A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.

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PostSubject: Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.   Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:35 am

Note: This is a continuation of the 'Power Rangers style baddie' idea so the 'Pheromone Breath', 'Ideal Body', 'Magic lipstick', 'Energy Drain', etc abilities are by default available to these characters.

Ever since tech savvy converted soldiers coded computer viruses encrypted with the queen's magic, older technology is brought back to relevance as the internet data servers is now crawling with dangerous cyber girls.  Since almost everything is connected to the internet and thus, compromised, old-fashioned skills like sailing and horse riding suddenly become necessary.  However the sea itself has gained many new dangers since the invasion...


Appearance: https://theberad.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/hylas.jpg
Beautiful women with a fish fin instead of legs staring at her lower thigh.

After all the men were conscripted to war with the converted soldiers on the mainland, never to return again because they lost, the ladies on the colonial islands were converted and transformed into mermaids to adapt to island and sea life.  These women are craving sex and romantic love due to not having men in the area for many years.  Whole islands were converted by one or two converted girls who washed ashore.  Without men to convert, their powers were mutated from their desperation, the developed attention grabbing songs to draw in men sailing in the area and hypnotic features to convince their target that he loves her.  The grew fins to travel out to meet sailors who might otherwise miss their small islands.  Sometimes they damage ships from below to sink them so they can 'rescue' the sailors on board.

With the oceans being in the outskirts of the queen's influence, it is where the converted soldiers may use her powers to serve themselves rather than kidnapping men to serve her queen.  The mermaids in particular tend to fall in love at first sight with their target and will refuse to turn him over to her queen.  However, since they use hypnotic powers to make her target love her as his wife, he is still essentially her slave who can only act according to her whims.

Abilities: Beautiful voice (passive):  Mermaids possess a charming hypnotic voice.  Any sound produced by her is sweet and captivating whether it be talking, moaning or sighs.  Her natural loneliness amplified by the queen's magic which drives people to capture men and use its power on him. Her inability to act on this impulse (because there are no men around) causes her to swim out to the outskirts of her harbor and sing hauntingly beautiful songs with melancholy melodies about their loneliness and desire for love. The true power of her voice is her whispers.  When she is whispering, the magic is so concentrated in her voice that her target listening is hypnotized and has no choice but to obey every command she whispers.  Strangely, the mermaids themselves don't fully realize they have this power, they tend to fall head over heels in love with their targets and wish to believe that their target feels the same way.  They whisper to their targets because they are very close to their target and want to show affection or they don't want to ruin the romantic atmosphere they built up by talking too loudly.

Magic Oasis:  The mermaids affect the waters they swim in with their magic.  They can change the waters around them to be cool and refreshing to warm like a bath or hot spring depending on her whims.Soaking in that water is an invigorating experience as it opens pores and cleanses skin leaving those who swim in it energized and refreshed.

Nympholepsy:  The mermaid's saliva and vagina fluids are imbued with the queen's magic giving it the qualities of an aphrodisiac.  Often, drowning sailors sees mermaids swimming towards them giving them kisses and breathing air into their lungs.  The fluids exchanged during the kiss leaves the sailors highly aroused. Their ability to reason and decision making skills are reduced and they constantly think of sex with the mermaids.

Mating Song: When the mermaids find a target, they sing a catchy song with much racier lyrics about how much they want to mate with their targets.  The song is very addictive and will not loosen its grip in the target's mind until he mates with them.  Even if he manages to escape the mermaids, he will find himself humming to the mating song hearing it sung by the mermaid over and over in his mind.

Finisher:  Homemaker: Eventually, the target would find himself at the mermaid's cove where he would be greeted by a chorus sung by the mermaids.  He may have been brought here by the mermaids or wandered in himself via hypnotic suggestion or seeking to rid himself of the effects of the mating song.  In any case, the mating song sung en masse by a group of mermaids drives the target into a frenzied state of lust and jumps at the mermaids having sex with one after another.  When he is finished, he would find himself sleeping under the embrace of the mermaids.  The mermaids whisper to him about how happy they are that he has come here and that he should stay here forever as their husband.  He stays in the cove impregnating the mermaids and fathering many more mermaids until he passes away.  The mermaids only give birth to mermaids and can not give birth to boys so the new mermaids would find their own cove and try to attract men to it.

-Swimmer Girls

While Mermaids inhabit exotic faraway islands, local shores are infested with Swimmer Girls type converted soldiers.  

Appearance: https://chicquero.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/underwater-synchronized-swimming-chicquero-3.jpg?w=800

Rather than trying to seduce their targets they prefer to hunt them.  Their strategy is not unlike a shark attack.  The hunt near beaches and harbors and look for isolated men.  They can even jump out of the water like a dolphin carrying off men standing on piers.

Underwater Grace (passive):  These girls move through the water like dolphins.  The ease and style of their movement is beautiful and their targets often spends seconds admiring their movements before realizing he left himself surrounded by the girls.

Smooth Young Skin (passive):  Their sleek hydrodynamic skin and swimsuit allows them to travel through water with very little resistance and also gives their wet smooth body a very pleasurable sensation to hold.

Pursuit: The swim at speeds comparable to record holding professional swimmers.  While a life guard on a speed boat might be able to mount a successful rescue, swimming away from them is a near impossibility.

Swimsuit (passive): Some of the girls choose to wear a swimsuit to give her target a more varied texture to rub up against while other girls go naked believing that the swimsuits get in the way of her natural charm.  

Grab and Hold: The swimmer girls swim up to their target and wraps her body around him rubbing her smooth skin and swimsuit against him. The girls surround his body with their and rub their bodies against him.  It is not impossible to break out of this hold as the girls are moist and slippery.  They are focusing on pleasuring their target rather than restraining him.

Finisher: Underwater Kiss:  A swimmer girl jumps out of the water like a dolphin and dives into the water with her target.  The other dive in after him.  A swimmer girl wraps herself around each on of his limbs and rubs her body one his limbs.  The one who first pulled her target underwater grinds her vagina on his crotch.  As the target struggles for breath underwater, the swimmer girl gives him a kiss along with air.
She can convert the oxygen in the surrounding water into usable air.  She plays with her target while he is trapped underwater and kisses him to keep him from drowning.  He is brought to orgasm over and over until she finally preforms Energy Drain on him.  With her lips locked to her target's, she embraces his body and places his penis between her thighs.  The warmth of her body, the smoothness of her thighs, the stickiness of her crotch and the texture of her swimsuit causes the target, who has been trapped underwater by the swimmer girls for a while now, to just give in.  He grabs her soft squishy ass cheeks and thrusts away.  The ejaculates hard after the intercrural sex and his weary body is brought to the queen's kidnapping agents.


Ever since the queen's invasion, trade routes have been severely interrupted by converted soldiers.  Transport by sea has been the least affected causing a huge increase in ships and sailors to transport goods across the sea.  The converted soldiers looked hungrily at all the men stuck on boats isolated from society and created their own naval fleet.  Thus begins the rise of the pirate type of converted soldiers threat.

Appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VnevT-5rEBE/TbM9qdWng4I/AAAAAAAACSo/bxSCWE-iZRc/s640/pirates+xxx+2005.jpg
The look like regular attractive women of various shapes and sizes draped in the finest and most expensive clothing that is often ripped, and stained with lipstick marks.  The got their expensive clothes from stealing the cargo on the transport ships and do not know or care what the value of the stuff they use. "Why bother maintaining and taking care of the things we use? When things break, its motivation to steal new stuff to replace it."  Often their targets encounter them dressed like this.

Magic Barrier: The pirate ship has a magic barrier that protects the ship from damage.  The force of enemy cannon balls will push the ship back with the impact on contact with the barrier before the cannon ball gets dissolved by the magic. Those who see the pirates coming ahead of time can sometimes pound the pirate back before making a hasty retreat.

Marine Magic Mist: The pirates can breath out thick mists that can easily be confused as normal ocean fogs if it wasn't pink in color.  While both ocean fogs and the magic mists obscure visibility, only magic mist increases sexual arousal to those that breath it in.  While this mist warns their target that the pirates are nearby and gives them time to prepare for an attack, it also masks which direction they will be attacking from.  It also fills their targets with dread. They panic as they stare into the mist as their hearts fill with excitement, arousal and fear.

Harpoon Cannons: The pirates fire chained harpoons at their target's ship.  The barbed harpoon grips the ship and the pirates reel the chain back to pull the ship next to theirs. The pirates smile and a crazed look appears in their eyes as the prepare to board their target's ship.  Their nipples stiffen and their vaginas starts leaking vaginal fluid as the excitedly prepare to rape the crew of the cargo vessel.

Weapons: As the ability to kill is not useful to the converted girls, the weapons have been modified to have a different purpose.  The Magic sabres only cut clothing and inorganic matter.  They inflict a stinging sensation when used on skin, much like a whip would. The pistols shoot out a paralyzing agent. Ropes and chains are used to bind their targets.

Boarding Party:  The flood into their prey's vessel ripping off clothes, both their own and their allies swinging her sword with a frenzied excitement.  Any women on board were tied up to be converted into pirates later and forced to watch their crew member and friends get raped.  The pirates enjoy slapping, choking, and other wise adding unnecessary pain the their prey while raping them.  They also enjoy smothering their prey with their breasts and butt to the point of near suffocation.  What turns them on the most is converting the women on board and sending the newly brainwashed pirate to torture and rape their loved ones.  This usually happens when they target ferries and other ships where the cargo is people.  Nothing excites the pirates more than watching a loving newlywed couple torn apart by them and making her watch and they take turns raping the husband. Watching the new converted wife kicking her husband into submission and grinding her vagina in her his face trying to choke him out makes the pirates very horny.  Listening to his futile screams of "Please! You have to try to remember! This isn't who you really are!" muffled by her crotch amuses the pirates to no end.  They often join in and tease the man trying to convince this loved ones to stop.

Walk the plank:  Men who decide to rebel or resist the pirates are treated to this punishment.  The pirates drop a boot or trousers over the water.  A group of Swimmer Girls appear, circling the item dropped.  They excitedly giggle and call out at the ship.  "Hey, sexy!" "Come closer, won't you?" "We'll be gentle! I promise!" The pirate pushes the man, bound by a long length of rope and forces him to walk off a short plank into the sea.  The swimmer girls would then excitedly pull him under the sea and sexually abuse his body for hours while keeping him close to drowning, bringing him back with a breath from the 'underwater kiss' move.  When the pirates think his punishment is over, they pull the rope back up, which upsets the swimmer girls.  Often the body is pulled back up with one or two swimmer girls still clinging on to him and the pirates would have to duel the girls back into the water.

Journey's End: When they sail past a landmark that signals to them that they are three days away from their destination, the open all their reserve of food and alcohol and force the men to drink heavily.  Then they spending the next three day engaging in a violent drunken orgy.  The usually arrive at their destination, a facility where the queen's agents take the kidnapped men, unconscious.  Some arrive awake but with a pounding headache from the hangover and a weakened body covered in lipstick, bruises, bite marks, dried love juices and sweat and are in no condition to resist as the queen's agents take their body away.
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PostSubject: Re: Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.   Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:19 pm

Huh. Turns out Water coffin by ahobaka is pretty much that mermaid profile. http://www.doujin-moe.us/jj2qw59u
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PostSubject: Re: Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.   Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:19 pm

Wow being raped by Pirate's and Swimmer Girl's sound ridiculously awesome. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.   

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Mermaids, pirates, dangers by the sea.
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