A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Endless Saga Character Profile- Edward Tiller

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PostSubject: Endless Saga Character Profile- Edward Tiller   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:04 pm

Name: Edward Tiller
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Class: Mercenary
Weapon: Bastard sword, and a knife hidden in his boot for emergencies

Appearance: Standing at 6'3" with a toned, if unusually lithe, physique, Tiller cuts a definitive figure- albeit not a particularly imposing one. His coal-coloured hair has been shaved down to little more than fuzz, and the beginnings of a beard are starting to take root on his fair-skinned face- possibly to mask some of the long-healed scars present there. His eyes are the shade of old oak, and never seem to stay focused on one place for long- this is a man who's always watching out for the next opportunity... or attacker. His choice of attire is plain, if practical- a hybrid of boiled leather and chainmail armour, designed to favour agility over raw stopping power.

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful and cautious, although he has got a buried angry streak that surfaces in particularly heated situations.

Origin: Born to a typical peasant family, Tiller started life fully expecting to carry on the family trade, becoming a farmer like his father, and his father before him. However, as he grew older, war grew closer- courtesy of both expansionist midara and rival liege lords attempting to secure more resources. Faced with a war on two fronts, the lord of Ed's land was forced to instate a policy of mandatory conscription to replace his steadily dwindling military forces. When the recruitment wagon came around, Ed went to his duty with a face of calm resolve, although secretly he knew, on some animal level, that he probably wasn't coming home- not outside of a pine box, anyway.

But sometimes we surprise ourselves.

After a few months of training, Ed went into battle, and, much to his amazement, he came out on the other side with all of his bits still attached. And after surviving once, he went on to survive again, because staying alive is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. After a few years, however, the warring lords reached a truce, and Ed was left with a pouch of gold, a wealth of combat experience, and a bizarre sense of loss. He found that he missed the camaraderie. He missed the money. He missed the sense of purpose (although he didn't mind missing out on the part where you got shot at, stabbed and bludgeoned). It was then that he came to a decision. He went home, explained things to his parents, promised to send them enough money to keep them going from his new job, and packed his bags.

That was five years ago, and, having made a bit of a name for himself in the world of sellswords, Ed finally felt ready to start pursuing more ambitious jobs, in the hopes of catching the notice of a noble both willing to hire him permanently, and wealthy enough to set him and his family up for life...

HP: 25 WP: 15


Basic Attacks:
Dirty Fighting- Tiller makes use of the tricks he learned from his army days- punching, kicking, improvised weaponry... whatever works.
Swift Slash- He steps in and takes a quick swipe at the least defended part of his opponent.

Special Attacks:
Full Force- Takes his bastard sword in both hands before putting all his momentum behind the next swing, intending to smash right through the enemy's guard. Sweeping attack.
Ferocious Feint- Takes a one-handed swing telegraphed a week in advance, causing his attacker to prepare a countering stance... conveniently leaving an opening for him to whip out his boot knife and shank them from a completely different angle.
Cheap Shot- Tricks his target into shifting their guard away from a vulnerable spot on their body, which he then proceeds to punch/kick/stab the hell out of.
Savage Swing- Sometimes, doing the expected thing is the smart option (especially when the rest of your moveset is basically Fighting Dirty 101 and they're keeping an eye out for tricks now). Tiller tries for a particularly brutal strike with his blade. No gimmicks, just good old steel tempered with homicidal rage.
Kill The Pain- Tiller keeps a small stash of remedies on his person that he can use in a pinch- they won't heal injuries, but they dull the sensations of pain/pleasure (depending on whether his opponent is currently trying to kill him or rape him- or, quite possibly, one after the other) enough to keep him going until he finds a doctor/a quiet spot to rub one out. Recovery move.

Signature Attacks:
Play Possum (5) - Tiller oversells the next hit he takes from his opponent, pretending to fall victim to a lucky blow and pass out. However, when his attacker draws closer to investigate, he suddenly leaps forward and tackles them down, whaling on them bare-handed until either they get punched out or he gets thrown off.
Berserk (10) - Anger's like money- you should save it up until you need it. Realising that things aren't going his way, Tiller starts psyching himself up before finally losing control and going completely apeshit on his opponent, only relenting when they're down for the count or he calms down.

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Endless Saga Character Profile- Edward Tiller
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