A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Alraune 'Rose' (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Alraune 'Rose' (SwerveStar)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:31 pm

Appearance: A green haired woman sitting in a rose. Wears large leaves as a bikini top, has a rose in her hair, and has vines growing out of her back. Wears bright red lipstick, and can close and shrink the rose into a bud that functions as clothes for her lower half. They can walk out of their flower, but are bound to it by roots. ((This is half-based on an OC of mine.))

-Blow Kiss - With a gentle giggle, she kisses her palm, then holds it flat. She examines the heart in her hand a moment, then blows it to you. Low damage.
-Pollen Kiss - Similar startup to Blow Kiss, but there's no heart. Instead, she blows pollen at the target. It does even less damage, but dazes the enemy to slow them down and make it so they can't think straight. ((Not like drunkness or charm, more like straight up confused.))
-Vine Embrace - Slings out a vine or root to wrap the target and pull them to her, then kisses them on the lips or cheek. Average damage. More damage on the lips, but the cheek can be marked, which decreases defense.
-Pollenate - Pulls a target into her flower and embraces them lovingly, kissing their lips and rubbing her breasts on them. Named for the fact the target is usually covered in pollen. Does heavy damage and dazes.
-Cross-Pollenate - Essentially, she uses Pollenate, but she uses it on another Alraune. If they have a "flower", this usually involves pulling them together, or moving the bud. This greatly heals them both, but sometimes they become so satisfied with eachother that they stop caring about their prey and simply pleasure eachother.
KO MOVE - Alraune Embrace - Begins to use Pollenate, but also begins to pleasure the target. This usually ends with them closing the bud around themself and the target. They lovingly rub their ample breasts on their prey and kiss them numerous times, coveriing them in pollen and lipstick, and lovingly sex their target until they've both climaxed. Whether or not the target is released depends on whether or not they're tired and satisfied-If they're not satisfied, they'll keep them trapped to sex them again. If they are, they'll either release the target or sleep with them without bothering to open the bud.

If you can tame an Alraune - Great job. She's a wonderful companion who can wrap up an enemy you don't want to fight in roots or vines, love love LOVES kissing, and is more than willing to have sex with you whenever you want. With training, it'll willingly release you if you're too tired or begin to ache, and it can grow fruit for you to eat if you feed it the proper seeds. That's right-If you feed it plant seeds or other such things, it can grow them out of its body! If you feed it the right seeds, like those of ivy, sleep grass, bubble flowers, and genderaines, you can convince it to help you with fetish fantasies if you want. It usually doesn't eat much-It can eat pretty much anything you can, but it can also get nutrients from soil and sunlight. If it gets lonely, see if you can tame another Alraune, a Bee Girl, or even a light eating herbivore for them to live in a symbiotic relationship. Alraunes can pollinate eachother's flowers, and Bee Girls... Well, their saliva combined with pollen makes honey, and Alraunes have pollen in their saliva, so they can basically feed eachother by making out to make honey.
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Alraune 'Rose' (SwerveStar)
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