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 Character Profile: Geno(Super Mario RPG)

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Geno(Super Mario RPG)   geno - Character Profile: Geno(Super Mario RPG) EmptyWed Aug 09, 2017 5:06 pm

"I serve....A higher authority."

Name: ♡♪!?(Or as everyone else calls him, Geno.)

Appearance:geno - Character Profile: Geno(Super Mario RPG) 9137f82f0baebeeb7d10651fc19a13f6--super-mario-rpg-mario-bros (Props to the creator of this image.)


Biography: There....was a legend once. A story about how a plumber, a prince, a princess, and a monstrous king, defeated a being who wished to bring war to a once peaceful land. However, they were not the only four that battled him, for one other person had joined the fray.

A spirit...who had possessed a doll. A spirit who's goal was to repair the Star Road, the source of all wishes coming true, which had been destroyed when the villain smashed through it. Through hell and high water, from the depths of the ocean to the very clouds themselves, he journeyed with the group. And when they finally defeated that damnedable Smithy, he returned back home.

For a while...everything was peaceful. Until a new threat had emerged. Beings known simply as Midara. Though whether they could be considered a threat was debatable, since while they seemed to seduce many a person....some didn't have hostile intentions. Some did it for a prank, or for self defense, or because they would die if they did not.

However, this was still an anomaly, and in the event that they would cause trouble...Well, it was up to him to stop the more malicious ones, wasn't it? So, donning the familiar form he once wore ages ago(Though noting that this one was much more....human in nature.) Geno set off on an adventure. And this time? He was on his own. But that was fine. He could handle it, right?


Passive: Timed Hits!- Sometimes, Geno can get his attacks and moves in juuuuust right, giving them a bit of a boost. On a Critical Success, Geno's more...mystical attacks will get stronger in some way, shape, or form.

Finger Shot- Geno's fingers open up, firing off a barrage of pellets at the opponent. 2 damage.

Double Punch- You think you're safe from afar? Geno's rocket powered fists find that humorous as they launch forward, ready to lay the smackdown on his foes! 2 rolls, 2 damage for each successful one.

Hand Cannon- Not sure how this is a "Hand" cannon, Geno shoots a cannon ball out of his elbow. 4 damage

Star Gun- His ultimate weapon, Geno focuses the powers granted to him by the Star Road into his hand, firing off star shaped bolts of energy at his foes. Needs 3 turns to recharge after use, whether it hits or misses. 6 damage

Geno Beam- Removing his forearm, Geno gathers energy before firing off a devastating blue laser, tearing through the opposition. 2 Damage.

Geno Boost- Sometimes, the guy needs a boost of energy. Channeling his will, Geno can increase the strength of his next attack by 1. Upon getting a Critical Success, he also reduces the amount of damage he will take by 1.

Geno Whirl- One of his strongest attacks on a good day, Geno conjures a disc of light, before hurling it directly at the opponent, watching it whizz by before hopefully hitting the foe. 3 Damage.

Geno Blast- Praying to the spirits above, Geno spends a turn focusing, before he calls upon the fury of the Star Road itself to rain down multicolored beams of energy down on anyone who dares stand in his way. It can be interrupted, leaving him open to a free attack. 6 damage.

Geno Flash- How he can use this in his 'human' body is something Geno will never know, but he uses the power of the Stars to turn into a cannon, firing off a miniature sun which grows and explodes, causing immense damage, though this wears him out afterwards.  Requires 10 turns to recharge after use. 10 Damage.

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Character Profile: Geno(Super Mario RPG)
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