A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Dark Sorceress

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PostSubject: Dark Sorceress   Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:57 am

Dark sorceress

The dark temples of the world were too altered when the Midara appeared, cultists welcomed them into their dark societies. As generations passed the cults priestesses began to adapt their techniques, learning from the Midara. Learning the ways of magical charm and seduction as well as their more traditional dark arts. The priestesses became something to really be feared, using their charms to take over entire villages and mixing their sorceries and seductions to best adventurers, either killing them while enthralled or converting them to their cause.

Description: Always clad in black and with pale skin like a vampires, the sorceress' project a dark fearful beauty. Their clothes range from anything to full hooded robes to enticing skimpy black lingerie. Their hair often black, but they are known to dye their silken locks more unnatural colours, especially the ones who specialise in seduction over sorcery.


Passive: dark allure

When fighting an adventurer, one pure of heart enough to stand against the Midara. The sorceresses dark magic begins to act upon her opponent. Subconsciously bringing their repressed lust to the forefront of their minds, causing them to become more enamoured with the beauty of the opponent the longer they fight. This causes the willpower damage they take to increase by .5 every 5 turns.


Dark binding, the sorceress sends out a tendril of shadow in the form of a blown kiss, on connection the shadow coils around it's target and holds them in place.

The sorceress, if skilled enough can empower this with charm magic, causing the shadow to emit an unnatural warmth and rub itself against its targets most sensitive parts. Causing 1 will damage each turn they are bound

Rapturous embrace

The sorceress hugs her target close to her, often pressing their face into her cleavage, and allows charm magic to radiate through her skin, causing willpower damage, a suitably skilled sorceress can also release a hex into her target without them realising using this method. If she does then they suffer a debuff to hitting and dodging for the next few turns as the hex saps their agility


The sorceress uses her dark magic to envelop the area around her in shadow, her own body the only thing visible in the darkness. She then beckons to her target while applying a deep red or black lipstick. "Don't you want a taste sweetheart?". Her victim must then pass a will check, as failing so will cause them to continue to watch as the Temptress whispers more beguiling nothing's while enticing them towards her "Come closer baby, let me show you what these lips can do". This further seduction is enough to momentarily convince them to approach her as she draws them into her arms and brings them into a slow passionate kiss. This deals high willpower damage and creates a status affect that varies with the colour of her lipstick. If black, her opponents special moves are sealed until her opponent rolls to successfuly shake off the hex and if red the amorous lipstick enraptures her opponent. Enraptured opponents cannot act until they break free, and on a roll of under 20 to break free will submit to the sorceress. Giving her a free extra attack on them

Enticing kiss

The sorceress blows her opponent a kiss. Manifesting in the shape of a pink heart it glides towards them and absorbs into them on contact, dealing willpower damage with a chance to charm

Beguiling kiss

Possibly more dangerous than the previous kiss. The sorceress uses her dark magic to blow a black pair of lips towards her opponent. They then kiss him on the cheek and imprint on him. This deals willpower damage initially. And for the rest of the fight, every time she kisses her opponent, the mark has a chance to spring into action, manifesting as a shadowy double and piling on with an extra kiss, dealing an extra piece of willpower damage

Peck Noir

Sinking into the shadows and disappearing the sorceress suddenly reappears either directly in front or to the side of her opponent and sweetly kisses them on the lips or cheek respectively. Lip kisses have a chance to afflict the adventurer with dark charm, causing the normal effects of a charm and reducing their willpower per turn. Whereas cheek kisses have a chance to charm, cause 1 willpower damage, and will always stun the opponent for one turn


Only usable when her opponent is on 1 or 0 willpower. The sorceress approaches the adventurer who by now can think of nothing but her and eagerly accepts her embrace. She pulls them tight against her as her shadows coil around them, acting as conduits for her charm magic they send pulses of warmth straight to her victims groins. After embracing them for a moment she pulls them into a deep French kiss, ensnaring their senses as she slowly lowers them to the ground. As she lowers her spellbound target, her shadows unzip their pants. She then breaks the kiss and turns her attention to her thralls privates, giving them incredibly oral sex to the moment of completion. Female heroes will be converted into cultists by the sheer display of the pleasure offered, and males will pass out, either being killed, dumped on a road somewhere to wake up, or kept a willing prisoner to aid in the Midaran rituals of the cults.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Sorceress   Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:35 am

Ooh,thus is really good. I'd love to challenge this one sometime.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Sorceress   Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:18 pm

She would be interesting to fight

*unsubtly facepalms in the background*
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Sorceress   

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Dark Sorceress
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