A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL)

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Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL) Empty
PostSubject: Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL)   Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL) EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 8:50 pm

Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL)
IDOL are a group of female agents that are often deployed to different areas of the land as mercenary and often take jobs that deals with quelling discord.  Their method, often does not involve violence but investigation, subversion, seduction, or negotiation.  While formally they hold no official ties, they are actually loyal to one individual named Isolde Caspia, ruler of an unnamed small country.  While completing their missions to their client, they also utilizes their skills to gather information, sway opinion of people or individuals to Isolde's favor, or turn the political landscape to best suit her will.  All IDOL agents are capable seductress and combatant but prefer more clean methods of dealing with problem so things like assassination is only a last resort solution as it tends to creates chaos by succession crisis, instability, and power vacuums.

Shared abilities:
Subversion (Passive):  All IDOL agents are capable of both traditional combat and seduction combat and use them in tandem with each other to not only wear down the body but also the will to fight or cause harm, making them vulnerable to the other style.  For every 25% willpower lost, stamina damage increases by 1.  For every 25% stamina lost, willpower damage increases by 1.  (both rounded down so 0/1/2/3)

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PostSubject: Re: Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL)   Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL) EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 8:50 pm

Name: Salem Marquess
Race: Devil (not succubus!)
Class: Channeler
Alignment:True Neutral

Salem is the second in command of IDOL and the most magical inclined of the group.  Because of her looks, she is often confused with succubi.  While she can be extremely good at utilizing her beauty to infatuate anything with a heartbeat, her forte is actually magic, not charming or seduction.  While she doesn't really find herself very inspired to actually help with IDOL missions, she somehow does them very well with putting fairly minimal effort.


Salem stands at a rather impressive 5'9" with long purple hair reaching down to her waist, a pair of horns jutting from the top, short pointed ears peeking from the sides, heterochromatic eyes of blue and red, full lips stained in purple.  Her body is curvier in proportion than even for her height, up to DD below slinking down to flat stomaching.  But what really sets her body apart from losst others is her very long slender legs, making a good portion of her height

Ironically for an infernal being and especially for someone of her natural senseuality in looks alone, she is conservatively dressed of the group, wearing a white collar button blouse with long sleeves (without cleavage to boot!), a thin purple button-down dress worn over it, and black knee-high stockings worn up her legs, exposing just the top portion of her thigh in a zettai ryouiki fashion ending with purple low-heels.  Due her shapely body, and how fitting the outfit it, her figure seems to be more pronounced as her breasts swells from the top portion of her dress while the stocking give a glimpse of her legs but not hide the rest.

Salem is quite a bookworm, she takes great pleasure in reading and often uses her spare time (and even mission time!) to read.  She is very quiet and doesn't say too much, usually keeping her words concise....unless it has something to do with research and knowledge in which is rather verbose.  For someone with responsibility shouldered onto her, she can be rather lazy and disinterested at taking acion unless it is imperative that needs to be done but is passionate (quietly so) at the things she enjoys doing most.  Most of them involves thiings utlizing her mind, the harder the better, and puzzles are one of the top of her list.  She can also being very seductive and alluring if she wishes to, mostly likely during combat or if someone catches her fancy and she has the skills and looks to back it up, but for the most part she keeps to herself.  

Combat Style:

Salem is very magic oriented when it comes to resolving conflicts having quite the arsenol or direct or indirect magic to incapacitate enemies or put them at a disadvantage.  Her attack magic tends to create a LOT of projectiles and not all of them aimed specifically at her target either but around the battlefield.  Her favorite tactic is modifying the terrain to her advantage or the opponent's disadvantage.  However, her spells take time to cast, so each attack comes with a delay that some combatants can take advantage of to either prepare their defenses or get a free hit in.  Despite of this, striking her doesn't interrupt her spellcasting but it does stop her from progressing with its progress.  

When it comes down to seduction however, she prefers the old fashion way. While she knows and is capable of using charm magic, she prefers to not do so as "snap a finger and make people fall in love" is rather simple and boring and rather uses other very effective methods that fallen out of favor due to midaras, being very effective at teasing, foreplay, and sometimes even erogenous spots that is not the genitals.   She can even make her normal motions rather distracting if she wishes to.  Even her outfit reinforces a more subtle approach to her method, her voluptous body is well covered up but is no less eye-catching than if she is wearing a bikini or leather bodice.  

(WIP!  until midterns)


Channeling- Salem's specific method of casting spells require her to draw ambient mana or within herself to cast spells which requires time.  She doesn't lose the channeling process if she is struck but neither does she gain any mana.  She also does an elaborate dance while doing so which isn't required for the channeling process but more to distract her opponent so she can freely cast the spell.  Does no damage but can stops the attacker from acting for a turn.

Starlight Field (Requires one turn channeling) - Creates a beautiful array of stars to spread out in a chromatic color-themed spiral.  The stars are non-lethal but does sting a bit.  Causes the field effect, Starlight for 6 turn which can deal 1 stamina damage.  Pauses if she is up close.  Only one geo-effect may take place at a time and any other field-effect casted will replace the current one.

Frost Field (Requires two turn channeling) - Chills the air that makes it somewhat uncomfortable for most other beings while Salem herself is unaffected.  Moving in within the field is possible but it is difficult to move quickly.  Causes the field effec, Frost which causes the enemies to deal one less damage every other turn for 8 turns.  In addition, physical contact with the very warm Salem augments her willpower damage by 1.

Will-o-wisp (Require 1 turn channeling) - Creates 3 homing orbs of spiritual energy that will sap the target's energy.  Each orb deals 2 stamina damage.  Any orbs that miss make make a second attempt to strike next turn.

Mana Starburst (Instant Cast, 4 turn cooldown)- Against particular pesky foes that won't let her channel, she can unleash a blast of unrefined mana.  This also creates a temporary abundance of ambient mana that she can channel.  Deal 4 damage.  Deal 1 damage to Salem and channels a spell without interruption but cannot distract an opponent.

Shadow Snare (Require 1 Turn channeling)- Summons a swarm of arms from the ground to capture the opponent.  It is also capable of either harming or molesting their captive.  Deals 1 stamina or will power which is independent from Salem's action.  

Volatile Mana Flux (Instant Cast, only use once per battle, only certain situations)- Salem never uses this move unless in very dire situation as it is quite devastating, including to herself.  She bypasses the safe limits of mana current before send the whole package in a large beam at the target.  Deal 12 damage, deal 2 damage to herself and she cannot move the next turn.


Only Subtle Suggestion, Saunter and Shadow Snare can really do anything from afar.

Subtle Suggestion- Deal 3 willpower damage.

Saunter - Salem puts those long legs to good use along with slow swaying hips, the smouldering gaze, captivating smile that basically says "You're mine."  Deals 2 willpower damage and lets her gets her up close.

Linger- Salem circles around her prey, taking time to touch, feel, and caress about their body with one hand and their face while whispering lust-inciting words within their ears.  Her touch alone can stir surge of pleasure even without touching the common erogenous areas.  Deals 3 willpower damage and inflicts charm.

Whisper (WIP) - Deal 2 willpower and

Kiss (WIP) - Deal 3 willpower damage and addition damage each turn she holds the kiss

Devil's Embrace (WIP) - Deal 2 willpower damage, and holds the target, sets up for Dance with the Devil.

Dance with the Devil (WIP) - Deal 3 will damage per turn and must requires 2 successful roll to willfully escape.

Inspiration: Bayonetta (Bayonetta), Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou), Samantha (Night Games)
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Independent Deployment Operative Ladies (IDOL)
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