A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 That Night (MGE fic)

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PostSubject: That Night (MGE fic)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:45 am

“That’s good, your swordsman skills are improving. Let’s take a break.” She spoke to me as I wiped the sweat from my brow.

“Thank you miss Jessica…” I meekly grinned to the woman who praised me as we went towards a bench where we kept our lunch ready. It was a cool autumn day, and the winds were not strong, a perfect day for this squire to train under the knight whom he adored.

As we both sat down to begin our meal, Jessica looked at me with that sweet smile that had captured my heart since that day I first met her. This land used to be a war torn hell, but after a major victory years ago, the land had finally become peaceful once again. I lost my family some time ago, was taken in by this female knight, and made into her squire. It was almost a shame for a woman with her grace and beauty to be one who wields a sword, but then I guess it just added to her charm. She was not just strong, but gentle and kind, like a Valkyrie who came from the heavens just to grace our lands with her presence. I was so young... I never even fathomed such a woman would exist.

“I do want to commend you on your hard work.” As she spoke it was almost like a muse was speaking to me. “But remember you must never wield your blade against anyone who can’t or won’t fight back. Another war will break out and we need our warriors to be pure and true, otherwise we will never be much more than simple beasts.” I shyly nodded to her. That was the general philosophy of hers and why she chose to wield her blade for this land. The king here was a just ruler who never sought war. But since this land is so prosperous, war happens to just come anyway. While the king tried to be peaceful to all he deals with, even he was no fool. Our armies are incredibly well trained under the seven knights of this land, Jessica being one of those knights. All ages and genders were welcome to join but only if they were able to pass the judgment of said knights. They would only accept those who would pick up the sword in the name of justice and honor, those who would protect the weak, and never use it as a tool of destruction. While each knight had his or her own way of thinking, all of them agreed to those basic premises. I was lucky enough to be allowed the privilege to join despite what happened to me…

“Well, get yourself enough water to keep you going, we have still got a few hours of training left before we retire for the day.” I take one final gulp, trying to not over do the amount I take in, and gripped my training sword standing before the woman who was to train me to become a noble swordsman. “For now it’s time to apply everything I taught you. If you can hit me…” she winked “…I will give you a reward.” My face blushes as all kinds of assumptions race into my mind. She wants me to concentrate, yet she teases me with that? Though, it made me happy because it meant we grew closer and closer.

Before I knew it she raced at me with her training sword, and I quickly parried her attack. “Rahhh!” I swung my wooden weapon in an attempted counter attack, but before I knew what had happened she skillfully used her blade to seemingly twist my weapon from my grip. As my weapon fell from my hands, she immediately brought the tip of her wooden sword to my throat. I could not help but get excited being beaten by her. Maybe it was because I knew she would never harm me, but being inferior to her didn’t make me feel ashamed.

“You must work on your offense. All force and no skill will only get your blood spilled. You must mix ferocity with technique if you are to become my successor.” I hung my head a little at her words. While it was true I did not mind being inferior to her, I still wanted to make her proud of me. Make her feel that these past years we spent training was not a waste. Just the promise of that reward…clouded my mind some. I picked up my blade and readied it once again, this time feeling more determined.

She nodded at my resolve and came at me once again, though this time instead of attacking she attempted to move and catch my blind spot. “This trick again?” This was her trademark, a swift movement that allowed her to deliver a killing blow before her opponent knew what had happened. She was known as the Lightning Queen for a reason. Without realizing it, I found my blade clashing with hers as I blocked her weapon and immediately counter attacked. This time instead of attacking I feinted and while she tried the same disarming skill I was able to switch momentum and strike her in the leg.

As she winced at the pain, I dropped my sword in disbelief. Never since we trained had I ever been able to counter that attack. In all respect it was a watered down version of her true skill, but still. On top of that I also struck her for the first time, another first for me. In my joy, she soon came behind me and put me in a lock, placing the wooden weapon to my throat. She whispered sweetly into my ear “One should never let his guard down ‘til the fight is finished, my dear squire.” I could feel the excitement rise in me, while I fought back my urges, trying not to bring shame to myself. “Still you did well; you finally overcame that move and even struck me. I am very proud of you.” With that she pecked me on the cheek and let go.

I stood there stunned for a moment trying to grasp what just happened. She…she kissed me. The woman of my dreams, even though it was just a peck, even though it was just on the cheek, she… As I turned ever so sheepishly, my face as red as the leaves on the autumn trees, I saw her blushing a little. “You came a long way today, maybe I should offer you more rewards in the future to help motivate you.” My heart skipped a beat at her words…more rewards? I felt at that moment I could die happy, that if god himself decided it was time for me to go that I would be in so much of a blissful state that I would not argue. Especially if it was this Valkyrie who took me to heaven herself.

“Well I guess that’s enough for today, let’s go back to town.” I nodded as I followed


The town was busy as usual; lots of people from tavern owners, to bankers, blacksmiths, and many more were doing their daily work. The town was bustling with men, children, a few women…and the monsters, females who have no male counterpart so they marry men in order to find love and reproduce. Most men have no qualms with marrying a monster as many were quite lovely and exotic. The ones here were use to living with a human populous and were pretty much one with society; I on the other hand could never get comfortable around them…not since that day.

Many waved to Jessica and me as we walked along the streets. She was very popular, with her beauty and kindness as well as her strength; she was on par with all the monsters in terms of appeal. It was odd to live with such a woman, but our meeting was not a pleasant one… it all happened three years ago.

I use to live in a small village with my mother and father. Only ten at the time, life was simple. My father was teaching me how to be a carpenter so I would have a worthy trade when I grew up. My mother loving and caring, our family was happy and content. All until that day arrived and we were invaded by a tribal group of succubi. Like most of their kind, they were alluring, but unlike those who used seduction and magic to entice men, these women were powerful warriors who simply took men. Their beauty was only matched by their sheer power and lust, as they started to pluck men, women, and children from their homes.

Mom quickly hid me away as soon as she heard the screaming. “Stay here. Do not move no matter what, ok? You’ll be safe, your father purposely made this hiding spot nearly impossible to find for those who do not know about it. So you will be safe.” As she put me in the cramped hiding spot, I could hear a group of those monsters come in.

“Oh my, my.” One of them spoke and it sent chills down my spine. “What do we have here? A couple it seems?” The other laughed to herself. “It appears this man is taken…no matter you and your wife will still make excellent additions to our tribe, especially after we convert this lovely woman of yours.” To this day I never knew what they meant by converting my mom, but I could not help but gulp at the thought of what they would do.

“Jarred!!!!!!” My mom screamed as I heard a loud thud. “Stupid man trying to resist, don’t worry he is not dead. After he awakes, you two will be together as new members of our tribe. But I do wonder, if there is a couple, maybe little ones are hiding somewhere hmmm?” My heart stopped and I could feel sweat pour down my body. “No.” My mother gasped “Our son died many years ago from a disease. We never had another child.” Snickering, the monster responds. “If that is so, you do have my condolences. But I can’t help but have this itchy feeling you are not exactly truthful.”
I could hear things being thrown around as if they were looking under and behind objects. Soon one of them spoke out loud. “Come out little one, we won’t hurt you. If you come back to our village you will not find it to be such a bad place. We can protect you, watch over you, and you can be with your family…your mom may seem a little different, but you all can live together peacefully with us. But if you don’t come out, you may never see them again.” Never being able to see my parents again, I could not bear the thought. At the same time though, I could not seem to open the door to expose myself. I was too afraid, almost frozen in place. I kept thinking of what they possibly did to my dad, what they were planning to do to my mom. As much as I wanted to go out and hug her, cry into her dress, feel her pat my head and tell me everything was going to be ok, I couldn’t.

“Well it appears you may not have been lying miss. I am truly sorry.” There seemed to be a hint of sincerity to those words; if they were not doing such horrible things, at the moment one could assume they were actually caring creatures. “Still once we are done with you, it will not matter and you and your husband will continue to live on with happier lives. Be grateful.” I soon heard them leave with my mom screaming and pleading. All I could do was sit there and feel sick. Although there was nothing I could do, I felt I had abandoned my family forever; never hearing my dad praise me for my craftsmanship, never being able to hug my mom ever again. It was like my whole world was crushed. A part of me wanted to go running to the monsters and beg them to take me along, but that inner fear kept me from moving.

After an hour I finally worked up the courage to leave my hiding spot and started to look around. The house was in shambles, most likely due to them looking for me; I moved around my home with a sinking feeling of what had just transpired. I felt alone, like my life was taken away from me. I did not know what to do, where to go, who I could even confide to. All my family was in this village, from my aunts and uncles, to my cousins. Now all of them were gone and only I remained.

I wandered outside, dropped down to a fetal position and cried. I cried and cried, gasping for air in the process. In my moment of grief I heard a voice behind me, “Oh what do we have here?” Before I could turn some one grabbed both my hands and lifted me into the air. It was one of those monsters. They were still here? How long did they plan to linger? But now I guess it didn’t matter, I was caught and my chances of escaping were very slim.

I looked up at my captor and was almost shocked at her beauty. Despite the rough attitude I heard before, I never would imagine such a sight. Her skin was tan and her hair was an exotic shade of light purple. She was covered with what appeared to be tribal tattoos and very revealing garb. What was also astonishing was her size. While not what you would call a giant, she still towered anyone I ever knew. She easily gripped both my arms with one hand while she had a giant club in her other.

“Well look at what prize I found crawling out of this dump, and such a cute one.” She dropped her club on the ground and began to stroke my hair. “A bit young it seems, maybe give you another 2 or 3 years, but I bet you would make a fine mate. Heck we could hold a special tournament to see who gets the rights to have and take your purity, or I could simply claim you as mine right now and start violating you soon.” Her tongue licked across her lips, as her eyes looked into mine. Almost like a predator staring its prey in the eye before finishing it off.

I could not speak…, I could not move, all I could do was look at this woman…this monster and realize my fate has been sealed. Whatever fate that was to come at the time my young mind could not comprehend, all I could do was expect the worse. “Someone…h-help me please.” I finally muttered with my meek, scared voice. “Help you? Your poor child, let me do something to help ease your fear.” The hand she stroked my hair with soon came under my chin as she slowly inched my face towards her. Her mouth opened as she crept closer and closer. I could hear her mutter something very faint. “Let me show you the pleasure we can bring.”
As I closed my eyes, scared of what was going to happen, I heard her grunt. When I opened my eyes, the monster had a lifeless look to her as she dropped to the ground, I plummeting as well. I hit the ground with a loud thud before taking a quick look around. The succubus laid dead with a large wound that pierced her chest. “Wha wha wha?” I muttered to myself. “Are…you alright little one?” The voice who spoke to me was different, it was gentle and kind.
When I turned to the voice my eyes widened at the vision of beauty that stood before me. At first I thought she was just another monster. Her hair was a beautiful red and her skin was not pale, but had a wondrous shade of white. She dressed in a type of armor that seemed to allow both good protection and maneuverability, with the front of the armor bearing a symbol of some sort of Griffon with a dragon flying over it. In her left hand was a sword with blood dripping off it.

“Jessica, we were able to drive the rest off. There were only a few, maybe a party looking for anything of value.” The woman nodded to the man as she approached the body of the monster she killed. “I see you brought one down. Not surprising with your skill.” She stared at the body with a solemn look on her face. “I did not want to, but…” She eyed me with a look of pity on her face. “Oh my.” The man exclaimed. “Someone who was not captured it seems.”
I soon got up, nervous but grateful as I bowed my head in thanks. “What is your name little boy?” The man asked me, but I was too nervous to answer. “He’s still recovering from what happened, leave him be.” The woman spoke up as she approached him. I could not help but have a dazed look every time I see her. “So what do we do about him? Our kingdom has no place for orphans.” When the man called me an orphan, I almost broke into tears and finally spoke. “Are my mom and dad….de-dead?” The woman eyed the man angrily before placing her hand on my shoulder. “I…how can I explain.” The man shook his head and mumbled. “Best he thinks they are dead, his mom will soon become one of them and his dad will eventually become nothing like he was before as well.”
The woman covered my ears from his bantering as she scolded him before turning back to me.

“Maybe he should come live with me?” The man turned to her with a shocked look on his face.

“What was that? You can’t be serious.”

The woman smiled at me. “Well we can hardly leave him out here. If those Amazons don’t come back for him, another monster might grab him, maybe one even worse.”

For the first two years she was very motherly and taught me how to cook, and clean. I showed her what I could do with carpentry and was good enough to fix minor problems around her house. When I turned twelve, she was promoted to knighthood; I was offered the chance to become her squire. Despite my tragic experience I was deemed worthy to train under her and now here we were 3 years since meeting and 1 year since I became her squire. Soon I found myself having feelings for her other then as a mother figure, but knowing no way to express them. With her being eight years my senior, there was no way she saw me as anything more then simply her squire. But for now that is all I needed, all I cared about

I awoke from my sleep to the sound of Jessica packing. “What are you doing Miss Jessica?” I wiped the drowsiness from my eyes. It was still dark, but mostly because of the time of year. It could possibly be that I slept late, which left me kind of embarrassed. Normally I was the first of us two to wake up, anxious to start training.

“I am getting ready to go on a trip my dear squire. Care to help me pack?” I hopped out of my hammock and began to hurriedly pack essential things that one would need for a trip. Dried rations, filled water skins, and many others while trying to help keep it light.
“Where are you going? Is it that training you do every year?” Jessica had a special training regimen where she would travel to the mountains and live in solitary for a month, honing her skills and living off the land. The first year I lived with her she didn’t do it because she wanted to make sure I was well settled in. She did the past year right before I started my training and it was quite lonely in this house without her.

“Yes, I feel I should go ahead and do some intense training before the winter hits. I figure best to start now before it becomes to cold to survive in that area.” My eyes widened with an almost puppy dog look, begging her to take me along. She stared back, almost expecting me to react in that fashion, and gave a huge sigh. “It’s very dangerous up there you know, especially for someone such as yourself, with all the monsters lurking around.”

She was right; with the exception of a few most monsters normally leave women alone because they are of no use to them. I on the other hand was at that age where I would be a prime target for many of them, a boy who just reached puberty. Still my eyes insisted and as a means of playing around I even started making little whining sounds, like a dog wanting to be taken on a walk. “What am I to do about my training without your guidance? Even if there are monsters surely it can only be a good experience for me and…”

“Fine you made your point.” Speaking reluctantly, clasping her forehead. “It is my duty as your trainer to make sure you are capable enough to face the dangers when you finally become a knight.”

In joyous skip, I begin to pack my things before a thought crossed my mind that made me blush. Jessica and I were going to be on a mountain with just the two of us, no one else for miles. I gulped as I continue packing, before getting to my hammock. “Um Miss Jessica, will you need a hammock as well?”

“I do not require a hammock, but you should definitely bring yours.” Still trying to pack her things, contemplating on what to bring, I look back at my hammock and shook my head. If she was to sleep on the ground then so will I, though if I told her she would most certainly insist on me bringing it for my comfort. If I was to become a great knight such as her, then I would need to do everything she does.

After we gathered our things, the sun was just starting to rise and began to head out on the trek towards the mountains. We both packed lightly, planning on living off the land during our stay in the mountains themselves. “How long is it until we reach our destination?”

She shrugged “It normally takes three days so long as we keep at a good pace and make few stops.”

I nodded back “I promise not to slow you down.” I gave a big grin and she returned it. Since I lived with Jessica, I never came further out than the outskirts where we did our training; I was very excited to be going on this new adventure. We stuck to main roads since it was not only the safest, but also the most precise path to get where we needed to go. Along the way we met many types of people, as well as monsters. Most of the monsters we ran into were the civil kind that often co-exists with humans. Most have already found men to become their mates and others, though eyeing me as we passed, saw Jessica and me together and probably assumed we were a couple and kept their distance. Occasionally we would run into one of the more feral monsters, but even then they did not approach when they saw us armed.

After the first day’s dusk, we came to an inn and rested for the night. “We are making real good pace, at this rate we will reach our destination right before the sun goes down.” I was happy to hear that I wasn’t slowing her down at all, and after a good night’s rest we continued on. I absorbed my surroundings while trying to keep pace with Jessica, relishing in all the new wonders I saw.

After another stop for the night, we continued the final day of our journey. While I could have seen the mountains from where we lived, they seemed so much bigger now that we were this close. Jessica stopped on the road side and began to look around. “I believe this is where we leave the main road and start heading up the mountain.” Turning to me she grasped her hand on my shoulder and gave one of the most serious looks I have seen from her in recent years. “Listen this is where things will start to get dangerous. Up this mountain there are werecreatures, goblins, and many others types of monsters that will come at you without hesitation. Stick with me and we both should not have a problem fending them off. If things get too hairy we will run for it, but this is where your might as a warrior will be tested. At best we simply want to drive them off; most will not choose death over not having you. But if it comes down to killing or being taken do not hesitate.”

I could hear regret in her voice as I gave a slight nod, keeping my weapon readied as we started up the mountains. Jessica and I were on high alert, making sure nothing catches us off guard. I spotted some harpies who kept their distance and simply observed us. Their mating season was in spring; at least that’s what I’ve been told, so I did not have much to worry about from them. We saw a pack of werewolves but they paid us no mind, it seems they were more concerned on gathering food for the coming winter than picking a fight. Jessica seemed to relax, but still kept a close eye out. “Don’t let the few we ran into fool you, some monsters simply have too much lust to just sit back and watch.”

Her words were very ominous, but despite them, we made it to our destination. “A-a cabin?” I looked at the wooden structure that was before me in disbelief. For some reason I thought the both of us would be camping out under the stars.

“A course, it’s much too dangerous to sleep out in the open, even for a woman.” She brought out a key and unlocked the door. The inside was very basic, a bed and pretty much nothing else. I began to unpack my things and take off my armor. Jessica looked towards me and asked, “It’s getting late, best we retire for the night. I’ll help you set up your hammock.”

I looked back at her blushing. “I assumed you were going to be sleeping on the ground, so I... but that’s fine I can make a makeshift bed with the extra clothes I brought.”

Shaking her head and sighing she looked back at the bed in the corner. “No while training you need to get a good nights rest. The bed is not small so it shouldn’t be a problem.”
It took a few moments for it to sink in what she was saying.

“Wait what? No we don’t have to; it was my fault I should take responsibility for my ignorance.” Sharing a bed with Jessica, the tension itself was enough to keep me up all night. But she insisted.

“No, sleeping on the floor will be bad on your back, and the training we will be doing is going to be intense. It’s fine for now, besides we can help keep each other warm in this cold mountainous terrain.” My face must have looked like a cherry when she finished with that sentence. I felt my heart pounding, almost like it was going to burst out of my chest. She took her armor off, underneath was a shirt and shorts made of a loose fabric. I rarely saw her in just her underclothes since normally I was the first to go to bed. The sight was astounding. She soon made herself comfortable in the bed leaving a side open for me to crawl in. Lifting the blanket up, she gave a welcoming gesture with her hand. “Best we get as much rest as we can; tomorrow is going to be rough.” I sheepishly climbed into the bed, trying my best to avoid contact with her. Either sensing my nervousness or acting on the coldness that was brought with being on this mountain, she began to cuddle up to me and drifted off to sleep. My nervousness only shot up for a second once in her embrace, but I soon fount my body relaxed. The warmness that radiated from her body gave me a sense of comfort and allowed me to realize how physically and mentally exhausted I was from traveling up the mountain. Sleep came naturally.

I awoke early in the morning while the sun was still down and started to creep out of bed. Jessica was sound asleep, acting on her very precious sleep schedule. In another half hour she would be awake and ready for training; this would give me a chance to have a quick look around before we started. Putting on my armor and keeping my sword with me incase I needed it; I took a step outside and looked around the mountain side. I never had a chance before to admire the landscape. While yesterday I closely examined it, I was too caught up on looking for monsters. Even in the natural cover of night, it was a sight to behold.

While taking it all in, I heard the door of the cabin open behind me with Jessica giving me an irate look before dragging me back inside. “Do not scare me like that! When I woke up and you were not here I feared you had wandered out and got yourself abducted.”
Like a son being scolded by his mother, I looked down in shame. “I’m sorry I did not mean to worry you Miss Jessica, my curiosity got the better of me.” She shook her head and then patted mine, before starting to get dressed into her battle gear. “The sun won’t be up for another hour, and I’d think it would be best if we don’t go out until then, so I’ll take this time to give you a rundown of what to expect during this training session. The idea is to move in harsh terrains while in full battle ready gear. I’m glad to see that you are already well equipped. For today we will start with a trek around this part of the mountain for some endurance. During that we will start with learning how to survive in harsh terrain. Most monsters out during the day will be more focused on gathering food for the winter so, as long as we don’t provoke anyone, we should not have many problems with them. Goblins and orcs are possibly the two we will be dealing the most with, but they are sluggish and not very bright so they can be easily dealt with.”

After what seemed to be eternities of dos and don’ts the sun finally started to rise, my body anxious and ready for the day ahead. Jessica led the way as we began to make a trek around the mountain. The pace was fast and it involved a lot of harsh terrain, things like maneuvering on rocky outcroppings, crossing streams, and trekking through knee high snow.

We almost got into a few conflicts with some goblins. They tried to invite me to 'play' with them. Jessica stepped in front of me and attempted to shoo them away at first, not wanting to seem threatening. A few more popped out with sneers on their faces in an attempt to show force in numbers. This action forced us both to draw our weapons, which lead to a bit of a stand off before the goblins retreated.

“What was the point of that?” Looking to Jessica questionably.

She gave a shrug and sheathed her weapon. “Maybe they didn't want a fight, it's better this way anyways.”

We made it all around the mountain before arriving back to the cabin. It was late in the day when we got back. Jessica and I found some edible fruit and caught a few rabbits to cook. “You did well.” The trip was quite the ordeal but, her compliment made the it all worth the trouble. “I know a good place to gather some fire wood, you should rest some.” I wanted to object and go help her, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that she must have more confidence in my abilities since she was leaving me on my own. ‘Another compliment’ I whispered to myself feeling very proud.

When she left I collapsed on my rear and began to rub my feet. I wanted to take this armor off and relax some, but I did not want to seem weak in front of Jessica. Thinking about how rough today was, while messaging the aches out of my foot, I felt a shadow, which I assumed was a cloud, covering the sun over my head.

“I guess those Goblins were right.” Hearing the voice of a stranger, I lept to my feet and turned around with my blade out. I could not help but feel our luck ran out, as I looked at the towering figure before me. A minotaurus... a monster with incredible strength that even put Amazons to shame. One thing they did share with the warrior succubi was their incredible lust and taking great pleasure in dominating men. “Looks like I need to stop picking on those small fries, especially since they came all the way to my cave to just give me this news.”

Unlike those damn goblins there was no way to goad this monster into running. Over her shoulder was a great axe that was as big as I was, and she seemed to wield it with one hand. Her eyes gave off a gaze of mad lust, not one of a logical thinking creature, but of an insane one with a one track mind. I came at her with my sword, only for her to deflect it with her free hand. “Your lack of experience shows, as expected of one so young.” Raising her axe into the air, she brought it down with such intense force, while I stood there frozen in fear. ‘I’m going to die’ were the thoughts going through my head as I closed my eyes bracing for the impact.

I felt the ground shake; my eyes opened and her weapon was embedded into the ground next to me. “You think I would kill such a fine mate as yourself? Your young body should give me enjoyment for quite some time.” Gripping one of my hands, she raised me into the air. This moment made the past come rushing back to me, except this time I was not staring into the eyes of a predator, but of a mad beast that wasn’t looking to tame me, but break me. “I think I might keep you throughout the winter… well if you last through the winter.” She laughed like a demon that just burned down a village. “But first we will need to test your endurance.”

Dropping me on the ground, the monster mounted me, ripping off my armor like it was regular clothes. “I know you’re tired so I think I might be kind and go slow on you, can’t break my new toy this soon.” Rubbing my bare chest, her hand slowly came to my pants before getting a wad of it into her grip. “Well let’s see what you…”

On her back stood a figure with her blade embedded into the monster. “Jessica!” I exclaimed. Tears filling my eyes as the Valkyrie from heaven once again came to save me. Despite what my pride will feel later, right now I was happier then I had ever been, but when I looked back into the monsters eyes, they were not lifeless. Instead what I saw was the face of rage incarnate. Faster then a blink the beast backhanded Jessica sending her flying back and hitting the ground with a loud thud.

I gasped in fear as the monster had her back turned away from me, with Jessica’s blade sticking out of her back. “You bitch!” Pulling the blade out of her back and throwing it down, she lifted the large ax of hers and slowly approached the injured Jessica. “You should have just stayed back and let what happens happen. After I finish dealing with you, I am going to take your little boy back to my cave and bring him hell before sending him back to you. Oh yes, at first I was going to be rough, real rough, but now I am going to thoroughly enjoy him, holding nothing back. I’ll make sure his cries echo through this mountain.”

Jessica stood weaponless and on shaking legs. The strength of the minotaurus was so powerful that even with her armor on Jessica was still injured. Even though the intense fear still gripped my body, seeing Jessica in danger lit a fire in me I never knew existed. Taking her blade as the monster crept closer and closer to the injured knight, I ran at her with all the might I could muster. Lifting her large axe over her head to give the final blow, I drove my blade deep into her left leg, knowing anywhere else would be meaningless.

The monster let out a howl befitting her kind and gripped me by the head before pushing me away. “You just sit there nice and quiet boy. I can’t have your body getting hurt before I get a chance to have some fun with it.” Leaving the blade where it was she turned back to Jessica, but her movements were sluggish and Jessica was able to distance herself. “Don’t think just because I have this blade stuck in my leg I cannot catch you. I can tell that blow left you in a state where you can hardly move.” The minotaurus, despite the limp, once again closed the gap and continued the assault. “Time to finish this and claim my prize.”

But before she could strike again, I drove another sword into her other leg. My hand this time fully gripped on my sword as I pulled it out and drove it again into her leg, bringing her down to her knees. As she fell, the sword stuck into her leg was forced from my grip and the weakened leg kicked me, knocking me to the ground. Standing up, her legs shaking much like Jessica’s, she started to pace back as I went to help keep Jessica standing.

“You……” Pulling each sword out and breaking them in half with ease she gazed at the both of us. “You will pay for this I swear.” She backed away from us, before turning around and limping away. While we could do very little damage with just our bare hands, there was no way she could continue with both legs badly injured, so it was our victory… for now.

I helped Jessica back to the cabin and placed her on the bed. Her armor was dented in and I knew it must have been hard for her to breathe so I helped her remove it. After we got it off, she took a deep breath, almost gasping for air, before turning towards me. I gave a smile and said “We did it; we drove off such a powerful monster.”

Jessica was not as happy over it. “We were lucky; she wasn’t very bright and forgot all about your sword. If she was smart enough to break either at the start, we would stand no chance.” Laying back, and covering her eyes with her forearm, she let out a long sigh. “Those wounds of hers will heal in only a few days. Lucky for us minotaurus travel alone; she won’t have any comrades with her. None of the other monsters will assist her either; most of her kind are feared so she would not want to appear weak in front of them.”

“We can get new weapons tomorrow; we can come back with help and slay her while she is weak. I know if we catch her off guard…”

“I do not kill unless it’s the only way. We invaded her territory. It’s best we just leave.” I quickly silenced myself after her stern remark, but what she said was odd. Not the fact that she didn’t like unnecessary killing, but she normally would take this time and tell me that I shouldn’t kill unless it’s the only way.

After an hour of silence, both of us tending to our wounds, though Jessica’s were much more severe, I finally mustered the courage to ask. “Is anything wrong?” I know it was a stupid question, but I knew something else was the matter other then the fight with the minotaurus, and she obviously could sense it. This whole time despite making it out alive and having a chance to make a break to safety, she still had this depressed look on her face.

“You were always good at sensing my feelings…” soon her depressed look turned into one of sternness and her eyes grew cold. “I don’t want you to be my squire anymore…”
When those words left her lips, my mind went blank and I stared in a state of confusion. “What?

Why?” Those words escaped my lips, even without me thinking. “After this past year of training and everything we did, how could you say that?”

The coldness in her eyes was not something I was accustomed to; it was like she severed our bond at that instant…no more like it never existed. She stood from the bed and looked down at me with a gaze of superiority. “That was too dangerous, we both almost died. I would rather you not become a knight if it means more things like that would happen to you. When we get back to town I will arrange for you to live with the local carpenter and apprentice under him. He has no children so he needs someone to continue his shop and you already have some training in it.”

I know she was just trying to protect me, but her ‘matter of fact’ attitude sent a feeling in me that I never expected to feel towards her… I was angry. I knew this only happened because I came along and that the minotaurus would never have bothered her if I weren’t for me, but still. How could she do that? Just toss me aside like this. My anger swelled up inside like a boil ready to explode. I couldn’t look at her; I headed for the door before I heard her exclaim.

“You are not to go out! It’s too dangerous, stay here!”

That final command did it; my anger was at a boiling point. “I am no longer your squire, why should I listen to anything you say?” As those words escaped my mouth, I heard a gasp come from her. Turning around I was met with a much different vision. Her face, so cold before, now was the face of someone who had her feelings ripped apart. The eyes of the woman I adored began to water, and a tear began to trickle down her left cheek.

‘What have I done?’ I thought to myself. I went from wanting to storm away from her cold face, to fleeing in shame over what I had said. I ran out the door leaving Jessica behind, as I ran to a tree near the cabin and broke down in tears. How could I have said that to the woman who saved my life years ago and selflessly took me in? I gripped my heart and slumped down to my knees. I must be the most horrible person in the world; all she ever wanted was me to be safe. I pondered for what seemed to be an hour, reflecting on the past years I spent with her.

That’s all this was about, my safety. Realizing that, I stood up and looked back at the cabin. I knew what I would have to do; I will apologize and accept her wishes. For her, even if it means throwing away all those years of training, it's better than throwing away the bond we share. Walking up to the cabin, I heard a scream inside. It sounded like Jessica. I rushed to the door, my heart thumping at the thought of what could be wrong. Never once did I hear her scream in my life. Dread filled me as I immediately opened the door.

“Jessica what is wro...” Stopping in mid sentence, I gasped in horror. Sitting on the bed, violating Jessica, was two succubi. One was suckling on Jessica’s breast while her shirt was still on, the other was rubbing her panties. The one rubbing her turned towards me with a seductive grin on her face. These were unlike the amazons I saw many years ago. No these were full fledged succubi who came straight from the demon realm. Each wore a revealing black outfit and had bodies most men would go head over heels for. Their faces, while gorgeous, had that sinister look their kind was known for. Unlike the minotaurus and amazons who dominated with sheer power, true succubi can make anyone’s struggles melt away with just a slight touch of their hands.

“Took you long enough, the fun has already started.” One spoke up as she intensified the rubbing while Jessica looked at me, a mixture of pleasure and panic in her eyes.

“Run!” She pleaded, “There is a….” The succubus rubbing suddenly locked mouths with Jessica, sucking on her tongue and moving her hand from Jessica’s panties, down her leg and up to her stomach.

With my sword broken, I looked around eventually eyeing my wooden sword. I wasn’t going to run, not again. I allowed other people I cared for to be taken by monsters; I won’t allow the one I adore sharing the same fate. Even if it means the loss of my life I will protect her. Swiftly I picked up the blade, knowing that if I was going to win I could not let either touch me.

Making my way towards the creatures I attempted to strike one, but out of no where a hand grabbed my wrist forcing me to drop the weapon. “Even if he did run…” cooed a voice behind me “…I would have simply caught him and brought him back here.” She twisted my arm behind my back making me gasp in pain.

“Let go of me!!!!” I yelped attempting to make a turn to strike her with my fist, but her grip was too strong. Not just physically, but something else caused me to steadily lose my strength.

“Oh did I hurt you? Don’t worry; I’ll help make it all better.” Bringing her hand to my exposed chest, she began to gently massage my nipple with her index finger. I attempted to struggle with my free hand, but I felt an otherworldly sensation explode from her finger tip. “You are so violent, trying to attack my sisters like that.” Bring her face close to my ear; I smelled her sweet breath as my body became hot. “I think you should be punished by watching us turn the object of your affection into one of us.”

My eyes widened as I turned to Jessica who was still looking at me while the succubi groped and made out with her. “No…” I moaned out as she began to pinch my erected nipple and rubbed it between her finger and thumb. Why does it feel so good? My entire body was hot with desire, and I hated every minute of it. It felt... wrong... dirty... yet so so wonderful. I felt ashamed of myself giving into the pleasure, reluctantly look towards the woman I loved as she continued to be violated by those monsters. The succubus kissing Jessica moved her face away, releasing the connection of their lips, while Jessica gasped for air. She continued her speech, now that we both were both under their power.

“Such a strong woman this is. In truth we had our eye on her for a long time. We could smell her lust coming from miles away, but women like this are dangerous.” As she hissed her words, she put her hand down Jessica’s pants. “Coming at her during the wrong time would bring the possibility of one of us being struck down, but we also knew we could not let such a vision of beauty get away either.”

She started to suck on Jessica’s neck, fingering her in the process. The other succubus who was suckling on her breast spoke up. “But this wonderful opportunity showed itself. Broken body...broken spirit…broken heart. She simply was defenseless in every way. We saw our chance to strike, and we took it.” She move down, using her tongue to lick all over Jessica's body from her feet, to her ears, arms, and everywhere else to intensify the pleasure.

“Jessica please.....fight back.” I mumbled so low that I knew she couldn't hear me, but I felt helpless once again. I wanted to be saved once again. Want this to be over... “I won't become a knight, I promise. Just please don't...”

“And it’s all thanks to you.” The succubus said while licking my ear. “When you broke her heart, you put the final nail in the coffin and sapped her of all that fighting spirit she had. We are most grateful.” My body began to weaken as the sexual stimulation encompasses my body. Sensing this, the monster let go of my hand and began to rub my groin. “Why don’t I help you get excited and stimulate your little friend?”

“Please…stop…not like this.” I pleaded to the succubus, as I began to grow hard from the stimulation from her hand. Even though my mind was in a state of confusion, fear, and resentment, my body felt incredible pleasure all through it. No matter how much I wanted to fight back, my body refused to respond. I struggled as much as I could, but the more I try, the greater the feeling of pleasure was intensified, and soon I realized how helpless it was. Tears rolled down my eyes, it was now all over. It was just the two of us here, stuck under the enchanting spell of these demons. “I...I can't...please...”

“Don’t worry; this is as far as I will go. We are not totally heartless.” Even if my mind wasn’t clouded with all these mixed emotions, I could not fathom what she meant. “I can sense your confusion.” She giggled seductively into my fear. “You do not want to loss it, do you? Not to me that is, I’m sure there is a special someone you wish to lose it to?”

My eyes widened as I look at Jessica, who never took her eyes off of me this whole time, started to give and cease her resisting. If even she gave in that, means it truly is hopeless. I guess there is truly nothing left but to join her and give in.

Both succubi ended their mouth work and smiled towards me, Jessica's panties were now soaked, and her eyes no longer showed that sense of fear. “Do you want to see them? Do you want to see her breasts?”

My eyes widen at the thought. With the stimulation from both the succubus’s hands I felt my sense of morality slip away. What little I had left kept me from me from giving any form of answers. I knew I could not bring myself to say no, but I would not shame myself by pleading.
“Your eyes give everything away.”

Without any struggle from Jessica, the succubus lifted her shirt exposing both her breasts… her perfect, wonderful, gorgeous breasts. I was caught off guard by their size, they were not huge, but no one would think they were small. They had a wondrous shape, round and voluptuous. The nipples had a shade of pink that would drive any man to place his lips on them. While I tried not to, I occasionally imagined what they would look like, but my imagination could not envision such beauty.

The drool leaking from my mouth helped knock me out of the trance, and having me reel my head back in shame. “I-I’m sorry” I could feel her eyes on me; I did not want to look at her, to see her look of disappointment. I made her cry only moments ago, and now I am…

”Uh!” the succubus intensified the massaging, bringing her hands to my now erect penis and stroking the tip. “Don’t go and get depressed on me, look she doesn’t mind at all.” I reluctantly looked back into Jessica’s eyes, which were in a state of bliss. She seemed…happy somehow. While her face was filled with pleasure, her eyes seemed to be filled with joy.

“Well I guess it’s time we finish this so, these two can finally act out all those feelings they have?” As one of them said that, they ripped off Jessica’s panties and slowly brought her head between the legs.


“Yes, didn’t you notice, she did not take her eyes off of you this whole time? Both of you... so ignorant to each others feelings, it’s quite sad actually.” Both of us locked eyes while being violated by the succubi, all these years I thought she just saw me as a little brother, and her squire. “Poor girl, having to keep up all that lust bottled up over the years. Knowing that the one she loved has been living with her for so long, and yet she could not do anything about it. Maybe that’s why she made you her squire? So you both could spend more time together? It’s very sweet of her isn’t it? I’m sure she wanted it to be more, but she had to keep up her image to everyone as a knight, everyone including you. But now here we are here, we’ll fix everything and make it where those silly feelings will never matter to either of you again.”

Jessica began to let out a moans and screams of pleasure as the succubus started to attack with her mouth. While she did so, I started to notice changes in Jessica. That gorgeous red hair started to turn into a shade of purple, and small horns began to sprout from her head. I then saw what appeared to be small wings grow from her back as well as a tail. It started to dawn on me why succubi went after women. She was becoming one of them, one of these…monsters.

My heart started to race and life sprang back into my body as I started to struggle under the grip of the succubus behind me. “No no no please” I cried. “I’m begging you anything but that, anything. I promise I’ll do anything, just don’t…” But it was already too late. The succubus lifted her hand and wiped the juices from her mouth. She was different, she was no longer Jessica. The eyes of the woman I knew were gone and what remained were the eyes of a creature driven by lust.

Jessica, or at least what use to be her, turned to me with a passionate look. Leaping off the bed she embraced me, bringing out bodies closer then what they have ever been. Planting her lips on mine, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth and began toying with mine. My second kiss from her since that day, but this one, while passionate, did not carry the feelings I once felt from that tiny peck on the cheek. Still…I could not help but feel some sort of joy come over me from this experience.
As our mouths parted, she looked at the three succubi standing in the corner. Each one had a look of pride at what they accomplished, corrupting another soul and in the process of corrupting another. “Can I bring him there?”

“Of course.” The succubus who was holding me spoke up. “You have the power, and you have the one you love. No doubt it won’t take long for you to become a true succubus like us.” My eyes looked confused not knowing what they meant.

“Take me where?”

Jessica looked at me slyly and whispered in my ear, “To our new home a course, one where we won’t be judged and we can act on our lusts.” I felt my body overcome with uncertainty. I could not come to terms on what I should be feeling as fear and joy played tug of war with my heart. Jessica was my world; she was the only thing I lived for ‘til this day. Despite what happened, I knew I loved her. “I always wanted you my dear squire. I always wanted us to be more, now we can be. We can disappear from this world and be in one with just you and me. I’ll be all yours and you will be all mine, nothing will ever come between us again.”

“Nothing?” I asked

“Nothing…..” she smiled, parting from me for a moment to make a gestures with her hands. A portal opened and she extended her hand to me. I began to think of everything that I would be leaving in this world, but nothing came to mind. Jessica truly was all I wanted… all I needed. I took her hand and we both stepped into the portal to be together for eternity.
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PostSubject: Re: That Night (MGE fic)   Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:07 am

How did i not notice this fic before,l this is some seriously amazing stuff
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PostSubject: Re: That Night (MGE fic)   Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:29 am

I am currently working on another story set around the same time glad someone took notice here I was planning on just posting it on the MGE website.
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PostSubject: Re: That Night (MGE fic)   Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:55 am

seriously post it here, maybe under literature cos that seems to get more attention, or if not at least link me the mge link
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PostSubject: Re: That Night (MGE fic)   Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:32 am

Literature seems to be something that should be devoted to stories revolving around kissing. These aren't really. If I post I'll post it in this area so people wont get angry with me for not posting that with a kissing theme
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Correction-I was fairly sure "Literature" was for published content that was kissing related, and "Stories" was for ORIGINAL content that was about kissing... I could be wrong, though, of course.
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PostSubject: Re: That Night (MGE fic)   Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:34 am

I see alot of original work being posted in literature. It even says either fan works or published material under the description.
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That Night (MGE fic)
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