A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Cupcake Queen (Caustic_Clown)

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PostSubject: Cupcake Queen (Caustic_Clown)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:58 pm

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and no-one knows this better than the Cupcake Queen. Clad in a gown and edible undergarments, this vision in pink will feed the hapless adventurer baked goods until he's ready to burst, and then give herself as a dessert. Little does know he that he will never be able to get his fill off her anymore.

*That Takes The Cake-"Surprise! Let's pretend that it's your birthday!"
Our adventurer has entered what appears to be the mess hall of the Dungeons of Desire(even temptresses need to eat, I suppose). Tables are spread throughout the area, with the one in the middle hoisting a giant layered cake that is decorated with all sorts of posing figurines. Curious, the adventurer gets closer and nearly has a heart attack when the Cupcake Queen bursts out of it. She giggles at his pratfall and then climbs out of the cake, giving him ample time to drink in her fine figure.
*That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles-"Here, for you, it's made with love.."
By the time our adventurer is on his feet again, the Cupcake Queen has already shoved one of her homemade cookies into his mouth, supersweet and laced with apphrodisiacs. She brushes his cheek as she withdraws her hand, and our adventurer almost chokes on his cookie due to the affectionate gesture.
*Candy Control-"Watch this...doesn't it look delicious?"
The drugs in the cookie work cartoonishly fast, and by now the Queen has another piece of candy in her mouth, moving her head from side to side while the adventurer can't take his eyes of it. Dazed, he tries to eat, only for him to touch the delicious lips of his hypnotist. His eyes snap open as he looks into those of the Queen. She winks at him and the blushing adventurer quickly takes a step back, while she giggles at his embarassment.
*If You Can't Stand The Heat-"Oh my, the temperature seems to be rising..."
The ambient magic of the Queen has made the adventurer feel like he's burning up, and his lack of comfort clashes with shyness as the Queen watches and waits. Eventually, the heat becomes too much and the adventurer takes of his clothes, while feeling her lustful eyes scrutinizing every inch of his body.
*Sprinkles and Such-"You'll look even tastier this way..."
The Queen waves her hands and sprinkles and other cake decorations appear and stick to the adventurer's body. The Queen licks her lips and starts to eat them of every inch of his skin, while making no effort to disguise the smacking. The adventurer is lost in the sensations and his breathing gets heavier and heaiver.
*Pig Out-"Look where all those calories are going..."
Once the Queen has had her fill, she lets out a cute burp and her breasts comically expand and pop out of her gown. She sees the adventurer's gaze lock onto them and proceeds to jiggle and play with them a bit while he can't help but trudge closer like a zombie.
*Steal Your Breath Away-"You'll melt on my tongue, hon..."
When the adventurer comes close, the Queen shoves his head between her breasts, suffocating him between her flesh mounds and plunging her tongue into his mouth whenever he gasps for air before shoving him back again. The drugs, hypnosis and lack of air has turned the adventurer into an uncoƶrdinated pile of confusion and lust, and he plops down on one of the tables.
*Setting The Table-"Let me whet your appetite even more..."
The Queen now performs a striptease, removing the rest of her clothes, including her candy string underwear, by eating and licking the edible straps, before conjuring chocolate sauce and whipped cream, dousing herself in it. The adventurer is now at full mast, if he wasn't already,
*Hungry Like The Wulf-"Bite me, baby!"
Now it's the adventurer's turn to lick and eat every inch of the Queen's body, and whenever he's near the erogenous zones, she moans like a cat in heat.
*You Jelly-"Time to add another special ingrediƫnt!"
Lube is always good to keep around, and food colouring works just as well. With a few conjurations the Queen slathers both their bodies with the substance, and proceeds to dry-hump him like there's no tomorrow.
*On Course-"Let me tell you how this was made..."
The Queen splays herself over one of the tables and beckons the adventurer to enter. Before he can, however, she grabs his lance and proceeds to give an agonizingly slow, teasing description of her body, like a waiter's pitch and full of horrible food-related innuendos. It only serves to ignite the passion in her victim.
*Flavour of the Weak-"Sugar and spice and all things nice..."
Ever the romantic, the Queen keeps frenching the adventurer while he bones her, and switches the flavour of her mouth between each kiss, giving him an eclectic range of tastes that further fries his mind.
*Cheque, Please!-"Oh my, you'll have to stay here until your debt is paid..."
At the end of the passionate lovemaking, the Queen presents the adventurer with the bill for all the food he has consumed. Unfortunately, he has no means to pay, so he feels compelled to stay in the dungeon to pay off his debts washing dishes(yeah, he's already under her charm, but making him lose all ability to think is so boring). Of course, the Cupcake Queen is pretty much irresistible, so he'll rack up his bill even higher over the course of his stay and never be able to leave. It sounds worse than it actually is.
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Cupcake Queen (Caustic_Clown)
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