A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Cutie (anon64)

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PostSubject: Cutie (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:41 pm

Cutie - a girl about the size of a pixie who relies on fighting alongside other monsters to distract the rest of the party while she focuses on making one member fall in love with her http://imgur.com/FdraQ (cat not neccessary)

moves (it is rare for her to be attacked by a hero because she seems so innocent, so its not really a battle as such)

Hug - one of her main methods of making a hero slowly fall for her is to hug them, squeezing themselves tight against them, this comforts the hero and usually stops him from becoming aggressive towards her aswell as damaging their willpower

Sweet Talk - Will flatter her victim, make jokes and generally put them at ease throughout her seduction, making them feel as if they are going out with her or that she is a friend, and not a monster at all. (this also continually drains willpower)

hitch - throughout she will make her skirt shorter and shorter, exciting the hero and making him more complying to her requests

requests - she will often ask a hero to let her do something to them, or show them something as if they are willing they are more easily seduced

request - stroke Simpy asks a hero if they would like to stroke their hair, if they do the silky smooth hairs, imbued with a aphrodisiac will cling to their hand draining their willpower and exciting them.

request - Cuddle - Asks the hero if they will give her a hug, if they comply and kneel down to her level to hug her, she will hug them back, this basically acts as a very powerful long lasting version of her other hugs but because the hero is returning it, and down to her level, she can kiss them on the cheek and charm them with her sweet breath.

Kisses - she will employ many throughout the process

Peck - the classic kiss on the lips, she will often use this when the hero isn't expecting it, during conversation she will often lift up a leg and press her lips to theirs, exciting them.

Cheek Peck - grabs the hero round the neck and pulls themself up and gently sucks on their cheek for about a second, after she breaks the kiss she will, on her way down lick all along their face and neck, this heavily drains willpower

Triple peck - the same as the regular one but she will, after pulling away go back for another, then after that she will give them a soft french kiss. heavily draining their willpower and making it almost impossible to ignore requests

Finishing Move

Request - Kiss

She nervously asks the hero if she can kiss them, upon acceptance she gives them a long, deep kiss, pull out, lick their face gently, go in for another, if the hero doesn't have enough willpower to escape this she will, once again give them a long, rapturous kiss. upon breaking it, she will jump into the now lovestruck heroes arms and pull them down for one more before she tells the hero to take them back to her lair for a marriage.
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Cutie (anon64)
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