A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Gemini (SwerveStar)

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PostSubject: Gemini (SwerveStar)   Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:32 am

Appearance: A pair of women, one with long black hair and dressed in black, and one with white. They're in casual shirts and skirts, and the black haired one wears red lipstick and blush, and the pink one wears pink lipstick and blush. Both have big, soft, appealing lips that have delicate shine which doesn't look wet and overdone. They're usually hugging, or holding hands.

Notes: If you try to defeat them, they'll usually be knocked out together. If you manage to defeat only one, their power goes WAY down, but the still conscious one will still use moves where they kiss eachother by kissing her unconscious partner.

-Gemini Kisses - The women walk up to their target, then hug eachother with the target between them, and kiss either cheek. Average "damage". If you're marked by their lipstick, your charm defense is decreased. ((Will? Resistance?))
-Harem Kisses - The women approach, then take turns kissing their target on the lips. Does heavy damage.
-Loving Gemini - The women hug and kiss eachother on the lips. Can arouse whoever watches, naturally, but more notably heals both of them. They're always together, so it won't make them stop attacking.
-Blown Kiss Combo - Both of the women hug eachother close, and blow a kiss to their target, sending a red and pink heart to the target, or sometimes separate targets. Average damage if hit by both, low damage if only one kiss hits.
-Mixed Kisses - One of them kisses the other's cheek, and the other blows a kiss to a target. Heals the one who is kissed, the target of the blown kiss takes little damage.
-Breast Pressing - The two hug a person between them and rub their breasts on them, moaning quietly. High damage.
-Team Breast Press - They use Breast Pressing on an ally to increase their power. Or, they do it to eachother to increase their own power. Obviously arouses watchers, like every single other thing. XD
-Gemini Laser - BECAUSE WHY NOT? XD The pair kiss on the lips to make a heart of energy form above them, then shoot it at a target by blowing a kiss where they want to shoot it. Actually does physical damage, but can arouse while they're kissing. Strangely, it bounces off of walls and floors. Hmmmm...
-Power kiss - The Gemini kisses each other to boost the effect of their kiss. ((Kissfan's idea.))
KO MOVE - Male - Twin Pleasure - The pair of women giggle and approach the target, and hug them and kiss them as they strip the target. They kiss their target all the way down their body and rub their chests on them while they strip them, then pin them to the ground as they strip eachother. They then cooperate in pleasuring their target, making them pleased until they can't take anymore.
KO MOVE - Female - Triad - The pair of women approach their target and begin a strange ritual by kissing the women on the backs of their hands, marking them. They kiss up the arms and mark them the whole way up, then up their necks, to their cheeks, then work their way to the woman's lips. They then take turns kissing the target's lips repeatedly and strip her and themselves. Once they're all nude, they embrace the woman and kiss... Eachother. Repeatedly. They create a strange force that drives the woman to kiss their cheeks, which prompts them to kiss her lips once each again, completing the ritual. Once the ritual is done, the woman becomes a member of the Gemini, which is now a Triad, the strange force having made her hair gray, and her lips purple.

Taming a Gemini - Taming one is difficult because it requires the favor of both of the women. Once you do, however, you've got a powerful pair of allies that will lovingly fulfill all your harem fantasies, or even yuri fantasies. If you happen to be female, they'll allow you to form a Triad with them, but unlike the forced variation, you can leave at any time if you need to. Their Gemini Laser, however, may SEEM good for taking down walls and such, but it's really not, since it bounces. Trying to convince them where exactly to shoot to make fun bankshots can be surprisingly entertaining, especially when they do non-offensive variations, and because they need to kiss to make the laser. They'll never get lonely, since they have eachother, but they love occasionally introducing other girls you've tamed to their Triad.
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Gemini (SwerveStar)
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