tightly with your own belt. A smear of glittery pink lipstick across your lips. One kiss from my rohypnol laced pink lipstick left you very helpless. I have a surprise for you when you wake up. I take a tissue and wipe away the pink lipstick from your lips. Reaching into my purse I pull out a gold tube of lipstick. I pull off the cap and twist the base of the tube. Slowly a deep red shade rotates into view. The deepest, most seductive red shade of lipstick anyone man would die to have grace his lips. Using my compact I slide the lipstick back and forth over my lower lip and then paint a perfect cupids bow across the top. Coat after coat leaving my lips a glossy blood red color. I climb onto the bed as you lay there helpless. Unknowing of what fate I have in store for you. Straddling you I lean down close to your face. My deep red lipstick covered lips inches from your pale lips. But no. I have something else in mind. I lean down and slowly press my lips against your bare chest. Pulling away it reveals a perfect red kiss print above your nipple. I move up to the base of your neck and leave another. Another. My long black hair drapes across your chest and you begin to stir. "Lay still my dear. I'm just getting warmed up." Your eyes slightly open and you gaze up at me in your drugged state. I apply more lipstick and continue leaving my marks across your chest and stomach. Down your thighs and legs. Your calfs and feet. Perfect deep red kiss prints. Inches away from each other they begin to slowly cover your whole body. You begin to stir again. Your eyes rolling back and forth from up in your head. Slowly you are coming out of it. "Well hello handsome. I bet you have one hell of a head ache. " You try to respond but you can't. Your just barely able to keep me in focus. "I hear you've been dumped. Leslie found out about your little affair you've been having with your receptionist. The tissues in your glove compartment from where you've been wiping the lipstick off before you go see her. Damn lipstick. Always getting guys in trouble." I reach for my compact and twist up the crimson color again. "What do you think of this color? I made it myself." I glide it across my lips reloading for what I have planned next. "Now you just lay there and enjoy this." I lean down to the tip of your cock and slowly let it part my lips. I slide my mouth down your shaft fully taking you in. Pulling you back out your cock has a deep red smear on it. "That's not nearly enough." Another long application of my lipstick and I take you in again. Fighting the drugs you begin to squirm. I hold you firmly in place and continue sliding my red wet lips up and down your cock. You begin to twist and shake. Pulling you back out your cock is now stained a shiney crimson color. "Bet you thought I was going to make you come. Nope. I'm the only one having fun tonight." I stand up and look at you as you fight to regain consciousness. "Honey you are a mess. You are almost completely covered in red lipstick. Consider this my present to you. I mean you obviously love lipstick. Your glove compartment was full of tissues used to wipe it off before you would go see Leslie. It wasn't her shade. Whose was it? " You begin to try and put words together. Any kind of lie to get you out of this. "Save your breath honey. It will be a while before you have anything to say. So let me do the talking." I pull the lipstick close to my lips and begin to glide it on slowly in front of you. "I told you I made this lipstick myself. It's very special lipstick. I have several special colors. The pink lipstick I kissed you with when we came up here was laced with a high dose of rohypnol. One kiss and you were down for the count. Pretty impressive huh? But this red lipstick I am especially proud of. It lasts longer than anything out there on the market. I can eat, drink, kiss, make out, and it doesn't come off. Provided I let it set for about ten minutes. After ten minutes it will only come off with the special remover formula I created. Too bad I didn't let it set before I left all these kiss marks on you. And woops, looks like I've been at this for an hour or so. Let's test it." I take your shirt from the floor and begin to rub it across your chest. Your white shirt remains perfectly white as I scrub at the permanent kiss prints. "You see it's kind of like a tattoo. Uh oh. Yep, it's not coming off. You see I thought the next time you try and get it on with a girl and she sees all this, it will act as a warning for her to stay away. Especially from that!" I point at your red lipstick stained cock. "Yeah, I don't think any girls will want to play with that!" I begin to pick up my things and get them together. I disappear from your sight into the bathroom to go get dressed. You can feel your eyes begining to focus better. Your head clears a little from the haze. You lift your head from the pillow and see hundreds of red kiss prints over your entire body. Your head aches and drops back on to the pillow. I enter the room and sit on the side of your bed. My lips glistening a glittery pink. Now here's how this works. I'm going to knock you out again and when you wake up you'll be wearing this." I pull a silver tube of lipstick from my purse and pull off the cap. As I twist the tube a shiney black lipstick rotates into view. "This is called my kiss of death lisptick. It contains a powerful neurotoxin that when left on the lips slowly absorbs through the skin and paralizes every system in your body until you die a slow painful death. It works really good so listen carefully." You begin to twist and pull away. You test your bonds but they are unforgiving. "Hey, listen to me!" I move the black color close to your lips. "Listen to me or I'll give you the kiss of death right now!" I take your chin and move it closer to your lips. Helpless you freeze in terror. "That's better." I set the lipstick on the nightstand. "When you wake up you'll be wearing the black lipstick. It also is permanent but will come off and be harmless if you get the antivenom in time. You have 3 hours to get to the train station down town and use this key to open the locker with this number on it. Inside the locker will be a vial of antivenom. Just enough to remove the permanent black lipstick and save your life. These red kiss prints are yours to keep. But you might here from me from time to time when I need a little extra cash. I may sell you a small vial to remove a few kiss prints from time to time if your a good boy. This in non-negotiable and if you ever piss me off or try to find me I will kill you. Do you understand?" You utter a whisper, "Yes..." I lean down slowly to your face. My glistenting pink lips inches form your lips. You try to pull away but there is no way to escape. I hold you chin firmly in my grip. "let's seal this deal with a kiss...." I press my wet, pink, glittery lips against your lips. Sliding my lips back and forth against yours. The room begins to spin. Your muscles relax. Your eyes grow heavy. Your body fights but is no match. Your eyes close and slip into darkness wondering.........
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PostSubject: Re: The black widow   Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:16 pm

First off: Welcome! Always appreciate the contributions and you definitely delivered, so please accept my gratitude.

The character of Black Widow intrigues me, and I'm curious to know if she has a few more interesting cosmetics in that bag of hers. I was a little disappointed that she kept saying she had a wide variety of lipstick types but only used the 3 (or 4 if you count the permanent red one from the last story) throughout all the stories. The scene where she traps the PI in her web was nicely done and the final story in second person was without a doubt my favorite.

I hope you continue to post more stories, I really enjoyed these.
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PostSubject: Re: The black widow   Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:24 am

wow i cant believe i actually finished reading the whole thing, its pretty decent, but a bit repettitive, anyways thnx for posting.

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PostSubject: Re: The black widow   

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The black widow
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