A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Jane Spearcrow

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Jane Spearcrow Jane10

To be completed.

Never Again

New Status Effects:
Tactical: Tactical: X means any number over 50 counts as a hit, and any numbers over 85 are crits, for X turns.
Distracted: Distracted: X means roll with disadvantage for X turns. Does not apply to passive AoEs, global effects or environmental actions.
Commanded: The afflicted must follow the command they were given until they break out of this status. They may attempt to remove the status at the end of their turn.
Tantalized: Tantalized: X means the afflicted takes 2 extra damage from all willpower attacks for X turns.
Fatigued: Fatigued: X means the afflicted takes 2 extra damage from all stamina attacks for X turns.

The Speed of Thought: In a party combat, Jane's turn goes first when making a Tactical Move.

Basic Attacks:

The Pen is mightier than the Sword:
"Direct violence isn't really for me. But, if I must..."
Deals 1 stamina damage to target.

Special Moves:

Distracting Display:
"Light is fickle. It can help you see your enemies, or blind you to them."
On a success, the target gets Distracted: 1 debuff.

Commanding Tone:
"Anything can seem reasonable, if you frame it the right way."
Jane gives a seemingly reasonable command, that would not seem out of place for the target to do (attack a particular enemy, protect an ally, etc). If successful, the target is given the Commanded status, with that instruction. Note, this attack will only work if the action is not out of character.

First Aid:
"Never fight alone. Always be prepared."
On a critical failure, nothing happens. On a failure, ally is healed for 3 stamina/willpower. On a success, they are healed for 5 stamina/willpower. On a critical success, they are healed for 5 stamina/willpower and get Tactical: 2.

Tactical Moves:

Tactical Analysis:
"No-one is invulnerable. Everyone has a weakness. You just have to look."
On success, the entire party gets the Tactical: 1 buff. On a critical success, the entire party gets the Tactical: 2 buff. On a critical failure, the enemy gets the Tactical: 1 buff.

Tantalizing/Fatiguing Blow:
"Science is a valuable tool in combat."
Jane injects the target with a shot of either an aphrodisiac or a blood thinner, afflicting them with either the Tantalized: 1 or Fatigued: 1. On a crit success, they are afflicted with Tantalized: 2 or Fatigued: 2.
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Jane Spearcrow
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