A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Rachel Smith//Black Vulcan

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PostSubject: Rachel Smith//Black Vulcan   Wed May 03, 2017 5:40 pm

Description: A young woman of age twenty posing as a vigilante hero to save those in need from the clutches of Midara! (Even if they might not want to be saved) With firey hot fists and flare for justice, she'll bring down any that stand in her way!
Appearance: Rachel is a fair-skinned woman with a shapely body and firm d-cup breasts. She has round green eyes, supple red lips, a beautiful sculpted face, and hip-length wavy black hair.
Her hero's "costume" consists of a black undershirt that bears her cleavage a bit, with a tightly knotted smith's apron over it with the emblem of an anvil and fire printed on it, a pair of tight leather gloves that almost reach her elbows, black boots, and what looks like a welding mask that falls just short of covering the lower half of her face.
Personality: Rachel is a sweet woman who helps her father with work as welders when she's at home. On her off time, she spends her time in her room reading comics, watching TV, or taking naps or outside practicing her abilities when no one is around.
When she fights as Black Vulcan, she takes time to announce herself and proclaim the criminals are as good as arrested, finding appreciation in flare and looking cool. Sometimes when she does something impressive, she gets overexcited and hyped over her own accomplishment and tells herself just how amazing she was. She's ultimately a somewhat naive woman who's read way too many comic books.
She doesn't like Midaras very much and doesn't know how to feel about a certain Midara superheroine, but she knows for damn sure that she does not like the Violet Vixen one bit.
Passive: Heat of the Forge - The area around Vulcan gets progressively hotter and soon, after twenty turns, 0.5 stamina damage will start to occur to her opponent(s). If the battle continues to persist, the strength of her flame attacks will be upped by a point of damage until the battle is over after their turns have passed.

Red Hot Right - Flames encircle her fist as she goes in for a right hook. 2 damage

Hammer Down - She swings her elbow down on the opponent. 2 damage, May Cause Paralysis

Red Heel - She swings her heel around at the opponent's side in a firey roundhouse kick. 4 Damage

Iron Grip - Vulcan goes in and grabs the opponent's arms, pins them against their back, and slams them into the ground. Initial Damage, 3. If the hold continues, she'll heat up her body to do additional damage. Continuous damage, 1.

Iron Crusher - Goes in for a hard dropkick. 4 Damage

//Special Attacks:
Eruption - Fire builds up in her arms until it all comes bursting out at the opponent, after which, Vulcan will need a full turn to get her bearings. 8 damage. Useable only once after ten turns per battle.

Vulcan's Fury - A move useable only when Vulcan is low on health, and is a full-on last resort. As she gets weaker and is on the verge of defeat, she plays to a compromise. If she can't win, she'll knock both her and her opponent out. With the level of damage it could cause, however, even on her last legs, she might not use it.
Heat builds up into her entire body and unleashes all at once into a scorching blast of heat that could cause quite a bit of collateral. If it succeeds, it'll be a sure knockout. If it doesn't, Black Vulcan will fall unconscious and lose the battle.
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Posts : 2114
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Smith//Black Vulcan   Tue May 09, 2017 2:38 pm

Aaaand finished.

Roleplayers for the win =3=
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Rachel Smith//Black Vulcan
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