A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Princess Witch (065227n)

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PostSubject: Princess Witch (065227n)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:56 pm

Appearance: Wears a tight skin-fitting corset featuring a V-cut in order to fully show off her ample cleavage and a traditional pointy witch hat. Outside of her killer body and long, flowing hair, the most striking part of a Princess Witch's face is her full, moist lips - the lips of one who knows exactly how to kiss.

Description: A high-ranking witch in the hierarchy, Princess Witches are skilled in charm, transformation and illusion magicks. They take great pleasure in transforming heroes in multiple ways and then teasing them in their new forms with their voluptuous body. As the "Princess" in their name implies, they exude an air of elegance and nobility, giving them a very sexy aura.

Spell - Frog: Winks and blows a heart-shaped kiss at a target. If the heart strikes true, they will find themselves much more smaller and greener than they used to be. The transformation into a frog usually leaves the target's equipment and armor lying as a pile on the ground, thus even if cured they will be left defenseless.

The most common of a Princess Witch's moves, a first strike by a Witch will disable a strong party member, leaving him defenseless to her follow-ups. Witches tend to collect potential mates by keeping them in frog form for transportation, bringing them out when they require their services.

Maiden's Kiss: Kneeling down on one knee, the Princess Witch kisses a frog with a loud *SMOOCH*, transforming it back into its original form. Sometimes she continues the kiss, deeply frenching the target with her tongue.

Eventually she breaks off the kiss, leaving the target stunned and gasping for more. Many become so addicted to the pleasurable kisses that they intentionally seek to be turned into frogs again simply to receive another kiss from the "fair princess."

Heavenly Domain: Picking up a frog, the Witch places him into the confines of her cleavage, trapping it in place. She proceeds to battle as usual, intentionally jiggling her breasts and rubbing them all over the lucky target. This slowly increases the charm rating of the trapped target and also increases the charm counter of all other viewers who find themselves wishing they were the lucky one instead.

Earthly Domain: In a somewhat taunting fashion, the Witch will catch up to a frog attempting to flee from her. She then lies down on the floor, trapping the frog between and breasts and rubs all over it, moaning as she does so and enjoying the teasing feeling of rubbing the full weight of her chest all over her target. Like Heavenly domain, this also has the same charming effect on the target and onlookers.

A Princess Witch also sometimes plays with captured frogs this way in the comfort and privacy of her own room, rubbing them against the finest silk-covered beds as foreplay before curing them and leading to more sexy interludes.

Spell - ♀: Bending over, the Witch blows a kiss sending a "♀" shape form of magic at a male target. If it hits, he will find himself transformed into a beautiful female version of himself. The sudden transformation usually leaves the target stunned at the changes, which the witch will seek to capitalize on. Witches do not mind participating in a little girl on girl loving, and targets may find themselves whisked away by the Witch for a "personal session" together.

Spell - Undress: A simple spell, the Witch simply magically makes the clothes of the target poof away, causing him/her to be embarrassed and raising their arousal as she ogles their bodies and licks her lips. Sometimes used on herself instead, if the witch decides that she needs to exhibit her body in the act of seduction, also raising the charm counter of all onlookers.

Love Potion: Takes a swig from a love potion and kisses the target, thus transferring the potion into their mouth with her skilled tonguework. The target will fall in love with the first thing he sees, usually the witch herself.

It's also possible for the witch to utilize a charmed minion to secretly deliver Love Potion'ed kisses to another by making them drink the potion. This can lead to a chain of charms as just one "infiltrator" can caused an entire party to be charmed.

Mushroom Harvest (Male only): Winks and blows a lip-shaped kiss at the target's crotch. If it hits, the target is filled with rapture and unable to act as the sex magick spreads throughout his body, while his manhood "awakens" to its full potential.

Smiling at him, the Witch quips "Oh my, what an exotic mushroom you have there, I must simply have a taste of it..." Getting down on her knees, she kisses the tip of his manhood with a loud *SMOOCH* and then pulls him down to the floor. Positioning herself on top of him, she straddles him and rocks him back and forth, slowly refilling her MP while bouncing her breasts for the pleasure of her partner and onlookers.

Once the man has hit his climax, the witch's MP will be fully restored. In the afterglow of their union, the Witch bends over, whispers "Thanks for the meal, loverboy" and gives him a good night kiss, leaving him satisfied and content as he drifts off into sleep.

Pussy Love (Female only): Tracing a finger from her crotch to her lips, the Witch blows a lip-shaped kiss at her target. On contact, the target is filled with rapture as transformation magicks transfuses through her body. A tail begins to grow from her back, cat ears grow from her head and she begins to grow black fur all over. At the end, she has been transformed into a sexy catgirl and purrs at the thought of her new life.

The witch will then approach her and state "Looks like this little kitty needs some... taming..." Intersecting their sex together, the two will begin to make out while scissoring, with the catgirl eagerly licking all over her new mistress's body. The sight of such a sexy, beautiful act raises the charm counter of all onlookers to the scene.

Eventually, the catgirl will reach her climax and howl with contentment as their bond is cemented. She is now a charmed "cat familiar" for her mistress and will fight along her side.

Finisher - "Rescue Romance Fantasy" (Male only): A illusion spell that sends the target into a dream world, the target finds themselves walking through the corridor of a castle carrying the witch in his arms. The witch will play up the illusion that he is a hero who has just rescued a princess, giving him frequent kisses as they walk down the corridor together.

Eventually, they'll reach a bedroom - a simulated illusion of the witch's own room. Laying together on the bed, the witch will move closer to focus on his manhood. With a series of slow kisses, each kiss is followed by an emphasized *MWAH*, causing his shaft to quiver and grow with every smooch until he is at full length and ready.

Then, the witch lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, saying "Oh brave hero, it's time for you reward..." as she blows a pink aphrodisiac mist from her palm into his face. Now fully aroused and stirred into passion, they proceed to engage in a round of frisky lovemaking...

Back in real life, the target and Witch have been locked in a passionate kiss, raising the charm counter of all onlookers. As the lovemaking in the dream world reaches a climax, the Witch breaks the kiss in the real world and a collar appears around the lucky man's neck. He is permanently charmed and will fight as a "knight" for his new mistress.

Finisher - "Remedial Lesson" (Female only:) An illusion spell that sends the target into a dream world, the witch will only use this on female targets whom they consider with enough intelligence or magic potential.

The target finds herself sitting in a classroom alone with her Witch "teacher" sitting next to her. Stating "the test has begun!", suddenly the board in front of them lights up displaying complex magic equations and questions and the target feels compelled to answer them, while the witch slowly folds her legs, leans over with deep breaths and otherwise acts in a seductive manner, increasing the target's arousal as she attempts to solve the questions. "You'll be well-rewarded if you pass the test" she whispers...

For each correct answer that she gives, the witch smiles and gives the student a kiss. Slowly growing addicted to her kisses, all the student can think of is learning more magic in order to impress the witch and receive more of those heavenly smooches.

In the process, the witch is slowly removing pieces of her clothing as the student gives more and more correct answers hoping desperately for more kisses. Once she is naked, the process continues but in reverse: the teacher will slowly, sexily dress up the student in her own witch outfit ending by placing the traditional witch hat on her head. Once that is done, the Witch says "Congratulations, you've graduated at the top of your class! Now close your eyes and get ready for a big reward..."

Closing their eyes, they lean in for a deep, slow kiss. A slow, heart-shaped energy emerges from their lips as their pleasure increases as they kiss, steadily pulsing and growing until it has enveloped them both and then the entire room...

In the real world, a sudden burst of pink heart energy emerges from the target as they awaken from the kiss. All nearby onlookers are stunned and charmed at the appearance of a new converted Princess Witch as she winks sexily, spanks her rear and blows a kiss at her old party members, now converted to a different cause.
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Princess Witch (065227n)
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