A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Cupid (anon64)

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PostSubject: Cupid (anon64)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:35 pm


pretty much looks like this - http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

she uses her sweet charm and powerful magic to force her foes into complete devotion
she prefers to use her magic to make sure she's safe to get close to her victims and make them hers


sexy smile - like a pixie, to which they are closely related, a cupid can stun any human male or female with a simple smile however unlike a pixie they are able to turn on the charm at any point and not waste a move. stuns and lowers willpower slightly

lovedust - blows a kiss towards an opponent, sending a trail of light pink dust to them, upon inhaling the dust a hero becomes so infatuated that they have no choice but to approach the cupid almost always sealing their fate

love token - when a hero is close to the cupid she will press her fingers gently to any exposed flesh leaving behind a heart shaped mark. Each mark reduces all of the heroes skills and if more than 5 are left then the hero becomes so madly in love with the cupid that they are completely devoted to her (counts as 0 willpower)

quick peck - works at any range. The cupid giggles, flies over to a hero and quickly kisses them on the first it of skin they can. has different effects depending on where the hero was kissed. If on the cheek then the hero loses some willpower, on the neck the hero loses willpower and is given a love token and if on the lips the hero is charmed into fighting for cupid and becomes a much faster fighter due to the giddiness brought on by the kiss.

under pressure - she advances on the hero sexually licking her lips this makes them nervous and they begin to back away from her until they back into a wall or another obstacle, the nervousness gives away to excitement and as the cupid leans towards them they eagerly accepted her kiss allowing for a drawn out romantic french kiss. drastically lowers willpower and if there is already a love token then adds two more.

low willpower move - love arrow when a target is on low willpower the cupid can fire a heart shaped arrow at them which immediately maxes out their love tokens allowing her to finish them off with true loves first kiss

true love first kiss

she takes hold of her willing hero and flies up into the air with them. she then pecks them over and over on the lips until she opens their mouth with hers, slips her tongue in for some amazing soft french kissing if the target is female then they are made over into a cupid and if male then they are completely spellbound and will remain her loving slaves forever
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Cupid (anon64)
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