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 Danny of the Dual Drives

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PostSubject: Danny of the Dual Drives   Danny of the Dual Drives EmptySun Dec 30, 2018 7:54 am

Appearance: Danny is 5,9 ft tall middle-aged man with a stocky build, blue eyes, blonde curling hair and a five o' clock shade. He wears a white undershirt, smallclothes in the same colour, a grey-green tunic a size too big for his frame, fastened with a leather belt, and a pair of darker green trousers with riding boots. Strapped diagonally on his back are two sheathes for his Eros and Thanatos blades.

Description: Danny was a simple lumberjack until one day he stumbled upon two blades in a clearing, stuck in the ground. Picking them up to pawn them off to the local blacksmith, he suddenly heard two voices in his mind that he was the Destined Dummy, whose new mission in life was to bring balance to the forces of Eros and Thanatos in the world. Midara had thrown it off with their relentless lust and now some obscure god of a forgotten pantheon was in danger of disappearing (even more than he already had).

Anyway, the swords told him to not waste time on the fine print and get to balancing already. Danny was so simple a man that he didn't bother to question his missive, what the risks and rewards were or why precisely they chose him of all people, packed his bags and went on his way, goaded by his two squabbling swords.

Aside from the standard Stamina and Willpower, Danny also has Eros and Thanatos meters. Every time Danny takes Willpower damage, he obtains an Eros point. Any time Danny takes Stamina damage, he gains a Thanatos point. Furthermore, since these powers are opposites of each other, every time Danny does an action that uses Eros points, he loses one Thanatos point and vice versa. If Danny uses abilities that have a Stamina or Willpower cost, this decrease does not net him any Eros or Thanatos points.

Level 1-Wondering Wanderer
Danny has set out on the road, having little idea of where his journey will take him, and even fewer ideas on how to use his powers. Still, he's no slouch at all.

(5 Stamina/5 Willpower)

Mad Meditation (action)-Danny spends the turn thinking either hateful or lustful thoughts, and gains an Eros or Thanatos point.
Gain Through Pain (action)-1 Stamina-Danny hurts himself intentionally to clear his head. Remove one Mental Debuff.
Jolt of Pleasure (action)-1 Eros-Danny points his Eros blade at a target and sends a surge of ecstasy through them, doing 1 Willpower damage.
Not Today (passive)-1 Thanatos-If Danny's Stamina or Willpower reaches 0 whilst he still has a Thanatos point left, roll a die. On a success, he recovers to 1 Stamina or Willpower. Can be used once every three turns.  

Level 2 (successfully defeat 2 midara)-Wily Wayfarer
Danny's battles with midara have gotten him in a fair share of trouble, but also made his connection to his twin blades deeper. He can utilize some basic spells reliant on Eros and Thanatos energy, giving him an edge in combat. He has also gained a knack for fighting groups of smaller fry.

(10 Stamina/10 Willpower)

Abilities Gained:
Enhanced Senses (action)-1 Willpower-Danny focuses on the Eros and Thanatos energy emitted by his quarries to increase his instincts. He has advantage on dodging all attacks during the next turn.
Twin Blade Action (action)-1 Stamina-Danny picks two different targets and makes two Stamina attacks on them. This action cannot be used if there's only one target in combat.
All You Need Is Love (action)-2 Eros-Danny marks his target with a peace sign for 2 turns. Any time they use actions that do Stamina damage while marked, they take 1 Stamina damage themselves.
Culling Wave (action)-2 Thanatos-Danny releases a wave of energy from his Thanatos blade that targets any person on the battlefield with 2 or less Stamina or Willpower left (including himself). Any opponent that fails their roll is automatically KO'd.

Level 3 (successfully defeat 4 midara)-Determined Dullard
Danny may not be that bright, and may still have more questions than answers, but nobody can argue he doesn't get up every time he falls down. Encountering more powerful midara has made him more cautious, and have lead to him developing techniques that combine Eros and Thanatos magic with sword strikes to make short work of stronger opponents.

(15 Stamina/15 Willpower)

Abilities Gained:
Zen Moment (action)-1 Willpower-Danny reduces all Willpower damage he takes during the next 2 turns by half (rounded down), but also cannot gain any Eros or Thanatos points during this time.
Parry Stance (action)-1 Stamina-Danny Defends in a parrying stance, and can make a free basic Stamina attack on any opponent who misses him with an action during this turn.    
Crippling Desire (action)-3 Eros-Danny cuts his target with his Eros blade, doing no damage but making them take 1 unavoidable Willpower damage during their next turn, then 2 during the next turn, and 3 during the third turn. Can only be used once per opponent per battle.
Spiteful Strike (action)-3 Thanatos-Danny makes a Stamina attack, doing damage equal to half the difference between his maximum and current Stamina (rounded down), or half the difference between his current Stamina and his Stamina at the last time Spiteful Strike was used.

(later levels will follow as Danny levels up)
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Danny of the Dual Drives
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