A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Sir Victus DuMort

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To be done.

Fighting Style: Having trained in many different forms of combat, Victus is prepared for any type of fight. During a fight, Victus may, at the start of his turn, activate one of his fighting styles, each with differing effects. See "Fighting Styles" below for details. If Victus does not activate a fighting style, he is to be considered as being in Default Style. If his fighting style is boosted, the boost remains in effect for the turn it is activate, and one turn after that, before reverting back to the standard version of the style.

One Unit: Victus is a teamplayer. When fighting alongside people he's fought with for a long time, his Fighting Style is always considered boosted. When using Charging Strike, he may combine two boosted styles, rather than just boosting one. One Unit is currently active with the following characters:
- Kathrynne Rowan
- Jane Spearcrow

Basic Attacks:

Sword Slash:
"Sometimes the simplest attacks are the best."
Deals 2 stamina damage to target.

"You can't be disarmed if your fists are your weapons."
Deals 1 stamina damage to target.

Special Moves:

Cleaving Swing:
"Outnumbered? I prefer the term 'target rich environment'."
Deals 2 stamina damage to target. If it hits, repeat this attack on a new target within range. This may not target the same enemy twice in one turn. Usable once every 3 turns.

Heavy Blow:
"When you have a massive sword, everything looks like a nail."
Deals 4 stamina damage and floors the target. Usable once every 4 turns.

Charging Strike:
"Who needs a ranged weapon? I have legs!"
Deals 2 stamina damage to target. Boosts the Fighting Style. Usable every 3 turns.

Fighting Styles

Default Style:
"Starting with the basics."
Nothing gained, nothing lost.
Boost: Attack deals +1 damage. No downside.

Aggressive Style:
"Going all out has it's risks, but sometimes the best defence is a good offence."
Victus's attacks deal +1 damage. Enemies hit on 71 or above (crits must still be even).
Boost: Victus's attacks deal double damage. Enemies have advantage on attacks targetting Victus.

Defensive Style:
"You can't lose if they can't hit you."
Victus's attacks deal -1 damage. Enemies miss on 30 or less (crits must still be odd).
Boost: Victus's attacks deal normal damage. Enemies have disadvantage on attacks targetting Victus.

Focused Style:
"It's better to hit your enemy with a weak attack than to miss them with a strong one."
Victus's attacks hit on 71 or above. Victus takes +1 damage from attacks.
Boost: Victus's attacks are made at advantage. Victus takes +1 damage from attacks.

Meditative Style:
"Remove yourself from the fight, and you will feel no pain, and can resist temptation."
Victus's attacks are made at disadvantage. Victus takes -1 damage from attacks.
Boost: Victus's attacks are made at disadvantage. Victus takes -2 damage from attacks.
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Sir Victus DuMort
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