A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Ferro the Wanderer

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PostSubject: Ferro the Wanderer   Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:18 pm

Chapter 1 - Ferro the Stranger

"He still hasn't come back."
In a pub sorely lacking in customers, three men sat at one of the two dozen tables arranged around the area.
"You think she got him too?" one of the men pondered.
"Probably. He's been in a few scrapes before, but Adrian's no knight. Hell, I heard a knight was sent there and even he didn't come back."
"Seriously? Jeez, if even a knight can't beat that thing, this village is doomed!"
A loud noise interrupted their exchange. A mug was dropped onto the table and a silver-haired young man seated himself amongst the three men. "It looks like I came to the right place," he said. "My sincerest greetings and regards to you. I heard that this village was being affected by the arrival of a Midara. It seems she has taken from the three of you and others."
"Who are you? An outsider?"
He nodded his head and took a swig of ale from his mug. "I am a wanderer, for the most part. A freelancer, you could say. I follow rumors and whispers and take on jobs of a wide variety, but my forte is in dealing with Midara."
The three looked at him with mixed reactions. Understandable, from the nature of their conversation prior. One of them spoke up and asked, "What's your name?"
The man huffed and took another swig of his drink. He looked the man square in the eyes, his expression the prime example of stoicism. "I'd prefer that I keep that to myself."
"Oh yeah, and why's that?"
"Whether I defeat this Midara causing trouble for the village or I fall to her charms like the others before me, I am but an outsider. I'll be out of your lives before long."
He finished his drink and stood up from his seat and looked to a waitress and asked for a loaf of bread and another mug of ale, to which she obliged.
"I'm off to deal with this issue, boys."
Before he could leave, one of them called out to him. "Hold on, if your one of those freelancers, then aren't you gonna state your price."
He looked back with a coy smile and replied, "You can pay my bill." He offered a wave as he left the pub.
He strolled to the north-northeast edge of the village and entered the vast neighboring forest. Wandering past countless trees, bushes, and retreating animals, he kept his eyes out for anything that might come at him.
He put up a face mask as a sweet fragrance came accompanied by the voice of a woman. "Another one has come to me."
He looked over his shoulder just in time to leap out of the way of a tackle. He looked at the one who attempted to attack him. She was of a thin frame with dark skin, golden eyes, raven-black hair at shoulder length, and quite the beauty. Her chest was a modest c-cup size and her rear looked fantastic.
However, what was most notable were the black cat ears that topped her head, black thin tail protruding from the back of her waistline, and her slitted pupils.
"A black cat up to no good," he noted. "You've been a thorn in Ignis Village's side, Midara."
"Oh, I was just having fun," she said playfully. "And they certainly had fun with me too. Why don't you come on over and you can have some fun too."
He shook his head and pulled out a staff and got into a ready stance. "I'd brace myself if I were you," he advised.
She smiled and got to her feet, the clothes she wore wrapped tightly around her curves, making them more notable as she moved around. "If that's how you want to play, I'm game."
The Midara leaped forward with surprising speed. Much faster than before. The man only barely managed to counter with his staff in time.
He held the weapon up and slammed it into her side aggressively, earning a growl in return. "I can see why so many lost to you."
She recovered from the attack and laughed sweetly. "Actually, they liked it much better when I took things slowly." She beckoned to him, walking backwards a few paces.
He matched every step she took, preparing to attack again. He heard a definite click and suddenly he was whipped upside down in the air. He had been caught in a trap and his legs were tied up now with a rope.
"Yay! You fell for my trap! Let's see you avoid me now." She approached him and took his face in her hands, removing his mask. "Pucker up, love." She kissed him firm on the lips, only stopping at the sound of his rustling clothes as he moved his arm. He seemed to be moving his staff toward the rope. "Oh? How do you expect to get loose with that blunt stick of yours? Playing the tough guy act? Cute~!"
She peppered his face with kisses as he geared up to swing his staff at the rope. As he took the swing, the form of his staff shifted, the end gained a sharp edge which cut the rope easily.
He hit the ground, but shuffled to his feet quickly and held his sharpened staff at the ready. "I have my tricks, cat," he said.
"I can see that! That was magic wasn't it? Looks like your more than a hot body... and a very hard rod." She lucked her lips as she looked more towards his waist, where there was something poking the inside of his leggings.
The sweet smell in the air and her lust-filled kisses were really affecting him. "A bit of perfume and a few kisses got you turned on this much? That's adorable. I bet you'll love this then." She began to strip down, taking her sweet time all the while.
He gripped his staff and swung it at her, hitting her in the ass as she was removing her pants.
She released a yelp, but not in pain. "So eager," she mewled. She finished removing her pants, a heavier fragrance emerging from her, making it harder for him to concentrate.
He growled in frustration and swung his staff again. His attack was weaker than the others, and she caught it and wrenched it from his hands.
"Let's not rush, love." She thrust his staff deep into the ground with ease and then stripped herself of her top, her breasts emerging from their bindings. "Would you like to see a dance?" she asked, pressing her body against his staff, wrapping a leg around it.
"I'd prefer you leave," he stated. He felt himself heat up looking at her treat his staff like a stripper pole.
"So mean," she huffed. "Why don't you see what I can do first?" She began twirling around the staff, moving her body skillfully around and rubbing herself with it, wetting the rod.
He couldn't help but imagine what she could do if she had her hands on him. Though he was worried, he couldn't help but to take a step toward her. He forced himself to stop, however, and then closed his eyes.
"Ah, that's no fun!" he heard her say.
He stopped and collected his thoughts and made his best attempt to calm his mind. Slowly, his mind seemed to be free from her charms, albeit just a bit.
He opened his eyes to find that she wasn't dancing anymore, her face only inches from his. He reacted quickly and slammed his palm into her chest hard, knocking her back.
She stumbled from the sudden attack and tripped over backwards as her foot hit the staff. "Ow," she whined. She felt a heavy weight on her arms and noticed him standing on her arms to keep them pinned.
He grabbed his staff and ripped it from the ground and then moved it to the straps on his back. "Cease your activities towards the village!" he demanded.
"Aw, do you want me all to yourself?" she asked. "You seem pretty happy around me." She seemed to disregard her position, seeing that he was still quite aroused from her actions earlier.
However, he swept his staff back and thrust the blunt end into her stomach, forcing out a cry of pain. "Now!"
"Th-That hurts," she whimpered. "Get off me!" She changed tunes rather quickly.
He removed his feet from her arms and then struck her in the chest again with a forceful palm strike and found her unconscious afterwards. "Not quite resistant to pain," he noted.
He took the time in which she was unconscious to calm himself and he was soon satisfied to be back to normal. He sat down against a tree and looked over her. He gave out a sigh and pulled off his pack, reaching in and pulling out a blanket and throwing it over her. He waited for an hour and a half before she started to stir.
"Mmm~ What happened?" she mumbled drowsily. She saw the silver-haired man not far off from her and she scooted away from him.
"Relax. I have no intentions of harming you any further. That is, unless you try to fight again."
She seemed to relax a bit and then took notice of the blanket she just abandoned. "Did you...?"
"You were stark naked and getting you dressed while you were unconscious would've been difficult," he answered. "Besides, no one needs a cold."
"Oh, you're so sweet~!" she purred, trying to put up a provocative front. One irritated glance from him put a swift stop to that, however. "I'm awfully surprised, though. Anyone else would've taken the chance to do me in for good. At least, that's what I think."
"I'm not so low that I'd kill a defenseless girl," he shot. "Besides, as long as you return the people you did in to their senses, I have no reason to."
She nodded and smiled timidly. "I have no choice, huh?"
"Not much," he confirmed.
She sighed and held her hands together, the air around them beginning to shimmer with energy. After a quick minute, she separated her hands and said, "They should all be back to normal now."
He got up and pet her head, ruffling her hair a bit. "Good kitty. Now come on." He pulled her to her feet and got her to get dressed. After returning the blanket to his pack, he led her out of the forest and into the village. "Do not make a move to charm anyone," he ordered.
"I won't," she promised in fright.
"Oi, freelance boy!"
He looked to the sound of the voice to find one of the men from the pub looking at him with disbelief. Understandable, of course. One doesn't simply parade into a village with a Midara following close behind, after all. "What is it?"
"Why is that thing still alive? You should've put her down!" he demanded.
"I don't ever sully my hands with blood. Nor should you even think to."
"But she's just a Midara! Where's the harm?"
He grabbed his staff and swiftly whipped it into the man's side, forcing him to the dirt. He stood over the man with a deathly cold gaze. "You have such a twisted way of thinking," he said.
Murmurs and whispering rose amongst the people who witnessed the event. The cries of people emerging from the forest and into the village interjected, however, and he took that as his time to leave. "Come, black cat," he said.
He went to leave when a voice rose up from the rest, calling out his name. "Ferro Magia!" It was a man with a shaven face in a suit of leather armor and wearing a sword at his hip. That must've been the knight that was mentioned at the pub.
"Wait, that name..." the man from the pub muttered. "The son of the Duke of Aria?"
Ferro growled in frustration at hearing of his father and turned around. "Yes, I am he. What of it?" he responded.
"Now I get why you're so quick to defend that Midara! You're the son of that man! It all makes sense now!"
"Unless you have something of importance to say, be silent," Ferro snapped. He continued his walk out of the village when the knight spoke up. "Sir! I was sent by your father! He asked me to find you and take you home!"
"I refuse, sir knight. I'm just a burden on him, evidence of what he's done. Look at that drunkard there, he's proof that even when I am not by my father's side, I cause him trouble." He resumed walking and led the Midara further out of the village, ignoring the knight's words all the while. He wouldn't stop, he wouldn't speak, and he wouldn't return to that village for a log time.

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PostSubject: Re: Ferro the Wanderer   Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:19 pm

(I'm not very good at being descriptive, so please bear with me.)
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PostSubject: Re: Ferro the Wanderer   Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:47 am

I don't see any problem, I am sparse with details myself, so I think this is quality content.
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PostSubject: Re: Ferro the Wanderer   Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ferro the Wanderer   Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:52 pm

Chapter 2 - Allura the Fierce

Ferro and the cat Midara walked down a seemingly endless dirt road. At least, it seemed that way to the Midara trekking with Ferro. "Aw, how much longer until we stop?"
"We'll go another mile and then we'll take a break," Ferro answered. He didn't seem that tired, considering they'd already walked three miles already so far today. "Here, why don't we distract each other with a chat? First off, I should probably get your name."
"Trying to get to know me better?" she teased. "You must be head over hee-!" A sharp, impatient glare shut her up right then and there, however. "My name's Anika. You're Ferro, right?" After receiving a quick nod, she asked, "When you came after me, you used magic to change the shape of that staff. What else can you do?"
"Let's see, I can do this," he said as a rock leaped off the ground into his hand and once he opened it up again, the rock was shaped seamlessly into that of Anika. "I can't do much with my magic yet. While many men and women with the potential for magic can simply learn and polish the spells, there are some who have to have their own potential sealed off until they gradually learn control. This is the result of my control so far..."
Anika looked at the stone figure of herself and sighed. "I wish I could learn magic! I tried to do it once, but while I was trying to make water, I made fire and it burned down a whole tree once."
"An impressive display," he commented sarcastically.
"Don't poor salt on the..." Anika stopped in her place. Her ears gave a slight twitch and as the seconds rolled by, a faint smell wafted along. "There's a Midara coming," she warned.
Ferro grabbed his staff and stood his ground, looking around. "Any idea what kind?"
She took a sniff and said, "I think I smell raspberries and blueberries. I'm not sure what they are just based off that."
"Oh no..." Ferro groaned. "Alright, let's go get them..." He continued onward, lowering his staff.
"Wait, you're not going to fight them?" Anika asked as she caught up with him. "I mean, aren't they going to try to sex you up?"
"Nope. I know them. I don't know why they're here, though. Our destination is still seven miles away." He continued on until he saw two girls with clear, translucent bodies differing only in color, red and blue, respectively. "Misa, Mina, good to see you two agai-"
The two girls leaped and tackled him to the ground, sending vibrations down their bodies. "Ferro, Ferro! We came as fast as we could," the red one, Mina said.
"Yes, yes, Adrianna told us you'd be coming!" followed the blue one, Misa.
"I should've known it was Adrianna..." he huffed. "Mind climbing off me?" After they got off, he climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. In the next instant, he leaped to the right just as a large stone crashed to the ground right where he was previously standing. "Figured you'd come too..."
A dark-skinned woman with provocative leather over her voluptuous d-cups and wrappings over her arms. She appeared quite athletic with abs and strong arms. On her back, a sword that looked far too large for her hung by a set of leather straps.
"Who's she?" Anika asked with a trembling voice. Poor thing was intimidated already.
"That is Allura, an Amazon. She tends to challenge me to fights," he explained as he dodged more stones. "Same as always, Allura?"
"Same as always!" She drew her sword and charged at him, swinging it overhead at Ferro. He quickly moved out of the way and her sword slammed into the dirt, kicking up a dust cloud.
He spun on his heel and smacked her in the head with his staff. "You must be getting rusty," he taunted. He avoided another sword swing and thrust his staff twice into her side.
Allura was getting annoyed and swung her sword into the dirt, flinging some at Ferro, getting him in the eyes. Taking his distraction as her chance, she slammed the pommel of her sword into his gut and took his moment of trying to get air into his lungs and crushed her lips against his and slipped her tongue in, frenching him heavily. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she smooched him.
Ferro stomped on her foot while she was busy with the make out sesh, causing her to withdraw and growl in pain.With a reinforcement spell on his staff, Ferro rears back and slams the staff against the top of her head, knocking the Amazon out. "I win this one. That makes thirty for me and twenty-nine for you."
Misa and Mina kneeled down next to Allura's unconscious body and prodded at her while chatting to each other back and forth. Anika seemed taken aback by what just occurred in front of her. Even more so for the fact that this was only one round in sixty-one fights that have happened so far.
"So, hey, I never asked before, but where are we going anyway? Why do you know these Midara anyway?"
"I've beaten them before," Ferro said. "They tried to do what you did and I stopped them. And as for where we're going." He looked her way. "We're going to your new home."

Chapter End-Notes: Okay, I finally posted chapter two. Probably not as good as the first chapter, but whatever. Not every chapter is going to be sex. I'm not sure, honestly, how I, myself, feel about Misa, Mina, and Allura.
The fact that Misa and Mina smells like raspberries and blueberries respectively is something that I simply thought of and was like, "yeah, whatever. I'll throw that in." And yes, they're slime girls.
As for Allura, I'm not very happy with her name, but I couldn't think of very many appropriate ones. Although I probably couple found one if I had spent a few more minutes thinking of it.
Anyways, I'll get around to chapter three... Eventually. For now, I think I just want to do another simple RP.

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I like the way you added scents into the story. Scents are another type of fetish for me if used correctly in terms of sexy moves and its very rare to find people that use that in stories.

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Ferro the Wanderer   Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:20 am

Thanks, but I probably won't do anything like the Skunkette anytime soon.

Roleplayers for the win =3=
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Chapter 3 - Fuschia the Orderly

The group continued on their way down the dirt path. Allura was conscious again and cursing under her breath. Eventually she had quieted down and was most likely thinking of more strategies in which to beat Ferro.
Misa and Mina were staring at Anika and prodding her every now and then out of curiosity. They didn't seem to do it to annoy her, else they'd be giggling at Anika's frustrated reactions.
After roughly ten minutes of this, she hissed at them, scaring the both of them well enough to end their poking and grabbing. "These two act like kids," she puffed exhaustively.
"They certainly have a childlike mentality," Ferro admitted. "Slimes aren't quite the brightest of Midara, but they do have a naive sort of charm." He chuckled seeing the twin slimes pout.
"Misa, I think big brother Ferro is being too mean," Mina muttered to Misa.
"Mina, I agree. Should we try pranking him tonight?" Misa responded to Mina.
The sound of a fist slamming into an open palm caught their attention. They turned their gazes to Allura who eyed them sternly. "Don't even think about misbehaving tonight or you're getting put in timeout."
The two whimpered and stopped talking, slowly distancing themselves from the Amazonian. Anika tilted her head questioningly and looked to Ferro about their 'time out'.
He simply kept a straight, focused glance up ahead. In the distance was a huge forest where the dirt rode would curve. The closer they got the more sure Anika was of one thing. This was to be their destination.
The forest had a myriad of different scents about it that didn't belong to any plant. As a beast-type Midara, she caught onto the scents first and only once they got really close. No human would ever notice them.
Additionally, the forest had a sort of presence to it. Something that felt less natural, in a way. It was a little overwhelming at first.
Once they finally reached the edge of the forest, everyone stopped, which confused Anika. "Why are we just standing here?"
Allura stepped forward and traced her fingers along the trunk of a tree in a sort of spade-like shape. The image she traced appeared on the tree trunk in a glowing ethereal outline and then the party continued into the forest.
"This forest," Ferro explained, "is home to a number of Midara. It's their refuge from the more callous side of man. With help from a few very strong Midara, I set up a sort of sanctuary for Midara who have no real home.
"But with so many bounty hunters chasing down wanted Midara, there's bound to be people who would eventually track them down here." As they delved further in, Anika began to notice the presence of more and more Midara. "So we made precautions."
"What kind of precautions?" Anika questioned.
"Oh, oh, Misa and Mina know!" Misa declared cheerfully. "The Green Lady keeps watch over all the forest! She knows when people who aren't supposed to be here come in."
"And Adrianna sends them away in flash!" Mina added.
"Green Lady? And Adrianna?" Anika repeated.
"You'll meet them in a little while," Ferro replied. As they neared the heart of the forests, numerous environments dotted throughout the forest, each one carrying groups of different Midara. Those of which started greeting Ferro and Allura as they proceeded through.
A lot of them were flirting with Ferro and asking him to come on over and go at it with them. He turned them down for the time being, offering brief 'maybe later' responses.
"So you beat every Midara here?"
"No. Some were beaten by a few other humans that helped out too. There are even some that were brought in by other Midara. Hell, some I didn't even have to fight." He looked at Misa and Mina who were starting to stray from the group to go converse with a trio of pixies.
Eventually, Allura started to inch away from them. "Well, you don't need me here, so I'll just go," she said. Before she could get away, though, a pair of vines shot out at her and tied up her legs, making her fall to the ground.
"Not so fast!" A woman with green tinted skin with plump lips, soft grippable hips and supple d-cups breasts clothed in what looks like flora and greenery stood before them now. Her eyes were black with green irises that gave her a touch of intimidation to her look. She approached the fallen Amazon and flipped her onto her back to meet her eyes. "You and the twin slimes fled the forest without any say-so, Allura. Now, this wouldn't be so much of a problem if you hadn't caused a commotion on the passing road not long after."
"What? How did you-?" Allura started. The woman standing over her snapped her fingers and more vines came and gagged her.
"After I sensed your departure from the forest, Adrianna started surveying you. We saw your little fight with Ferro on the road. You're lucky nobody was travelling that same road to notice.
"But the fact still stands that you caused a ruckus outside of the sanctuary. So while Misa and Mina won't be punished, you will." The vines pulled her off the ground and over a flower that emerged from the ground. A puff of pollen leaped from the petals and into Allura's face which seemed to put her into a sort of trance.
While Allura was hanging high, the Midara responsible looked at Ferro and Anika and smiled. "Good to see you again, Ferro. And glad to see you managed to bring her here safely."
"I assume Adrianna is free to talk?" Ferro asked. "We need to set Anika here up with a place in the sanctuary to stay."
"Yes, of course! Come, follow me," she replied politely. She led them through the forest further to darker part of the forest. All the while, she looked at Ferro and Anika lustfully. "It's been a while, Ferro. I know you just finished fighting this new girl, but perhaps you could endulge in a little fun with me after this? You can invite the newbie to join us if you'd like." She turned her full attention to Anika. "Would like that?"
Anika could feel this one was stronger than her and could easily beat her out in seduction. Sex with her must be amazing. Still, there was a powerful sense of danger around her. "Purrhaps, later," she said.
"Very well." As they went further in, the forest got darker and darker until it was pitch black. Ferro huffed and said a few indiscernible words and a ball of light appeared to light the path. However, even with that, the darkness made it hard to see. It was as if the shadows were bearing down on them, trying to blind them of what's ahead. What's more, Anika could've sworn she could hear whispering.
Soon, however, a new light appeared. A faint glow off in the distance. Anika was soon able to make it out as the glow of numerous arcane lines that covered the exterior of, and area around, a small house.
"Thank you for guiding us through, Fuschia," Ferro said.
She reached out to him and pulled him into her cleavage, hugging him close. Her body had the smell of spearmint, fruit, and nectar, which dulled his sense a bit and put a light daze on his mind, for a moment. "Anytime you need my help, simply ask. But anytime you need -me-, just go ahead and take all you want," she whispered.
She let him go and started off back where they came, murmuring about punishment. Presumably off to punish Allura. A few proddings from Anika snapped Ferro out of his daze.
"Right," Ferro muttered as his head cleared. He had a faint blush on his cheeks, but his face looked just a stern as ever. "We're going in, okay?"
"Alright," Anika responded. They walked to the front door and Anika felt her whole body tremble with every second that Ferro took to opening the door. This was a strong feeling, far stronger than Fuschia.
Anika's attention was one-hundred percent on the door creaking open. It was time.
//Author's Notes
And there it is! The sanctuary! The homes of the Midara residing there are mostly natural areas, though there are other environments there that are different as well.
I wasn't quite sure how to handle Fuschia at first. I thought of maybe a cheerful type, an overly serious type, or perhaps a sort of teacher or secretarial clkind of character. I just said, 'fuck it' and went with what I done wrote.
And in case you didn't realize, Misa and Mina are more or less little sister type deals, seeing Ferro as an older brother and Allura as sort of an Aunt. Which would then make Fuschia more of a mom character.
Well, I don't really have much to say. Though I hardly ever so when it comes to these Author's Notes bits anyways. So see you next chapter.

Roleplayers for the win =3=
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Ferro the Wanderer
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