A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 My crack at this

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PostSubject: My crack at this   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:09 am

Ok, I have to say that my favorite part of this forum is the "live" action, involving movie scenes or clips of kiss effects, and frankly, they don't get enough credit or attention, so this is my contribution that I hope will inspire others to add more live action to the forum.

     It was much hotter than usual riding on this blasted bus to who-knows-where. I'd ask the driver, an old, beat up little Chinese man named Yan to crank the AC, but he often liked to cause us great discomfort 'cause most of us were criminals. Personally, I couldn't blame the guy. He was 4'11, had no sexual relationships (told us numerous time while drunk) and generally had a bad life. But in a way, he was perfect at his job. Never caved-in to bribes, threats, or blackmail once. He drove wherever his passengers needed to be dropped off, end of story. Since I'm the only person in the world where the ultimate treasure lies, I guess it isn't bad he's so uptight. It's the one place I could doze off. I stared out my window at the sand and dreamed of the money, the babes I'd have when I got out of here.......

   I woke with a start, my vision blurry. Was I dreaming still? The bus was going very slowly, which was suspicious, and when I glanced out my window, I noticed a women on the side of the road in a bikini, her large chest visibly covered in beads of sweat. She noticed me staring, gave a little wave, and blew a kiss. I couldn't see anything, but an incredible sensation filled me up, made me feel slightly horny.
 "I must be dreaming," I said out loud, mostly for my own sake. Suddenly the whole bus groaned, and then pulled to a stop! I knew it was real. Yan would never stop driving, and..the doors burst open, and a short, glittered eyed asian girl walked up the stairs. Impossibly, she had an even bigger bust than the first girl I saw. All of the men on the bus had a kinda glare in his eye, as though each wanted her for herself. So ridiculous, she was obviously here for me! She turned around, and everyone looked at her behind appreciatively. In her skin-tight leopard pattern bikini, she strode up to Yan, and sat down on his lap.
"Mhmmm, you look good enough to eat, hun."
Yan looked both shocked and happy, as though he always wanted this to happen, just never thought it would happen.
"I..I....you're so beautiful!"
The girl giggled and hugged her body closer to him. "Well, thanks, but really it's not me, it's this drink I've been having, and now I feel so great! It's so wonderful, everyone should feel my joy." She leaned in and whispered  
something. Yan began to protest, but she was having no part of it. She kissed him, softy at first, then started to look as though she was ENJOYING the kiss, starting moaning,and kissed with renewed passion. I was hypnotized. I barely noticed other women, all in the same skimpy outfits, strut down the aisle and land in the lap of each inmate. I looked up, and there was the women who blew mean kiss! Although I stand by my assessment that she had slightly smaller breasts, she was seriously hot. Her face had a small, sly smile. She had chocolate brown hair, and bright green eyes as though she had contacts on , while her body was slim and smooth. Unlike the rest of her companions, her bikini design was a swirling cloud of blue and yellow. I stared at her gorgeous form, and realized I had a bulge. I blushed, but she seemed overjoyed. 
"Oooh, I'm going to enjoy this."
She sat herself down on my lap, and starting massaging gently.
"You know what I want, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun while were at it."
The thought of my treasure made me come back to reality. I studied my surroundings, and just seemed to register all of these babes on the bus, making out with the all the inmates and Yan the bus driver. I knew then it was my secrets they were after. 
"Sorry, not interested. You're a whore."
She snarled, but before I could get up fully, she put both hands on my cheeks and started to kiss me on lips lips. Inbegan to pull away, but she sucked with a gentle determination, and I found myself intoxicated. I wanted more. I put both oft hands on her well-crafted behind and started feeling it up and down. Not to be outdone, she brought here hands down to my jeans and began to explore. As good as the experience felt, I brought myself back to that treasure, clung to it like a northern star. 
"NO!" I screamed. The woman kissed harder but it wasn't quite enough. I began to get up. I was going to make it! Suddenly I felt the light brush on both of my cheeks as two more applied their power, then a third on my forehead and more on my chest and neck. Nooo! I cursed violently inwards, but on the outside, I begged for more as I was subdued into unconsciousness by the strange and beautiful women.....
  I awoke with a light shining in my eyes. I was strapped to a chair, unable to move anything but my head. I looked around, and saw nothing but blank walls. I did, however, year footsteps. 
"Who's there?" I called out, my voice cracking near the end. My eyes adjusted and I peered uncertainly at my captor
"Yan?" I called out hoarsely

So there. My writing style is long and can be messy, but it's late and good enough for me. If you guys like what I wrote, a sequel , the interrogation, might be in order
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PostSubject: Re: My crack at this   Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:16 am

You have to write a sequel seriously great
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PostSubject: Re: My crack at this   Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:16 am

Okay, I'm interested.
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PostSubject: Re: My crack at this   Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:40 am

(ding) Idea. As much as I love this sort of attraction, it IS sort of cliche, so I
I might try in my next one to
A: make it a wee bit shorter and
B: include something more creative then the usual blowing kiss and enchainment/knock-out
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PostSubject: Re: My crack at this   Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:53 am

That was interesting, at least... And I'm glad it wasn't just "Helpless at the hands of some cute girl". I'm glad there was an attempt to resist.

On another note, I'd have to agree that more normal sized breasts would look better than too big.
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PostSubject: Re: My crack at this   

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My crack at this
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