A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Imagination idea

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PostSubject: Imagination idea   Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:44 am

Random idea Time (skip to paragraph 4 if impatient) **bolded part if beyond that Razz

Alright, so this at the request of another. The concept is simple. Design a plot, pre and post setting, and abilities around a standstill picture.

When first given this idea, I thought it would be extremely hard and have a very lousy storyline. When first given the picture, I went even further to think it would be my worst assignment yet.

That all changed as I started writing. So without further ado, enjoy my 2nd piece of writing posted on this forum, Upon her lips!

Picture given:


(Says forbidden every other time I try to copy a url, just use this for now)

The good part:

OK, so most people know about Avatar: the last Airbender. If you don't, here's what you need to know.

There are 4 elements that can be "bended" to a user's will; these elements are earth, wind, fire, and water. The taller brunette ( Name: Katara ) is a water bender. The shorter, black haired girl ( Name: Toph ) is an earth bender. Other characters include Aang, an Earth bender, and Sokka, a water tribe warrior, but they are only there for the story aspect Smile

The picture alone is decent, with some arousing aspects, but it is the imagination that can really run wild on something like this. And that's where the story begins....

Another beautiful, sunny day in the Earth kingdom, thought Katara. She should have been ecstatic. But somehow, she wasn't. Travelling to the four kingdoms on a magical flying bison, saving the world with three of her closest friends and family was awesome. Growing up in the Southern water tribe as a little girl, it had been everything she had ever wanted. She should have been ecstatic. But somehow, still, she wasn't.
Gazing out at the aqua blue sea, she realised why. When she was younger, relationships with stangers was friendly at best. Now, she yearned for more, with someone she spent a lot of time with. Someone in the group.
Out of her three friends, her brother, Sokka, was out of the question. Even if she wasnt related, she still wouldn't be interested. He was a clumsy idiot in the best of times, with zero attractive value. No, he wouldn't do. That left Toph and Aang. Aang should have been the obvious choice, being the male. Yet somehow, he managed to look even more feminine then her best friend, Toph. Also, when it came to bending, Katara was sure that Toph could to a lot better sexually with some Eath bending than Aang could ever muster as an air bender.
Sure, he would eventually master the four elements, but that would take time. Katara was horny now, and she didn't know how much longer she could hold out.
"Hey Katara, check this out!" Aang wooped as he balanced four pens on top of each other.
"Isn't it the most amazing thing you've ever seen?"
"It's great, Aang," Katara replied distractedly. That, she thought sourly, was what turned her off about Aang. His boyishness.
"How long until we stop? I'm really hungry" she lied.
"Yeah," Toph agreed. "Food".
"Alright," Aang said. "We'll set down on that island over there


A short while later, Oppa, Aang's flying bison, set them down on a small, remote tropical island. The place was a wonder. From the air, Katara could see many caves and waterfalls lining a large cliff to the north, and a large lush forest to the south. When they set down, the group split into pairs to find food. Surprisingly, Toph immedialy claimed her as a partner and raced toward the northern end of the island.Katara shrugged it off as a want to find food faster (she was the best gatherer) and followed Toph towards the cliff.

When reaching the cliff, Toph told Katara to investigate the cave for food while she looked outside. Toph argued that there were little open areas that could only be accessed by the caves. And so she went inside to look for something edible.
As it went, finding one of those little open areas was easy enough. The particular one she found was gorgeous, with a waterfall pouring into a small pool. A light breeze blew over the water and onto the shoreline, where long green grass spouted from the ground.
It would be a great place to make out, she thought.
"Hey Katara" a voice rang out pleasantly behind her.
Katara screamed and whirled around to see a completely naked Toph smiling up at her. Despite the the fact that Toph wasn't very pretty, she still had a nice body, with ample breasts and a curvy waistline. Her smile was getting wider and wider.

(For the impatient, the important part)

"So.....wanna do it?" Toph asked, inching closer.
Katara's mind raced. " WHAT?!?" she asked. She tried to back up, but the pool was right behind her.
"You heard me. I know how you look around, staring at Aang to have sex with you. Fortunately for me, he's a fool. I won't make that same mistake." She came within arm's length and ripped Katara's shirt, revealing a volptumous pair of breasts perfectly smooth. They bounced up and down, causing Toph's hold to slip. Katara fell back into the pool, receiving a mouthful of water
She wanted to have an affair so badly, and Toph was taking advantage of the fact. It wasn't that Toph was a girl that scared Katara, it wad the fact that Toph had come on so strongly.
I'm going to get raped, Katara thought. Even now, Toph was wading in after her, displaying the grin of a psychopath. I have to escape.
Mustering all of her strength, she bended the water into a wave and pushed the mini tsunami towards Toph. Before she could react, however, Toph kissed her full on the lips for a full 3 seconds. Afterwords, the other girl was thrown several feet into the bushes. Katara wasted no time escaping, running towards the cave exit. Behind her, Toph boomed a sinister laugh.
"Your not getting away that easy, Katara."
Katara heard Toph, but didn't care at this point. Fear clouded her mind. Her mind acted on its own, carrying her feet through the cave. Rounding the final corner, she almost sprinted into a dead end.
"No," she cried, "This isn't fair!"
Toph was using her bending powers to trap Katara. And being away from water, she was helpless to stop Toph and her sexual lust.
Katara turned around a second time to have Toph appear behind her. This time, Toph didn't waste her oppertunity. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Katara. Her lips were full, and still soft from the water. The other girls toungue pushed deep inside of her mouth, filled with another taste. Before Katara could place it, Toph suprised Katara again, breaking off the kiss and melting into the ground. Her body felt strange, but she still had a gut feeling to get out of this cave. She raced around, running into dead end after dead end, trying to find away out of the now turned labyrinth. Toph popped up three times within a short while after the first kiss. The first time, she kissed Katara upside down from the ceiling, feeling her breast while moaning softly.
The next time Katara was running along when her feet got trapped in some type of sticky sand. It covered all of her body minus her head, turning and rubbing with great force against her body. The stuff past all pieces of clothing and worked its magic, while Toph supplied another kiss, this time simply pushing her lips against her own and holding it until the sand covered every inch of her body.
Shortly after, she was released, only to run into another trap. This time vines snared her into the air, where they preceeded to follow the sands example. Two thick, slimy vines coiled and curled around her boobs, while smaller vines went inside every hole on Katara's tiring body. The vines left her mouth alone, to which Toph pushed more mystery substance down her throat. By now, she was borderline crazy, both from the substance and the pleasure. A final time, she was released, to which continually confused Katara. Why let the person go when you had them on the ropes? Still, she didn't care as she ran away from the vines. The fluid pushed into her stomach by Toph wasn't affecting her judgment, and while it drove her slightly insane, she could still think. Once she escaped, she could cleanse herself of whatever it was.
So lost in thought, she didn't notice the light until she was almost outside. She stared in amazement, crying.
She was free! She was so happy, she threw off her now shredded clothing and dove into the pool outside. It was good to feel whole again. But while swimming around, she realised she was still horny. That's when she realized another thing; she was back at thhe waterfall. She still wasn't outside, wasn't even close! She looked over to see Toph smirking, standing idly in the pool.
"OK Toph, you win. If I have to go on one more little adventure inside the cave with the moving walls, I'll lose my mind. Let's make a deal."
Toph grinned. "What kind of deal?" she asked, feigning innocence.
"I'll kiss you once, but then were done. No more games, we go back to Oppa."
Toph seemed to mull over it, as if thinking. Finally, she said "Suits me"
Katara pulled Toph in and kissed her hard, pushing with all her might. She gently massaged Toph's breast with one hand, gently rubbing the underside, while her other hand held Toph's cheek. One tougue met the other, and together they pushed back and forth, pulling and prodding. Katara's throat was overflowing with the strange fluid now.
Enough, thought Katara. But when she went to pull away, her body betrayed her, pulling Toph closer to her smooth naked form.
I've been drugged! Katara thought. But it did her no good as the two went back and forth for hours to come.


After Toph and Katara had finally had enough, Toph drained the fluid from Katara's system. Together, the two walked gingerly back towards Oppa, sore from the past few hours. Walking through the cave, Katara expected the walk to take forever, remembering the long and twisting passages. Instead, she found only the short, straight path she took when she had first arrived. Curious, she asked Toph.
"Oh," said Toph. "I never bended the walls. That's too much work. You just hallucinated and ran back and forth between the two walls. It really wasn't hard."


Well, thanks for reading, sorry about the length. Personally, I like actually writing a story rather than just a scene. Let me know what you think about my concept of combining picture and writing

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Imagination idea
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